Dual Drawer Storage System – Easy DIY Plans

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Drawer System + Sleeping Platform

Dual Drawer Storage System & Sleeping Platform DIY Plans for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Have you always wanted to maximize the storage in your 4Runner? Didn’t want to hassle with a Roof Top Tent?

Well, @SolidWoodWorx has solved that problem with a set of Do It Yourself step-by-step plans to build a dual drawer system for your 4Runner + an integrated sleeping platform.

Sleeping in the back of a rig is not for everyone but if you are the type that does enjoy sleeping in the back of the 4Runner, then this drawer + sleeping platform might be for you.

If you aren’t the type to sleep in the back of the 4Runner, that’s fine, Solid Wood Worx has a drawer system only plans for the 5th Gen 4Runner as well.

Drawer System Storage Options

  1. Dual Drawer System – Check Price
  2. Dual Drawer System w/ Sleeping Platform – Check Price
  3. Turnbuckles
  4. Drawer System Carpet
  5. Carpet Spray Glue
  6. Wood Sealant
  7. Bed Liner
  8. Folding T Handle Latches
  9. Drawer Organizers

The plans include a cut list for all the pieces needed to build the storage box and basic drawers. These plans are offered for 1st, 3rd 4th n 5th Gen 4Runners.

Solid Wood Worx Drawer System

Through there website, you can get add-ons to the drawer system like a removable bed platform, side cubby templates, and different drawer setups.

Bed System

Dual Drawer Storage System DIY Plans for the 5th Gen 4Runner

The bed system allows you to fold down the second-row seats, set up a bed support, and then lay in a piece of wood that sits flush with your drawer system. This creates a nearly 6′ long flat platform to then lay down your mattress, cushions, sleeping bag or whatever you prefer.

Side Cubby

Dual Drawer Storage System DIY Plans for the 5th Gen 4Runner - Side Cubby

The side cubby templates use the extra room next to your wheel wells. The templates are sent via pdf which you then print out and trace onto a piece of wood, to then be cut out with ease. Once the pieces are attached you are able to store items in this area without them falling out or getting stuck in the door!

DIY Plans

Dual Drawer Storage System DIY Plans

Additional DIY Plans are available on the website to change the drawers that fit in the drawer box if you wanted dividers or a false top to cook or work on. This helps maximize your working area and while not having to haul around a table to set up at every stop!

Tie Down Points?

You can use turnbuckles to attach the box to the stock d rings mounted to the floor of the 4runner.

Carpeting Options?

Once the box is built I would recommend either coating the wood in a water-resistant sealant or spraying a truck bed liner.  Additionally, you can glue down some carpet to protect the box, and help keep items on top of it from sliding around.

Lock Options?

If your worries about somebody breaking into the box or want to keep some valuables inside I would recommend adding some locking folding t handle latches.

Track system for tie-down points?

I have yet to install something like this but it is totally possible to do. Just give me a call or let me know exactly what you are looking for.

How to mount a fridge?

If you wanted to mount a fridge on top I would recommend installing a heavy-duty sliding drawer they make specifically for certain fridge companies. One of the companies that make them is Tembo tusk.

Set-up and breakdown process of the sleeping platform

The sleeping platform is very simple to add on, as you will see in the DIY plans you will get the measurements to build a support system that will set on the folded down seats.

Once that is in place the bed extension piece sits on top of that and is supported by the cleat that is added to the back of the drawer box. The bed extension fits snug between the box and the back of the folded seats so it will not move side to side at all!

Are DIY Drawer Plans for you?

DIY Drawer System for 4Runner

If you are looking for a DIY drawer system for the 5th Gen 4Runner, this option might be for you. It really does take the guessing game out of building your own drawer system. No taking measurements, or wasting a bunch of wood making the wrong cuts.

With these plans, you save big money compared to other pre-built drawer systems like the Dobinsons Drawer system as well as the new Front Runner drawer system for the 5th Gen.

There is nothing wrong with these systems, it’s just nice to have an option that explains to you exactly how to make your own for a fraction of the price. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to a high-priced drawer system, take a look at Solid Wood Worx  DIY plans.

Questions or Comments? Leave them below!

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As someone who built his own, I seriously wish I had this before I started and completed my own project. I wouldn’t mind going back and redoing them again as the drawers are falling apart and the sliders are coming off. I learned a lot and would love to see these plans and how they differ from when I did it. The sleeping platform is a nice touch too.


Brian, this is fantastic!
Do you have a version of this with the 2nd row of seats removed completely, seat and back (5th gen 4Runner)? Thank you!


This looks awesome. Wouldn’t raising the platform to be flush with the rear wheel wells be beneficial?

Ryan - @gibburnz
Ryan - @gibburnz

So. Freaking. Awesome.

Tim Aldredge
Tim Aldredge

Brian, this is really nice. Do you know what the approximate weight of the materials is?


Do you think the drawers are long enough to be able to fit a shotgun? I think this is awesome, I’d like one set of drawers to store a few shotguns for hunting trips

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