Feature Friday: 11 5th Gen 4Runner Examples Of Essential Overland Camping Gear For 2022

white 4runner trd pro Ikamper 2.0 Stargazer chairs my nemo Darche 180 awning

Essential Camping Gear Needed For The Ultimate Overland Campsite Experience – These 4Runners Will Inspire Your Off-Road & Overland Rig Goals in 2022

This Weeks Topic: Overland Campsite Setups

Hey guys welcome back to another Feature Friday. This Friday we will be focusing on 11 different camping setups in the Overland community specifically for the 5th Gen 4Runner although it also applies to many other car camping makes/models. We reached out to a variety of 4Runner owners to see how they utilize their rig once they’re done off-roading and getting settled in for camp.

The best part about taking your vehicle off-road and losing sight of the city skyline is that you get a sense of mental reset. All the worries of work, bills, and life problems that have been fighting you just disappear when you’re surrounded by nature. What takes this to the next level is when you unzip your tent in the morning with only hearing nature and a running creek next to you.

No cars, no honking horns, no police sirens, just nature. If you haven’t camped in a while and you thought about taking your truck/SUV or car camping, this Feature Friday will definitely inspire you to get outside the city limits and experience that sense of relaxation.

What I like about these Feature Fridays are that we have some crazy setups featured where it’s basically a home away from home set up with creature comforts like a warm shower down to the basics of just a tent and a chair.

No matter what your budget, you will definitely find something below with these submissions and we hope that it points you in the right direction for the camp set up on your 4Runner.


1. James Turcato – (@wreckit.4r) 2019 TRD ORP

4runner trd off road Rigd Supply Ultraswing with Front Runner Table KingCamp aluminum roll up table Camco bamboo folding table YETI Hopper Flip 18 soft cooler


  • Rigd Supply Ultraswing with Front Runner Table
  • KingCamp aluminum roll up table
  • Camco bamboo folding table
  • YETI Hopper Flip 18 soft cooler
  • YETI Lowlands blanket
  • S-Type Blizzard Box 41qt fridge mounted on aluminum Tire Table
  • Kelty low loveseat camping chair (navy)
  • REI flexlite macro chair
  • 5lb propane tank mounted on the spare rear spare tire with Adventure Trail Gear propane tank bag
  • 11lb propane tank
  • JetBoil Genesis Stove System
  • JetBoil MiniMo with coffee press
  • TrailerOnline spare tire water tanks, qty 2
  • WaterPort Day Tank
  • Geyser Systems portable shower with heater
  • Camplux 1.58gpm tankless water heater
  • 8kW diesel heater in custom-built overland heating system
  • Heater buddy
  • Outland Living portable propane fire pit
  • KICKASS privacy tent awning
  • Cleanwaste GO anywhere toilet
  • Canvasback full cargo liner & door covers for my Huskey’s hair
  • Pendleton Acadia dog cushion
  • Ruffwear Highlands dog sleeping bag and pad
  • Rago fabrication molle storage system with rear lighting
  • Ecoflow River Pro 720Wh
  • Jackery Explorer 240Wh
  • BlueSea Systems 2x12V outlet panel w/ OLED voltmeter mounted in rear wired to Odyssey AGM
  • WeBoost Drive Reach cellular signal booster w/ 4G Trucker antenna
  • Yakima SkyRise HD 3 rooftop tent
  • ARB 2500mmx2500mm aluminum encased awning & awning room
  • Water Rotopax with vented spout mounted on Joe’s Original Equipment passenger side load access panel


My camping setup is meant to be comfortable and allows me, my fiancé, and 2 dogs to stay out on trips longer. I designed a lot of my setup to keep us comfortable when we’re staying out 2, 3, or even 5 days without supplies. Having refrigeration, electrical systems, cooking fuel, and a large water supply is necessary. Also, an effective heat source is needed for Winter car camping.

I have designed my camping set up for year-round camping. Camping in the Winter can definitely be tough at times, but it can also be rewarding. If Mammoth Mountain gets a huge storm, I’ll spontaneously make a trip out of it. If I cannot find reasonably priced accommodations, I will usually just plan to sleep in the back of the 4Runner with my 2 dogs and use my roof-mounted diesel heater to provide heat into the cabin. If I was to sleep in the rooftop tent, I would route the diesel heater to warm up the tent.

