Best Snorkels For 5th Gen 4Runner

5th Gen 4Runner Overland Build With ARB Safari Snorkel

After Years Of Testing, We Chose Top Brands Like ARB Safari, Dobinsons & More

Snorkels can be invaluable. This tool not only allows vehicles to cross deep water but also provides cleaner air for the engine. Fortunately, options are plentiful.

Typically, the air intake inlet is located in the passenger’s wheel well. The air from these areas can be compromised by elements such as dust, heat, or water. A snorkel pulls air from a higher, cooler, and cleaner location to better protect your engine.

Engines perform optimally when supplied with cooler, cleaner air. Therefore, this mod helps ensure that your rig can better tackle the toughest environments without a hiccup.

Note: It’s important to note that while a snorkel offers these benefits, it does not make a vehicle completely waterproof. Other considerations such as water sealing, vehicle preparation, and driver experience are also crucial for safe water crossings.

Why Buy One?

ARB Safari Snorkel Air Ram Head

Snorkels are beneficial in various scenarios and environments:

  • Water Crossings: They are primarily designed to allow vehicles to traverse water without the risk of hydro-locking the engine. The depth at which one becomes necessary depends on the vehicle’s intake position and how aggressive the maneuver is.
  • Sandy/Dusty Conditions: When driving in dusty environments (especially with large groups), it can prevent kicked up dust from being sucked into the intake. This prevents the engine’s air filter from clogging quickly, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining performance.
  • Mudding: Off-roading in muddy conditions can lead to splashes and sludge reaching the engine’s standard air intake. Elevates the intake and reduces the likelihood of mud and debris entering.

Overall, they offer an extra layer of protection/insurance for the engine against various hazards encountered while off-road. Plus, I think they look cool too!

1. ARB Safari

ARB Safari Snorkel On 5th Gen 4Runner

Find It Online:

The ARB Safari snorkel is widely known as a popular choice.

It comes in a complete kit that includes all the necessary hardware, brackets, and instructions. This helps in simplifying everything and ensures a secure fit.

They are designed to work perfectly from the air-box back to the air ram. The result enhances the functionality and performance but also integrates seamlessly, providing a clean look.

ARB utilizes high-quality materials such as stainless steel hardware and UV-stable polyethylene to ensure it can survive the harshest conditions. These are often in stock and ready to ship. Read our install and review.

2. Airaid

Airaid Snorkel On 5th Gen 4Runner

Find It Online:

A newer option, this well-crafted accessory boasts a one-piece roto-molded tube design that not only provides a clean look but also exceptional durability. It is designed and engineered in the United States and buyers can enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime warranty.

The Airraid Snorkel has a unique design that’s sleeker than its competitors and doesn’t protrude as much. While this might be a matter of personal preference, its low profile can be advantageous when maneuvering through narrow trails.

3. Dobinsons

Dobinsons Snorkel On 5th Gen 4Runner

Find It Online:

The Dobinsons snorkel is rotationally molded using CNC-shaped aluminum dies, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

Its UV-resistant LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) construction can withstand the harsh effects of UV rays and extreme conditions without degradation.

The Dobinsons distinguishes itself from others in several ways. Despite its resemblance to the ARB, it has a more affordable price point. However, lead times are often long. Also, its design lacks visible branding on the top for a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. Read our install and review.

4. TJM

TJM Snorkel On 5th Gen 4Runner

Find It Online:

Proudly manufactured in Australia, it is tailored for the 4Runner. It is constructed from UV-resistant (UV20-UV24) material.

TJM employs an advanced manufacturing technique known as color compounding, which ensures an evenly saturated polymer, effectively preventing color fade over time.

The TJM has a traditional design, featuring an air ram that effectively separates rain or moisture from the incoming airstream before it reaches the engine. Finally, it is specifically designed to deliver the precise volume of air required by the engine.

5. Alpha Equipt

Alpha Equipt Carbon Fiber Short Snorkel On 5th gen 4runner

Find It Online:

This is a unique option due to its material. It’s expertly crafted from carbon fiber resin for impressive strength in a lightweight design. It’s also proudly made in Southern California.

This option stands out largely due to its construction and low-profile design. It’s meticulously handmade and more closely follows the vehicle’s body lines.

If you’re looking for something different, this is a standout choice! Just be prepared for a steeper price tag. Read the install & review.

6. eBay

Affordable Snorkel For 5th Gen 4Runner From Ebay

Find It Online:

You can’t forget the eBay special! This generic choice, available on eBay, is crafted from UV-stable materials. While it may not have the meticulous fit and finish of the options above, it’s perfect for the buyer on a budget. 

This option caters to individuals seeking an affordable choice. Recognizing that not everyone has the means to invest in a high-end model, this is a good alternative. Just don’t expect a perfect setup.

What I Chose

ARB snorkel on 4runner

Of the options mentioned, I chose the ARB as one of the most reliable and proven out of the list. I got it through Mudify – a reputable dealer that carries many items in stock.

The large intake, seamlessly integrated into the vehicle’s bodywork, gives it a commanding presence that exudes off-road capability.

The elevated air intake allows for cleaner and cooler air to reach the engine, which helps with improved engine efficiency and power output. The extra peace of mind through deep water crossings is also priceless.

Overall, the ARB Safari combines both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. With it, I can confidently take on challenging terrains knowing that my engine is protected and receiving optimal airflow.

Check out 5th Gen 4Runner Snorkel Setups.

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3 months ago

Bit of a flaw with the Australian model up here in the PNW/BC 😜 That being said I’m hoping to craft some kind of ram to deflect snow

Konrad Chojnowski
3 months ago
Reply to  Travis

Yikes! This is why I like options like ARB. You can just turn the intake head around in heavy rain or snow and avoid this issue.

3 months ago
Reply to  Travis

TJM I still think is the best looking 4R snorkel. Hopefully some brands will update their designs to address this and have the air inlet to the side, like the new Tacoma and Ineos Grenadier. I believe trying to ram in air at highway speeds was proven to be insufficient with air flow.

Konrad Chojnowski
3 months ago
Reply to  5THGN4R4L

I know most people like low profile, but something about the larger designs speaks to me, lol.

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