Oscar’s Mobile Hideout – High Quality Spare Tire Storage Bag for Overlanding & Off-Roading

Last US Bag Oscars Hideout - Trasharoo for Spare Tire Trash Can

Introducing a Spare Tire Storage Bag by the Last US Bag Company – A High-Quality Trasharoo Alternative

Who is the Last Us Bag Company? 

There’s no hiding the fact that the Last Us Bag Company is among the top producing Overland gear bag companies in the industry. You may not know about them yet, but you will. Last Us Bag Company produces high-quality American-made bags for many industries, but more specifically for us, they have a large outdoor recreation and vehicle outfitting line.

One of the most impressive offerings they have is their spare tire bag which we are going to cover today.

They also make vehicle organization systems, zippered pockets/pouches, high-quality duffels and even handmade tool rolls. Make sure you check out their entire line hope outdoor recreation products.

Why a Spare Tire Bag?

Heavy Duty Spare Tire Trash Bag - Last US Bag Company

The spare tire trash bag and gear bag is a great addition to any off-road or Overland vehicle owner who is looking to add additional storage functionality to their rig. I think it goes without saying that you guys want to keep your rig clean and organized when you’re out there – yeah me too. A spare tire trash bag really helps you keep the inside of your truck free from bottles, wrappers, loose paper and unwanted smelly trash.

Introducing Oscar’s Mobile Hideout

The Last Us Bag Company calls its spare tire trash bag and gear bag the “Oscar’s Mobile Hideout”. The Oscar’s Mobile Hideout can be mounted in more places than just a spare tire. You can mount this utility bag on your ladder, rack or any tire swing out you are currently running on your rig. We mounted ours on the RIGd UltraSwing that is currently running a 35″ Cooper EVO MT Tire.

The spare tire carrier bag is more than just a trash bag. You can use the spare tire carrier for holding firewood, recovery gear, camping gear, tools or anything else you see fit. It’s made of 18oz. poly reinforced vinyl that resists fading. What does this mean? It’s a highly durable material that you can get dirty and at the end of the day wash out with a hose, and we ever tested it with the pressure washer.. it held up just fine.

The concept is going to be similar to a Trasharoo, however, the build quality, design, innovation and engineering are levels beyond what you would find in its counterpart. In fact, it’s not even fair to use the word counterpart as the Last Us Bag Company build is far superior.

If you are looking for the highest quality, weather-resistant and fade-resistant tire carrier for your off-road or Overland rig, Oscar’s mobile Hideout is an option to consider.

Next to the Pangolin tool roll that we just covered, this might be one of the most feature-packed Overland gear bags on the market.

Oscar’s Mobile Hideout Overview

Last US Bag Oscars Hideout - Trasharoo for Spare Tire Trash Can

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  • 22w x 24h x 8d
  • Poly-No-Stretch Webbing Attachment with Itw Buckles
  • Polyvinyl Mesh Outer Pockets
  • Polyvinyl Mesh Interior Lid Pocket
  • Dual Vertical Front Locking Zippers for Easy Access
  • Top Cinch Retention Gasket
  • Center Strap Closure
  • Bow Saw Slip Pocket with Cutting Surface
  • Side Compression Straps
  • Reflective Trim
  • D-Rings for Exterior Lashing
  • Grab Handle on Top
  • Currently Available in Charcoal Grey or Tan Only

Not Just a Spare Tire Trash Bag

Heavy Duty Spare Tire Trash Bag - Last US Bag Company

This spare tire bag is more than just a trash bag.

It’s strong enough to hold and carry camp firewood, camping accessories, recovery gear and many other essential items when it comes to off-roading and overlanding.

During our last trip out, I was able to store two Front Runner chairs, a collapsible water bucket, along with full-sized trash bags… all with room to spare.

Multiple Pockets

Last US Bag Company - Spare Tire Trash Bag

On the outside of the bag, you have plenty of room to store gear in multiple pockets.

This bag boasts an impressive five mesh pockets throughout the interior and exterior. You have three main mesh pockets on the outside: two on the sides and one massive mesh pocket on the main front panel. Then once you open up the cover, you have one massive mesh pocket on the bag’s cover flap. Finally, you have one internal pocket (non-mesh) is that holds the provided cutting board.