My setup is definitely not the quickest, but it’s versatile. If I don’t need to unpack an item, I won’t. If we’re staying at a site for a quick nighter I will just unpack the rooftop tent. If we stay for a couple of days at a campsite, I’ll unpack all the creature comforts and establish a home base with a kitchen, bathroom, upstairs bedroom, and a shaded living space.

2. Chance Karshens – (@wartornrunner) 2015 Trail Premium

white 4runner Free Spirit Odyssey Hard Shell Sierra Designs Backcountry Duo


  • Free Spirit Odyssey Hard Shell
  • Sierra Designs Backcountry Duo (as close to your bed at home)
  • GI Issue Wool Blanket (simple, warm, multi-use)
  • Frontrunner Expander Chairs
  • Oztent Tri-Fold Table (packs small, great surface area)
  • Aero Press Go (easy to use, packs small, great coffee)
  • Dometic CFX35 (holds a ton of beer, sous vide/vacuum seal meals)
  • NOMAD Grill/Smoker (indestructible, size of small suitcase, charcoal or wood from camp, bomb ass food)
  • Free Spirit Ready Light (awesome light source)


The ease of access and setup, simple as that. Everything is organized, labeled and secured in easy access locations, allowing yourself, or someone along for the ride to access everything in a short period of time.

Having a setup like that allows more time to take in the scene with a cold one, or catching Z’s at night while everyone else is still fumbling and stumbling around. What you pack and take with you is an ever-changing event based on different experiences on trips.

Do what works for you and if you have the room a few comfort items go a long way.

3. Erik Mozur – (@Red_phoenix_t4r) 2016 Trail Premium

barcelona red 4runner with Roofnest Condor XL


  • Roofnest Condor XL
  • Dometic CFX75 Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer
  • Jackery USA Explorer 500 w/ Case
  • Jackery USA Solarsaga 100W Portable Panel
  • Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill
  • Camp Chef Single Burner Butane Stove
  • GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cooking Set
  • Solar Security Magnetic Night Lights for Campsite
  • CVT 79” Hybrid Awning
  • CVT 79” Hybrid Awning Walls
  • CVT UFO Light
  • CVT Shower/Changing Room
  • Dobinsons Dual Rear Drawer System w/ Fridge Slide
  • Front Runner Solar Shower
  • Front Runner Camping Kitchen Utensil Set
  • Front Runner Expander Camping Chairs
  • Waterport Day Tank
  • Rago Fabrication BBQ Grill
  • Teton Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bags
  • Tirrinia Outdoors Waterproof Blankets
  • Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towels
  • Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillows
  • Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock
  • Trail’d 6 Gallon Spare Tire Water Tank x2
  • USB 5 Gallon Water Faucet
  • Go Anywhere Complete Portable Camping Toilet
  • Mr. Heater Buddy 9000BTU
  • Krazy Beaver Tools Ice Shovel
  • Trasharoo Black Trash Bag
  • Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Complete Tool Set and Recovery Gear
  • Bistro “Mood” Lights for Awning


We love our camp set up and the versatility we have for a variety of terrains and climates.

The best item we can’t be without is our Skottle Grill. We love it so much we use it during the week at the house for meals. The food is outstanding and makes cooking entertaining and you feel like camping while cooking in the backyard. The next must-have and definitely most expensive but well worth every penny is our Roofnest Condor XL. Sleeping in it is like sleeping on clouds with a 2.5” internal mattress.

We are a family of 4 with 2 little girls, ages 3 & 4, and wanted an RTT we could grow into with them. We have so much room with our Aussie Shepard too. I seem to fall more and more in love with it every trip. I’m sure the wife is partial to the Dometic fridge as her favorite but who doesn’t love cold wine?

We have owned the rig for almost 5 years with the intentions of an overland build but life gets crazy sometimes and things get on the back burner. The build started a little over a year ago so still a lot more additions to the rig as it continues to grow and the experiences of more adventures!

Currently planning on a regear, 2nd battery install with 2x100W permanently mounted solar panels (1 on RTT and 1 hood-mounted), and much more!

4. Jasper Liwag – (@Darkknight_4runner) 2020 TRD OR

Black 4runner trd off road Tepui Tent Tepui Awning


  • Tepui Tent
  • Tepui Awning
  • Air bed
  • Sleeping bag
  • Stove
  • Waterport
  • Camping chairs
  • Firewood
  • Good food


I really like my suspension (Toytec) at the moment but I’m getting an upgrade this weekend with some Dobinsons MRR’s. Excited!

