Rear Bumper Replacement 5th Gen

Rear Bumper Replacement 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

Trail Edition, TRD Off-Road, or TRD Pro Bumper to an SR5 Bumper

Today, we are replacing a Trail Edition bumper with an SR5 bumper.

The Trail Edition bumper is the same as the TRD Off-Road and the TRD Pro, and for sake of convenience, let’s just call it the “bumper with valance”.

If your 4Runner has a bumper with the valance, and you wheel your 4Runner, odds are you will eventually rip it off. We have gone above and beyond that and put an obnoxious amount of cuts, scrapes, and bruises on our bumper.

Replacement or Upgrade?

You have a few choices on what to do when fixing your bumper. Either find a replacement valance, buy a new bumper or just upgrade to a new aftermarket bumper. I decided to throw on a used (new to me) 2017 SR5 bumper on my 2014 Trail Edition.

This is an interesting post because it doesn’t solve or prevent many things happening for me specifically but it might for some. I will continue to wheel my 4Runner and probably add more and more damage to this new bumper, so why the swap? I have always liked the look of the SR5 bumper over the valance bumper, and it was just something I wanted to do.

Replacing a bumper on your own?

If you get in an accident, back into a pole, someone rear-ends you, or you damage your bumper on a trail, don’t even worry about it, replacing your bumper is simple.

It took me about 40 min to remove the old bumper and install the new one, with taking pictures.

We picked up this bumper at RanchoToyota Recycling (Sacramento, Ca) for around $400.

For comparison, I got a quote from a collision repair center for $2300 to replace the bumper.

Bumper Replacement – Tool Check

Beyond simple.

All you need is a set of sockets, pry tools and a small screwdriver set to pop push tabs.

Step 1: Remove rear bumper screws

There are a series of bolts, screws, and clips throughout the fender well, underneath, and the top under the rear door.

An important note, DO NOT use power tools on bolts along the bottom of the bumper. I started with a power drill and popped a couple right off. The next one broke off inside. Just a heads up.

Just be safe and use a 10mm hand socket for the bolts along the bottom. For the remaining screws on the whole process, you can use a power drill.

Step 2: Remove rear wheel well screws on the splash guards

Step 3: Pop push tabs on the splash guards

Push in and squeeze hard with both screwdrivers while pulling up. There are little clips inside the prevent them from coming up. Firm pressure and a firm tilt makes it go quick.

Step 4: Set splash guards to side

Step 5: Remove screws on side mounting plastics

Step 6: Remove screws near the spare tire

Step 7: Plastic Pry Tools – Bumper tabs

Plastic pry tools always seem to do the trick.

Step 8: Start pulling off the rear bumper

Step 9: Pull bumper up over center latch

You want to pop the bumper up and over the rear door hatch where my left hand is. Lift up the corner of the bumper where my right finger is pointing and lift the entire bumper up and over the latch.

Step 10: Remove bumper from 4Runner

Repeat that same process on the driver side and remove the bumper. If you are saving the bumper, you may want to place a couple boxes or totes down to set the bumper on.

Step 11: Clean dirt clogs and debris

Depending on how much you wheel, you may want to clean what is underneath.

Step 12: Position new bumper

Step 13: Note location of clips for the new bumper

Snap rear quarter panel in place along the side and just under the tail light assembly.

Step 14: Position new bumper over cargo latch and into place

Lift the bumper up and over the latch.

Step 15: New or Used guards and plastics?

I washed my splash guards/plastics while they were off. There were dirt clogs stuck on the inside all the way around.

Step 16: Wash push tabs and put on Splash Guards

Before – Trail, TRD Off-Road, Pro with Missing Valance

After – Super Clean SR5 Bumper

Replacing a Bumper is Pretty Simple

So, a local auto body shop quoted me $2300 + tax to install a new bumper. Granted, that would have been a “finished – new quality” bumper. So, I called the same shop and asked what they would charge to finish a bumper that I had (from minimal scratches to new quality) if I just dropped one off. They quoted me $500.

With the bumper from the Toyota Recycling yard for $400 + the final finish, it would have been around $900.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can buy a used bumper (if you can find one), have it finished, do the install your self, and likely some money.

Just something to think about if you ever damage your rear bumper and want a new one.

I hope this helps someone, one day save a few bucks.

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henry park
henry park
3 days ago

My wife backed up a trd pro into the garage and now it’s torn. Omg. 2nd time

Andrew Jablonski
Andrew Jablonski
1 month ago

Can the SR5 Bumper Cover Repalace a Limited?

4 months ago

Props to you brother! Outstanding site which helped me replace my valance that was torn off wheeling in Canyonlands NP. Really appreciate it!

1 year ago

Quick question – I have a 2020 Venture which oddly enough does not come with a rear valance despite the of road premium, which is based off of, having one. I’m thinking about putting one on but honestly I doubt I’ll ever take it on roads that I would risk rubbing the back end on. Any other benefits at all that I am missing? If not I’ll probably save my money.

1 year ago

where can i find a sr5 4runner 2018 white bumper?

Last edited 1 year ago by zach
1 year ago

Hello ..Can you remove the small cover on the bumper with off removing the bumper completely?

Corey Winstead
Corey Winstead
1 year ago

So are all the 5th gen bumpers interchangeable? I have a 2012 SR5 that needs bumper replacement. I feel like I’ve heard that some of the newer years have a better approach angle than the old ones. Thanks.

2 years ago

Thanks for the instructions. Extremely helpful in replacing the valence on my 18 Off road after damaging it off road backing in to a rock! Looks like new again for $100. Glad the valence saved my bumper from damage.

2 years ago

Thank you this article is very helpful for me.

2 years ago

You probably already have your answer, but I just replaced my rear bumper and valance. I cannot see a way to access the tabs for the valance without full bumper removal. They are tucked up next to the frame piece of the frame extension under the bumper section. However, as Brenan points out, it is very simple to remove the bumper, especially if you follow his instructions above.

2 years ago

Was the grey bumper cover already broke off on your original, or did you get that off without undoing the actual bumper? Would like to wrap/paint the back of mine, wanting to see how easy this might be. I’m not against taking off the bumper, just want to know what I’m up against.

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