MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Lights For 5th Gen 4Runner

4Runner Red Hatch Light

Manufacturer: MESO Customs MSRP: $70
Average Score
  • Build Quality 10.0
  • Fitment 10.0
  • Output Performance 10.0
  • Features 10.0
  • Value - Is it worth it? 9.5
Choose Between White Or Red Lighting At The Press Of A Button

If you spend a lot of time around your 4Runner’s cargo area, you’ve probably swapped out those dull factory halogen bulbs. The two most popular options are bright white LEDs for maximum illumination or red to retain night vision and minimize attracting bugs.

With the MESO Customs dual color hatch lights, you no longer have to choose between the two.

Lighting aside, these also swap out the unsightly frosted plastic lenses against black trim plastic for sleek black housings with eye-catching LED arrays.

After testing the build quality, fitment, and internal components – we can confirm that these are as top-notch as all MESO Customs products are.

Note: These hatch lights are sold in pairs.

White Vs Red Light

MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Light Review

The debate between white and red LEDs has the internet divided. White LEDs offer the brightest light output and the best visibility at night. But, is there a such thing as too bright?

MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Light

Those with red LEDs swear by them because this color helps you retain your night vision. If you’ve ever been in a well-lit room, turned off the lights, and suddenly feel like you’re in a black hole, this is what we’re referring to. You’ll probably get teased for having red interior lighting (my family has done the same to me), but they really do work well.

Dual Color Map & Dome Lights

MESO Customs Ultimate Map Light Off

These hatch lights are the long-awaited completion of MESO Customs’ dual color lighting set for the 5th Gen 4Runner. I’ve had their dual-color map lights and dome lights for a while now, and have been anxiously waiting for the hatch lights.

As the name suggests, these lights let you choose between white and red lights with the press of a button. Yes, they cost more than single LED replacements, but their versatility is unmatched, and are exponentially brighter. MESO Customs has done a great job with other housings as well, with the plastic surrounds matching the factory trim for a clean, polished look.

The only downside to these products is that they’re made in small batches and sell out very quickly. So, if you’re interested and catch them in stock, I highly suggest just grabbing them.


MESO Customs Ultimate Dual Color Hatch Light 4Runner

Installing these hatch lights is pretty simple and only requires a trim removal tool and a Philips screwdriver. These are plug-and-play, so no custom wire soldering is required. It should take you no more than 10 minutes for both sides.

Step 1. Remove Factory Housing

Change Hatch Light 4Runner

Use a pry tool and insert them on the right or driver-side facing edge(s) of the hatch lights to pop them out. It’s important to insert the pry tool on that side as the left side(s) cannot be released this way.

Removing 5th Gen 4Runner Hatch Light

Then, disconnect the wire harness.

Step 2. Disassemble Housing

4Runner Hatch Light

Remove the plastic lens via the tabs on the sides and then remove the bulb. If your hatch light was just on, be careful when removing the bulb as it may be warm.

Red And White LED Hatch Light

To take off the gray light switch, there is a small Philips head screw on the underside of the housing that needs to be removed.

Step 3. Install Light Switch

Dual Color Hatch Light 5th Gen 4Runner

Place the new black light switch where the factory gray one was and secure it with the same Philips head screw. Ensure that the raised edge of the black switch is facing the bulb. You’ll need to line up the screw through the copper plate and into the switch.

Step 4. Connect Wire Harness

Dual Color Hatch Light

The dual hatch light has a connector that looks like the Festoon bulb that’s in the factory hatch light housing. Plug this connector like you would the bulb; it is not polarity specific so the orientation doesn’t matter.

MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Light Assembly

To install the new LED panel, line up the plastic tabs on the side while making sure that all of the wires are tucked in. Press the housing and panel together until you hear a click.

Step 5. Install Light

MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Light 5th Gen 4Runner

To install the new hatch light housings, just reconnect the factory wire harness and press them into the openings on the cargo hatch. Make sure that you don’t pinch any wires as you insert the housing.

Final Thoughts

4Runner Bright White Hatch Light

This isn’t the most exciting mod, but it’s a functional one. Lighting is something that we interact with and use much more frequently than full skids or ditch lights.

When I’m outdoors, I like having the red light to minimize bugs swarming the truck. On the flip side, when I’m working on something in the garage, I don’t necessarily need to preserve night vision. Having the extra illumination of bright white light makes installing much easier and *helps* me stay true to the “this should only take me 5 minutes” – famous last words.

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4 months ago

I just replaced with LED bulbs; one green LED and one white, was $10 and works great. I leave the white off unless I need more light.

4 months ago

Hi Ryan. Does it actually light the cargo area well or does it mostly shoot the light downwards? THanks!

4 months ago
Reply to  Vasili

I had mine installed for abut a week now. They look great and and they light the cargo area well enough like Ryan said. Thanks again!

4 months ago

Easy to install and it just works.

4 months ago

Tip: Be gentle on copper plate. It’s the key connection to the light. I didn’t want to know

4 months ago

Mine arrived yesterday, so stoked!

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