4 Off-Road Trails & Areas To Explore In Rhode Island

3rd Gen Tacoma Off-Roading on East Beach in Rhode Island

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Welcome back to an all-new post! This week, we will be doing things a bit differently as our featured state, Rhode Island, isn’t particularly known for off-roading. So, we’re expanding our featured spots to encompass campgrounds you can enjoy with family and friends.

Many areas in this state are privately owned or closed to the public. While there are a few trails, many locals venture to neighboring states to take their trucks off-road. That being said, we’ll feature a few trails and camping spots to go out and explore around the Rhode Island area.

Note: The trails listed below are in no particular order.

1. East Beach

3rd Gen Tacoma Off-Roading on the East Beach

Submission By: Voeun (@voeun.loeung)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

This area is low-frills but offers spectacular views of the Rhode Island shoreline. It requires a state permit, which regulates traffic on the beach and keeps the powdery sand clean. This area is perfect for pulling up, setting shop, and fishing right out of the back of your truck!

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

This trail is short, coming in under 3 miles. I would say that the beach is mostly a 1/10 since it is a beach. However, I have seen it quickly become a 10/10 when the tide is underestimated. Always have the right gear when going out on the beach, and ensure you know how to use it!

2. Pulaski State Forest

3rd Gen Tacoma Off-Roading in Pulaski State Forest

Submission By: Ellie (@thepunchingprof)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

The Pulaski State Forest is a large trail system with a lot to explore. This area also extends over into Connecticut. If you’re looking for more technical offroading with obstacles, this is the perfect place. There are many trails with mud, rocks, and narrow spots.

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this area and the trails I frequent a 3/10 – 4/10. Some trails have rocky areas where skid plates and high clearance would be advised. However, most of the state forest is pretty mellow and doesn’t require too many modifications.

3. Burlingame State Park

Burlingame State Park & Campground

Submission By: Author Submitted

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

Burlingame State Park & Campground is a great area to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. It is located on the shore of Watchaug Pond in the middle of a 2,100-acre park.

You will find over 700 campsites that can accommodate tents, small trailers, campers, vans, and motor homes. There are also plenty of fireplaces, picnic tables, toilets, showers, outdoor watersports, a recreation hall, trails and so much more!

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

This is not applicable as it is a campground, not an off-road area.

4. Bowdish Lake

5th Gen 4Runner at Bowdish Lake Campground

Submission By: Author Submitted – Photo By: @ohnotuono

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

Bowdish Lake, located in Chepachet, offers plenty of opportunities to camp around the waterfront and sandy beaches with a 300-acre lake and a 30-acre pond.

Their campsites are spacious, private, wooded, and have plenty of activities close by. Every site has a hook-up for water and electricity with the option to add on cable and internet for an additional fee. Some spots also have sewer hook-ups (for RVs). Throughout the campgrounds, you will find plenty of amenities including recreation halls, a snack bar, picnic tables and so much more.

If you’re looking to be a bit more active during your stay, there are so many great places to fish around the water, play tennis and basketball, let the kids loose on the playgroups, hike up local trails, and so much more.

This is a great place to spend a weekend away with the family and unwind.

What Difficulty Would You Rate This Spot?

This is not applicable as it is a campground, not an off-road area.

Final Thoughts

Group of Trucks Off-Roading in Pulaski State Forest

And that wraps up this week’s featured areas!

Rhode Island is small but still offers remarkable spots to spend time with family. While it may not be the most popular area to push your rig to its limits, there’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, at least you know you won’t be breaking anything!

Keep an eye out as we dive into additional off-road trails within a short drive that might align better with your off-roading preferences!

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