7 Off-Road Trails & Areas To Explore In Georgia

5th Gen 4Runner Off-Roading in Northern Georgia

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Welcome back to an a new post featuring the top trails and OHV parks across the country! This week, we are featuring Georgia. Last time, we covered trails in Tennessee.

Georgia is known for its stunning national parks. Within these parks, you’ll find tons of forest roads and trails just waiting to be discovered. Its off-road trails offer excitement and serenity, from thrilling water crossings to winding paths through the woods.

Take a look below at areas to explore within this beautiful state!

Note: The trails listed below are in no particular order.

1. Cohutta Wilderness

3rd Gen 4Runner Off-roading in Cohutta Wilderness in Georgia

Submission By: Blade (@t4r_bladerunner)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

Cohutta Wilderness is a trail in the Chattahoochie-Occonee National Forest. It’s a beautiful place to get away!

You’ll find many camping opportunities near creeks and beautiful scenery. If you want to fish, you can do so at the nearby lake, Lake Connasauga.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this area a 1/10 or 2/10. It’s mostly easy gravel forest roads. However, a few spots are a bit more challenging and could easily be a 3/10 or 4/10.

It is a great trail for those looking to get off the pavement and spend the day exploring a beautiful area.

2. North Georgia Mountains

4th Gen 4Runner with camping trailer creek crossing in the North Georgia Mountains

Submission By: Rich (@richivey82)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

The charm of the north Georgia mountains is the absolute best. You can be in a cool little town with everything you need, and in 20 minutes, you’ll be in the background. It’s truly one of a kind.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

For the most part, the trails and forest service roads are beginner, but occasionally, you’ll get lucky and find a little flexy area to play. There’s also a fair amount of water crossing all over the place. Who doesn’t love a good undercarriage washing?!

3. Charlie’s Creek

80 Series Land Cruiser Off-roading on Charlie’s Creek in the Georgia Mountains

Submission By: Mateo (@offgrid.appalachia)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

This is a remote trail with a couple of awesome water crossings deep in the mountains of North Georgia. It’s the perfect area to head out for the day and explore. It’s also a very popular area that many people tend to frequent, so you’ll definitely be seeing many more rigs around there.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this trail a 3/10. It’s typically very mild, with only a few rut sections to enjoy. If you have a stock 4×4, you could easily do the whole trail without any issues.

4. 5313 Offroad Park

5th Gen 4Runner Off-Roading in the 5313 Offroad Park in Calhoun, GA

Submission By: Greg (@beer4r)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

The 5313 Offroad Park is just off I-75 between Atlanta and Chattanooga and hosts a variety of challenges for all types of rigs and skill levels. If that wasn’t enough, a Buc-ees is around the corner!

What Would You Rate This Spot?

The rating for this area varies depending on where you are. There is everything from mild to wild! The trails at 5313 have everything from basic dirt/gravel to buggy climbs. Recent rains have turned the place into slick red clay, amplifying the difficulty.

My favorite is the large open areas, which are playgrounds for running through deep mud, flexing out over a rut or ramp, driving over an old car, or gaining some speed and jumping your rig!

5. Blueridge

5th Gen 4Runner Off-roading in the Blueridge, GA area

Submission By: Brandon (@bturner250)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

The Blueridge area is a beautiful area in the north Georgia Mountains to visit in the fall. There is a lot to see and do outdoors. I like to bring my family up here because it offers a lot of camping and outdoor activities.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

I would easily rate this area a 1/10. It’s very accessible by many different types of trucks.

On this particular weekend, we stayed at a cabin with friends from Florida, so it was extremely easy to get to. The roads were paved & gravel, so there was nothing too exciting if you were looking to wheel.

6. Charlie’s Creek Road

5th Gen 4Runner on the Charlie’s Creek Road in Hiawassee, GA

Submission By: J.D. (@jdcorrow)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

This is a calm but enjoyable ride with several fun creek crossings. The scenery is beautiful in this area and even more so in the fall when the leaves change. It’s perfect for anyone looking to test out their rig!

What Would You Rate This Spot?

I would rate this trail a 4/10, which could change as the water levels rise, as heavy rain can make it almost impassable. Nonetheless, this is a very fun trail that can be done in almost all vehicles with enough ground clearance. I hope to see you on the trails!

7. Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

5th Gen 4Runner off-roading in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

Submission By: Matt (@most_okest_4rnr)

Tell Us About Your Favorite Spot

I like this area because it’s not too far of a drive from my home. It’s covered with primitive camping spots, and I would best describe it as more of an overlanding area than anything else.

Most of the trails are managed roads; however, there are still a few spots that can challenge weekend warriors like me.

What Would You Rate This Spot?

Depending on where you go in this area, I would rate it a 2-4/10. Most of it is managed, but you can still find some offshoots that aren’t. You don’t need anything specifically to explore this area, but make sure you know which trails you are going down.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner Exploring Georgia

And that wraps up this week’s featured trails.

Georgia’s off-road trails provide ample opportunities for exploration and fun. Whether planning a quick outing or a longer adventure, these trails offer a chance to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. While we’ve highlighted a few favorites here, plenty more is waiting to be explored. Comment below on your favorite trails and areas!

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