If you are looking for a spare tire storage bag that has lots of pockets for organization, this is a great product to consider.

Dual Sided Zippers Expose Inside of Bag

Last US Bag Company - Spare Tire Trash Bag

This is one particularly impressive area of Oscar’s Mobile Hideout. It features dual vertical front locking zippers allowing you to easily access the inside of the bag. You can essentially unzip both sides of the bag exposing the entire inside compartment. This makes it easy to load up with camping gear, chairs, or firewood, for example.

Can you do that with your Trasharoo?

Massive Buckles, YKK Zippers & Beefy Zipper Pulls

Last US Bag Company - Spare Tire Trash Bag

Throughout the entire design of this bag, you have massive buckles and zippers. Oscar’s Mobile Hideout features all YKK zippers and burly buckles with pull straps all the way around.

The quality shows throughout the whole design for sure.

Washable + Built-in Drain Holes

Last US Bag Company - Spare Tire Trash Bag Drain Holes

If you want something that you can hose off or even lightly pressure wash at the end of the day, Oscar’s Mobile Hideout is absolutely for you. This bag is incredibly simple to clean. With its built-in drain holes and the ability to unzip both sides of the bag, you can easily wash out the entire bag at the end of the day.


Last US Bag Company - Spare Tire Trash Bag D-Rings

If you have accessories you need to attach to the bag, this bag has your back. With d-rings built into the entire bag design all the way around, you now have the ability to quickly hook on any of your essential accessories.

If you are a carabiner freak with attachments left and right, you will love this bag. There are two d-rings on both sides of the bag.

Cinch Straps

Last US Bag Company - Spare Tire Trash Bag Cinch Straps

This bag features multiple cinch straps on the outside of the bag. To start, you have cinch straps on the front side of the bag and that follows suit on both outside compartments. As you move to the inside of the bag, underneath the cover, you have one main cinch strap that pulls it all together.

Added Cutting Board/Flat Surface

Is it a cutting board, a flat workable surface or an added piece of rigidity that keeps the whole bag upright? Well, we think it’s all of them.

Oscar’s Mobile Hideout comes with a very large cutting board style plastic material that is positioned on the internal pocket of the bag. This is going to be a great added accessory if you need to use a flat workable area, need to clean fish or even cut and prepare food and, yes, it is food grade safe.

You don’t have to worry about this cutting board touching your trash bag as it is sectioned off from the trash bag compartment.

Final Thoughts

Last US Bag Oscars Hideout - Trasharoo for Spare Tire Trash Can

When it comes to a spare tire trash bag, there are definitely cheaper options on the market. What this bag comes down to for a lot of people is going to be the robust storage compartments, the ability to easily clean the whole bag out at the end of the day, an impressive life expectancy and real performance during extreme weather.

The 18oz. poly reinforced vinyl is by far the highest quality material that I have ever seen used in an overland gear bag. If you want the best spare tire carrier bag out there, this is it. I don’t say the word best very often and I try not to lean on one side when it comes to products like this, but there’s honestly just nothing like it in terms of build quality.

Priced around $200 compared to a Trasharoo at around $50, you will get what you pay for here. I have seen many Trasharoos and even Trasharoo alternatives on the trail. Most of them are ripped up and sagging off tires and because of this, I never bought one. Many companies are beginning to manufacture spare tire carrier bags which is awesome but few of them boast the level of build quality found within the Last Us Bag Company.

If you plan on wheeling, off-roading, overlanding frequently, or find yourself adventuring through extreme weather, I would not hesitate to buy the Oscar’s Mobile Hideout. However, you only wheel/overland/camp a handful of times a year, then a Trasharoo or Trasharoo alternative might be a good fit for you.

I think the real selling point in this bag is that it will push through extreme weather where many other bags on the market won’t be able to keep up.

High Quality Spare Tire Storage Bag for Overlanding & Off-RoadingHigh Quality Spare Tire Storage Bag for Overlanding & Off-RoadingTrasharoo Alternative - Spare Tire Trash BagTrasharoo Alternative - Spare Tire Trash BagTrasharoo Alternative - Spare Tire Trash Bag

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