My Gobi rack which you can use in many ways is awesome, you can mount an RTT or you can just simply mount like a storage box with ease.

My Joe original equipment slide panels where I can mount my rotopax, shovel, ax, and waterport come in handy a lot while out on the trail.

5. Jeremy Pajarellano – (@Yotapro_rnr) 2021 TRD Pro

lunar rock 4runner trd pro OVS Safari Portable Tent OVS 180 Awning Joolca Hottap w/ Double Ensuite


  • OVS Safari Portable Tent
  • OVS 180 Awning
  • Joolca Hottap w/ Double Ensuite
  • Kovea slim stove
  • Cascade Mountain Tech Camp Chair
  • Front Runner wolfpack for storage
  • Other stuff from REi


I remember when our mtb friends invited us to go camping with them a year and a half ago. We fell in love right away and decided to enter the overlanding scene.

Like most people, I watched a lot of youtube videos and tutorials about Overlanding. I was just trying to figure out what overland rig to buy and camping gear to get. We are still on a trial period, but my favorite set-ups are the OVS 180 Awning and Joolca hot tap shower system.

I like the functionality, coverage area, and ease of setup with the OVS nomadic 180 awning. I love the compactness of Joolca and it really works as advertised.

There is no better feeling than taking a hot shower after hiking and offroading. Finally, we chose the Toyota 4Runner for its off-road capabilities, reliability, and holding their resale value.

6. Wes Daniel – (@project_panda4r5) 2015 SR5

White sr5 4runner CVT Mt. Hood RTT CVT 99” Hybrid Awning


  • CVT Mt. Hood RTT
  • CVT 99” Hybrid Awning
  • Kelty Low Loveseat


The thing I like most about our setup is the ease of use!

We can have everything up/out and be chilling in the Kelty loveseat in less than 10 minutes. Our setup is super simple but it works for us. Less stress while outdoors is the way to go. 

7. Dorin Buchanan – (@buck_rnr) 2019 SR5

Magnetic grey metallic 4runner with tire swing, awning, led fog lights


  • @sunflarexplor 105W solar panel
  • @iceco_icecool 60VLPRO Fridge
  • FrontRunner camp chair
  • Streamlight 61601 Double Clutch headlamp


My absolute favorite piece of gear is the rig as a whole. Next, my current favorite piece of gear would have to be my recently installed @sunflarexplor 105W solar panel.

This thing is rad; thin, light, and flexible. It is constantly topping off my Odyssey 34R battery which allows me to run my (next favorite) ICECO 60VLPRO 24/7 without the worry of coming out to a dead battery. Having a fridge is truly a camping game changer.

Another piece of gear that remains in the rig 24/7 is my Front Runner chair. It packs down so small that there’s almost no excuse not to keep it in the truck and it’s also very comfy. Oddly enough, another recent favorite is my new headlamp. My old one had some oxidation after YEARS OF ABUSE and died out on me, so I ended up purchasing a Streamlight 61601 double-clutch rechargeable headlamp. It landed just in time before the last trip and I couldn’t have been more stoked on it. I was worried it would be too bright and was kinda bummed it didn’t have a red light swap feature but the scene light is perfect. It also has a spot feature that is insanely bright. It’s like $40 on Amazon, worth it.

8. Matt Pearson – (@4Runleashed) 2015 Trail Premium

white 4runner trail premium with Air Opus Offroad camp trailer


  • Air Opus Offroad camp trailer
  • Jetboil
  • AREA-BFE awning
  • GCI Roadtrip Rocker Chair
  • Garmin Mini


I have spent the night under the stars in a one-man tent all the way up to the big shiftpod but since I have moved to the camping trailers it’s going to be hard to go back to a ground tent.

The Opus is perfect for quickly getting out with the family for an easy over-nighter or an extended trip. The amount of storage is amazing and everything that is built into these types of trailers makes camping a breeze. The Offroad capabilities are comforting to know it will make it through just about any situation I may encounter with the family.

With all the amenities that the camping trailers offer, I will never go camping without a Jetboil. I still have my original one from 2009 and it has never failed me. I use it for a quick coffee in the morning, dehydrated dinners, and have even used it to make a few ribeyes before. If I’m spending the night outside, it’s with me.

