BaseLayer Floor Liners – Install & Review

BaseLayer Floor Liner For 4Runner

Manufacturer: BaseLayer Labs MSRP: $190
Average Score
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Fitment 9.0
  • Customer Support 9.0
  • Ease of Install & Instructions 9.0
  • Value - Is it worth it? 9.0
All Weather Option Made From Durable, Recyclable TPE Material

As overlanders, off-roaders and automotive enthusiasts, we often focus on the “A-list” of gear and modifications, myself included.  Suspensions, wheels and tires, lights and the like. With such glamorous toys at our disposal, the hard-working everyday chums are often overlooked and left out of the limelight. Today I am going direct your attention to one such unsung hero. The floor liner.

Often taking the most abuse of any interior product, our mats have seen it all. From mud covered boots, to squished french-fries drenched in ketchup, to rain-soaked pets, our floor mats have been stepped on time and again. No matter how tough our Toyota’s floor mats are built, their maltreatment will eventually cause them to give. Luckily there is a company that has our back. BaseLayer has created a system that not only looks amazing, but protects the floor of your cherished carriage.

Who Is BaseLayer?

BaseLayer Floor Liners

BaseLayer is a group of highly talented and skilled people who focus on bringing their technology and design into manufactured products; targeted at those of us who often show tough-love to our beloved vehicles. From floor mats to organizers and more, they has made a name for themselves in quality, eco-friendly and sustainable products.


BaseLayer Floor Liner

BaseLayer’s liners are proudly designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and formed from high quality TPE and TPO materials.

What that means is that by using thermoplastic substances, very little production waste is created. Whatever waste is produced, it will, in turn, be recycled back into manufacturing. This allows the whole process to be very efficient and eco-friendly as the materials themselves produce no odor and are 100% recyclable. The result is a product with no rubber scent, and is sustainable while being tough for your rig, and easy on the planet. Win-win.

Great Coverage

BaseLayer Floor Liner Coverage

BaseLayer has digitally designed their floor mats with extremely tight tolerances along the edges as well as forming them to the exact fitment for your 4Runner. As a result, they add a distinctively clean look for your ride, while protecting that precious carpet underneath. If your exact vehicle isn’t listed, they have an option for a universal or “cut-to-fit” option for your consideration.


BaseLayer Labs Floor Liner For 4Runner

It should be noted that the branding tag comes in your choice of grey to add that subdued elegance, or red to flash that sporty zing right as you step inside. Be sure to make your selection when ordering.


Old OEM Toyota 4Runner Floor Mats

This part couldn’t be any easier. Old mats seen above.

The installation of BaseLayer’s floor mats is quite simple. These are intended to be used directly on your carpeted flooring, not stacked on anything else. First, shed those tired old floor mats or carpet liners from your floorboards. Locate the retention posts on the driver’s and passenger’s sides and turn them to the unlock position. Lift your old floor mats up and out of the rig and toss them aside.

Step 1. Remove Old Mats

Removing 4Runner Front Floor Mats

Pretty simple. If you have mats, take them. Sets like the OEM ones have retaining clips in the front.

Step 2. Install New Liners

Installing BaseLayer Labs Installation

Place the mats in your 4Runner. Use the supplied retention post caps by pressing them firmly onto the posts. This cap will help keep you from accidentally breaking off the retention posts as well as help keep dirt and gunk from building up inside the post area. If you selected the front mats only, you’re all set.

Rear Floor Liner From BaseLayer Labs

If you opt for the rear mat, installation is even easier. Simply remove your old mat, if equipped, and set aside. Place the new one into position, making sure to align the edges of the mat with the contours of your floorboard. Once that’s in place, you’re ready to go!

With this kind of protection you no longer have to make your friends remove their shoes before entering your mobile dojo of awesomeness. Simply have them get in, sit down, shut up and give up that gas money.


How To Clean Floor Liners

Because of their construction, BaseLayer mats clean as easily as they install. Simply remove the dirty mat from your well-loved wagon and hose it off with a spray of clean water.

BaseLayer Labs Review

Even if you need a little more effort, wiping them off with a clean cloth will bring them back to life. Unlike your bug-encrusted front bumper, these clean up super easily.


Floor Mat/Liner Review

Overall these offer a quality constructed, protective and attractive upgrade to an often unappreciated piece of equipment. With a limited lifetime warranty in play, I can rest easy knowing that I will always be protected, in more ways than one. Their installation is second only to their ease of cleaning and with the smooth formed design and super snug fitment, these floor mats give a sleek new look to my 4Runner’s interior. They are subtle yet distinctive and I find myself paying a bit more attention to them when I open the door to get inside.

Final Thoughts

BaseLayer Labs Floor Liners For 5th Gen 4Runner (2013-2024)

Although I love to sport my “Toyota” and “4Runner” branding, those old floor mats had to go. The difference in fitment and quality is apparent from the feel to the fit, and a much needed upgrade for my ride.

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