2020+ 5th Gen 4Runner TSS Compatible Bumper Options & What to Consider Before Buying

2020+ 5th Gen 4Runner TSS and Bumper Compatibility: Everything You Need To Know

2020+ 5th Gen 4Runner TSS & Bumper Compatibility: Everything You Need To Know

Do you have your eye set on a new bumper for a 2020+ 4Runner?

For those interested in adding in a new bumper for a 2020 4Runner know there are some new challenges with this model year. Specifically, the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) sensor in the front bumper has to be compatible with the new bumper. If you want to find out other differences with the 2020 4Runner check out Top 5 Differences in the 2020 4Runner.

As of now, I could not find an option that allows the replacement of the whole bumper and relocates the TSS sensor. C4 Fabrication has uploaded a YouTube video showing a sneak peek of a relocation kit of the TSS, but there is no mention of a release date.

Updated: C4 Fabrication TSS Relocation Kit Review

Please note: If this sensor is moved, then a certified Toyota technician would need to help recalibrate this device.

What is the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS)?

TSS Compatible Front Bumpers 5th Gen 4unner

Picture Credit: @CalebKerr – C4 Fabrication Lo Pro TSS Compatible

The Toyota Safety Sense is a new system developed to make our driving experience safer. The features of this safety system include pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with sway warning, automatic high beams, and High-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC or known as adaptive cruise control). For this article, the part of the safety system we are focused on is the radar on the front bumper. This radar is crucial to help with pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control.

TSS Compatible Bumpers?

Thankfully, there are two main bumper options avliable that are compatible with TSS; low profile and hidden winch mounts. Companies offer these styles for 2020+ 4Runners who are looking for the functionality of an aftermarket bumper yet looking to retain TSS, however currently no company offers a full width bumper.

Hopefully, companies will start to develop a compatible full bumper replacement compatible with TSS soon.

If you want to see bumper options out there for 2010 – 2019 4Runners, then you’ll want to check out 5th Gen 4Runner Front Bumper Options.

We will update the post if and when companies start to release TSS relocation kit or compatible bumpers.

Low Profile Bumpers

2020+ 4Runner TSS and Bumper Compatibility - Everything you need to know

As many have likely seen, low profile bumpers require cutting the front valence out and using most of the stock bumper. The benefits can include recovery points, a light bar, bull bar, winch, and a change in the aesthetics. For this article, we won’t go into all the details about these bumpers. However, I will highlight the choices you have compatible with the 2020 4runner TSS.

Below is a list of compatible bumpers for 2020 4Runner that I have found when researching options for myself. The list below does not include every option available, and the order does not indicate one bumper better than another. Also, the bumpers do not include options for the Limited models.

2020+ 4Runner Bumper Options

  • C4 Lo Pro Winch Bumper: Check Price
    • No bull bar
    • Full height bull bar compatible with TSS
  • Victory 4×4 Blitz Slim Front Winch Bumper: Check Price
    • No bull bar
    • Tube work not guaranteed to be compatible with TSS
  • SSO Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper: Check Price
    • TSS compatible angled bull bar
  • Body Armor 4×4 Hiline Series Front Bumper: Check Price
    • Removable bull bar for TSS
  • Greenlane Offroad Stump Aluminum Front Bumper: Check Price
    • No bulls bar
    • Tall hoop to clear TSS
  • Shrockworks Ultralight Winch Mount: Check Price
    • No top tubing
  • CBI Covert Front Bumper or Covert Baja Series

Hidden Winch

Looking for a hidden approach to your winch?

Max has written a great article, Hidden Winch Mount Options, about everything you must know about this mounting solution. Two major benefits one will find with this option is the ability to add a winch and some offer recovery points.

In addition to the list provided by Max, these are two other options that are now available: 

Additional Steps for Removing the Bumper

2020+ 4Runner TSS and Bumper Compatibility - Everything you need to know

So you have found that sweet new bumper and can’t wait to get it installed?

Well, with those lead times you’ll probably be reading up on how to install your new bumper. Brenan has written an excellent step-by-step article on how to remove the bumper in the C4 Fab Front Bumper Install.

However, with the 2020 models, there are two additional bolts that must account for before fully removing the bumper. These are two 10mm bolts and differ from the other bolt shown at the top of the image.

Try to avoid mixing these up as they are both 10mm bolts and look similar. The difference is the washer on the bolts.

Installing/Removing Low Profile Bumper with Tall Bull Bar

2020+ 4Runner TSS and Bumper Compatibility - Everything you need to know

As a side note, the bracket attached by the two bolts can be a challenge when installing/removing the factory bumper back on the vehicle with a low profile bumper that has the tall bull bar.

