Toyota Teaser – All-New 2025 6th Gen 4Runner!

6th Gen 2025 4Runner Teaser Shot

The Wait Is Finally Over! Toyota Releases A Mysterious Rear End Photo

This is not a drill! Toyota officially teased their upcoming 6th Generation 4Runner very casually on their Facebook & Instagram feeds today.

Toyota’s caption read “From 1984 to so much more… Can you identify each model year?”

They included 6 photos showcasing 1st through 5th Gen 4Runners with the 6th photo being the official teaser of the new one. We will break down this photo in the next section, but it’s beyond exciting to know that we are officially getting a new 4Runner this year! Toyota typically starts their teasers around a month out before the official reveal, so we must be very close!

Let’s break down this teaser now. 

Photo Break Down

In typically Toyota fashion, the first teaser for this all-new 4Runner does really show us a whole lot, however, there are still some items in this photo that we can break down a little bit.

Rear Lower Valence

It appears that the silver valence has returned. For the 5th Gen, we saw this on TRD Off-Road models, so this may be the trim level that we are looking at here. We also see some red reflectors in the rear bumper as well, which hasn’t been a feature on the 4Runner since the 4th Gen.

Heritage Blue Color

So, Toyota seems to be bringing this amazing color back to their SUVs, and I could not be happier. This color was last shown to us on the 2014 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Ultimate Edition. Toyota then showcased it on the upcoming 2024 Landcruiser and now seems to be showcasing it here on the new 6th Gen. I love this color. If you all don’t know, I have a 2018 4Runner in Cavalry Blue. Heritage Blue is very similar to this, color but a shade different. I can’t wait to see the rest of this new 4R in this color.

4Runner Lettering

We know this is the new 4Runner just based on Toyota’s post along with the nameplate bold stamped across the tailgate. Now, let me know in the comments what you think about Toyota putting “4Runner” on the lower portion of the tailgate down in the comments. Personally, I don’t like that they put it here. Maybe I’ll like it better in person when I see it in the future, but as of right now, it kinda looks outta place. I prefer how the 5th Gen has it placed along the tailgate handle. Speaking of this handle, you can see it a little bit at the top of the photo, it looks pretty iconic to 4Runners of the past with its design. I just really wish it said 4Runner there rather than on the lower portion of the tailgate. Also, chrome? Meh.

Taller Tailgate & Lights

This tailgate looks taller and a bit flatter than the new 2024 Land Cruiser that was recently announced. What does this mean? Well, hopefully, it means that the rear roll-down window is here to stay. It also looks like the taillights are only on the side of the truck, hopefully allowing for the rear window to roll down into the tailgate with ease.

What else do you all see in this photo? Let us know in the comments below!

2025 Expectations

2025 Toyota 4Runner spy photo

Read my previous post if you haven’t – 6G 4Runner Expectations. I’ll also add some items here that I hope to see this new vehicle have.


Heavy rumor suggests that this new 4Runner will offer the same powertrain options that we have recently seen announced for the 4th Gen Tacoma. Rumors even suggest that the manual transmission will make its return to this new 4R as well, which is absolutely insane if that is true.

Japan Built

I have a solid gut feeling that the new 4Runner will continue its Japanese heritage and will be built in Japan as it has been for the last 40+ years. Many have expressed their concerns about a North American manufacturing, but I am pretty hopeful that it will continue to be built in Japan alongside the new Land Cruiser and Lexus GX550.


I am really hoping that this new 4Runner doesn’t get an insane price bump over the current model. Toyota has been milking the current generation, so I hope that they have a pile of money to offset this new truck so that the price increase isn’t insane. Keep in mind the new Land Cruiser starts at $55K. The 4R will need to start in the $40K range and not overlap the new LC too much so that it makes sense with their price ladder.

4Runner Vibes

This new 6th Gen needs to look like a 4Runner. The 4R has always had key features that allow it to stand apart from other models and brands. This new one should be no different. it needs to look like an organic evolution from the 5th Gen and still keep the DNA of every 4Runner before it.

Final Thoughts

Who else is as excited as I am? I have a feeling we can see this new 4R as early as next month with the absolute latest being around May timeframe. We started seeing Tacoma teasers around this time last year with ultimately the truck being revealed in May. I cannot wait to see what Toyota has to offer. All I know is that this new one has huge shoes to fill.

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Tom H
Tom H
12 days ago

My only question is did they address the clearance issues for the most popular size tires on 4Runners 285/70/17?

Chris Jerrett
Chris Jerrett
16 days ago

I am so stoked to see the 6th Gen. I am excited to see the new features and capabilities of the new generation of 4Runner.

greg hawke
greg hawke
16 days ago

the Tundra and Taco have the name embossed in the tailgates, it seems Toyota will use the lettering similar to the Sequoia on the 4runner. that has a theme to it…

16 days ago

Hi Konrad, I also have a 2018 FoRo and I personally think it’s a pretty great looking vehicle. I used to have a 1985, and that era still turns heads…I think the 2018-ish models will be like that, and stand the test of time. (Obviously biased!)
The teaser photo makes me think this upcoming release will be blockier, with less personality…kind of like the Lexus versions of some Toyota models. But if they can do something about minimizing the hump in the back (seats folded), that would be a real game changer for some folks.
Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work. I always enjoy the reviews, even if it’s a mod I have no use for.

16 days ago
Reply to  S X

I also have the 2018 4Runner TRD Off Road and love it!! I am 62 and have owned several autos in my life and it may be my favorite. Also had a 2000 3rd gen 4Runner and 2010 Tacoma and loved all of them but this one is the best looking IMO.

16 days ago

So much hoping for a manual option. That would be awesome. What’s the concerns about North America manufacturing of a 4Runner? At least in the RAV4 realm I haven’t heard any issues about Japan versus North America builds but would like to know more if there are concerns.

17 days ago

The lights on the rear bumper will foster new designs that will include 3rd party fabrications bumpers to include those lights as well as being a 6th GEN 4Runner. Looking forward to more photo releases.

17 days ago

Meh, just my opinion but it’s only a vehicle. I will look on with interest but this kind of thing does not make me excited. There are far more important things in life to get excited over, God, family and country for some of those things.

Konrad Chojnowski
16 days ago
Reply to  Rich

I mean, you’re not wrong. But we do like to share news related to a new generation 4Runner. It’s just a tool at the end of the day, and we have made a hobby out of it. Cheers bud!

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