I recently started carrying a Garmin inReach Mini with me now that I bring my young daughter camping. I sleep well knowing I can contact emergency services if needed or communicate with the family where we are and all is well.

Everything else constantly changes with the camp plan and locations.

9. Mo – (@4runningtheozarks) 2020 TRD Pro

white 4runner trd pro Ikamper 2.0 Stargazer chairs my nemo Darche 180 awning


  • Ikamper 2.0
  • Stargazer chairs my nemo
  • Darche 180 awning
  • 23zero en-suite


The set up time has gotten much quicker with the switch to a hard shell tent. I love the awning for shade and rain protection. The en-suite is nice to have for trail aside bathroom breaks.

10. Tyler Tenneson – (@tylertenny) 2016 SR5-P

white sr5 4runner ROAM awning


  • ROAM awning
  • Coleman Triton 2 burner propane stove
  • Coleman folding camp table
  • Coleman instant tent
  • Stanley cookware
  • RTIC cooler
  • NusGear portable power station
  • Reliance Aqua-Tainer 7 gallon water container (along with a collapsible water bag or two, just in case)
  • Collapsible backpacking chairs
  • GearLight headlamps
  • Ivation camping showerhead and collapsible bucket (for quick showers)
  • Scrubba wash bag (for extended trips)
  • Dr. Bronner’s soap (for washing hands, dishes, clothes)
  • Luggable Loo along with the WolfWise pop up tent for privacy


I always wanted to get a rooftop tent and I think they’re pretty cool but we went a different direction with our setup. We built a sleeping platform that’s easy to remove that has enough room to store gear underneath. We didn’t do a drawer system but instead have a hinged door that swings open at the end.

We use a full-size trifold mattress from Amazon and, with the backseat bottoms removed, our sleeping setup folds up easily to give us room for gear behind the front seats. Most of our camping gear goes in a Yakima Skybox 16 that easily secures to the LFD Off-Road 3/4 roof rack.

The rest of our gear (20 QT Rtic cooler, 7-gallon water container, clothes, gadgets, food, etc.) fits under the platform or behind the front seats. We installed a BajaRack ladder that works great for hanging our Trasharoo, which is an awesome piece of gear for camping. We mostly just do weekend camping trips but we’ve done a couple of extended trips so we’ve had time to dial in our setup a bit.

Some of the things that make sleeping in our 4Runner comfortable are Weathertech SunShades… you could also just make your own with Reflectix, mesh car window shades, and a rechargeable fan.

We sometimes bring our Coleman 6 person Instant tent with us to have some extra room if we’re staying at the same campsite for a few days. The 4Runner works great to sleep in but it’s nice to have a spot with more room to hang out in if the weather doesn’t allow you to spend much time outside during the day.

11. Carlo Quezon – (@cqadventures) 2018 SR5-P

white 4runner iKamper Skycamp iKamper Annex S DFG Offroad Shower Tent


  • iKamper Skycamp
  • iKamper Annex S
  • DFG Offroad Shower Tent
  • Kovea Cupid heater
  • WaterPORT Day Tank
  • Trail’d 6 Gallon “Spare” Tank
  • Dometic CFX 75DZW
  • Front Runner Expander Camping Chair
  • Front Runner Drop Down Tailgate Table
  • Front Runner Wolf Pack x2
  • Coleman Fold N Go 2 burner stove
  • Stanley Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cookset
  • Stanley Beer Stein
  • Nespresso Vertuo Next
  • Freespirit Recreation ReadyLight


My current setup keeps base camp simple. This allows for more time to relax and soak it all in and also makes early departures easy when traveling to different places. A fridge full of beer/food and something comfy to sleep in is really all I need to have a good time. Everything else just gets in the way and complicates your adventure.

Final Thoughts

Magnetic grey metallic 4runner with tire swing, awning, led fog lights

I don’t know about you, but I could really go for some smores by the campfire right about now. I hope you all enjoyed this compilation of camping setups!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing MALL CRAWL SHOTS!!

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Clayton Jones
Clayton Jones
2 years ago

Love our Opus trailer! Tons of room for us and our dogs, the slide-out kitchen and fridge make for easy meal prep, and having 40 gal of freshwater is kind of amazing. Love backpacking and never thought I’d be the guy to prefer trailer life, but here I am…

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