The reason is the bull bar potentially doesn’t give much space between the front of the vehicle for the bumper to fit. The bracket then becomes an issue because it sticks out so the bracket has to fit over the black horizontal bar you see right above it.

One could remove the TSS bracket but I didn’t want to risk the TSS moving and needing to recalibrate the TSS after removing and reinstalling.

Remember to disconnect the cable to TSS before removing the bumper…

Also, the cable connecting to the TSS must be disconnected before you can remove the entire bumper. While not required, I found first removing the connector from the bracket makes disconnecting the cables easier.  Once those bolts are off and the cable is unplugged you are set to trim the factory bumper and get your sweet new bumper installed!

Final Thoughts

The TSS is a great safety feature and one where a hidden or a low profile bumper is going to be your best option to add a winch, light bar, and additional recovery points. Since a full bumper replacement is out of the question, you may consider a high clearance cut to compliment the low profile bumper.

For now, we will have to wait on those full bumper swaps until companies can integrate the TSS.

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1 month ago

Do any companies off a bumper for the LIMITED models with parking sensors in the lower bumper?

5 months ago

Hi, I have a 2022 TRD Premium with the TSS and front camera. I under the full bar height won’t impact the TSS but does it sit high enough to not interfere with the camera. Can’t tell from the pics. Thanks

7 months ago

Are there any bull bars that any recommends that would not affect the TSS?

1 year ago

Lil B’s fabrication makes a full width TSS compatible bumper.

1 year ago

I literally just installed my C4 Fab lopro bumper last week on my 2020 TRD PRO. What a coincidence that this article just came out in regard to the TSS system. I actually had to trim a little sheet metal off the bracket itself by the lower portion of the bumper to accommodate the winch control box. The TSS seems to work fine since I have installed the bumper and I’m very happy with it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sean Migone
1 year ago
Reply to  Sean

Did you get the low bar or the taller bar?

Sean Migone
Sean Migone
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff

I got the full height bar, the one that says that it will not interfere with TSS .

Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson
1 year ago

Toyota recommends permanent disablement of the radar sensor on any vehicle with an altered ride height. So this makes relocation moot, because most customers who are replacing a front bumper will also be changing the ride height through suspension and or wheel and tire modifications. Resetting the calibration is not considered a permanent solution and renders the programmed geometry of the sensors unreliable for their intended purpose.

1 year ago

This is simply a liability concern, and primarily not a ride height issue at the majority of aftermarket changes.

As you can probably infer, ride height, even in an unaltered vehicle, can change fairly dramatically. This depends on load, and where that load is located. The gross vehicle weight rating is a lot more than the stock weight, and you can lose a couple of inches of height by being fully loaded down. Don’t forget about towing, which can also alter the height of the ride, especially in a configuration of heavy trailer and minimal front-located load (think light driver, no passengers). The system is meant to work within these parameters, and will work with the relatively mild adjustments most owners make. You’re not seeing these trucks put on 12″ lifts and 40″ tires (I believe there is one out there roughly like this).

As an example of one of the systems, TSS is not a system that uses one infinitely small point (i.e. laser) to detect range to an object ahead. Such a system would be ineffective, as objects on the road don’t have a perfectly vertical object plane. Rather, the system uses a broad detection area, which a lift of two or three inches won’t affect much, if at all. Consider the back plane of a vehicle. Let’s say the cone of detection normally is split halfway between the leading vehicle’s boot and it’s angled windshield. Moving that broad cone upwards a degree and a half isn’t going to change the average distance-to-object by any significant amount (calculation based on combination of total ride height change as well as rear-to-front angle increase of typical rake reduction with most lifts).

Overall, regardless of these changes, the best safety policy overall is to simply pay more attention when driving. This may be a controversial statement, but I think speeding slightly is safer than driving slower, as the slow speed can lure you into a false sense of safety, and, therefore inattention, whereas speeding increases your focus, attention, and response time. At least that has been my experience, but I consider driving to be something that you should always be working at improving. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between speeding a bit faster than others or the speed limit, and going 55 in a residential area, or 125 on the freeway.

1 year ago
Reply to  Franklin

Agreed. Ride height does not affect function. Toyota has a liability concern and will make the official statement to disconnect permanently but this not necessary with typical lift between 1-3 inches(likely much higher as well). Had personal experience following a hit and run requiring bumper replacement and repair after initial lift of 2.5 front. No concern and direct quote technician at next service was “the dash will light up like a Christmas tree if the system recognizes a geometry that is incompatible” as it is always making calculations while the vehicle is running.

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