Should You Wait For The 6th Gen 4Runner Or Buy A 5th Gen Now?

2024 5th Gen 4Runner in Underground

Should You Buy A 5th Gen 4Runner In 2024? Or, Should You Wait For The All New 6th Gen 4Runner That’s Just On The Horizon?

I was at my local Toyota Dealership the other day, dropping off my Tundra for some warranty work. Then, I noticed a 2024 4Runner in the new Underground color. I knew right away that I needed to make a YouTube video about it. This marks the 5th Gen’s 14th model year; wild, I know.

As I was making the video on this new gray dinosaur, I got to thinking, why would somebody buy this thing? Why would somebody pay so much money for a nearly 15-year-old vehicle, especially with the 6th Gen just on the horizon?

Well, here’s the short answer: it is still badass and it will run forever.

That being said though, let’s go over some of the reasons why you may or may not want to buy a 5th Gen 4Runner in 2024 and if waiting for the 6th Gen could be worth your while.

Reasons To Buy A 5th Gen

2024 4Runner TRD PRO Terra

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As I mentioned earlier, the 5th Gen is amazing. Plus, there’s an amazing aftermarket scene with companies still innovating for the platform.


The 4.0 V6 (1GR) that powers the 5th Gen 4Runner has been the heart of this vehicle since 2003. You may be thinking to yourself, wait, I thought the 5th Gen started in 2010. You would be correct, but Toyota carried over the powertrain from the 4th Gen to the 5th Gen. This engine has been rocking for over 20 years with only some updates.

Needless to say, the powertrain is bulletproof! The 5th Gen is also made in Japan, which makes you wonder, how will the 6th Gen stack up?


I say “ish” because all vehicle prices have skyrocketed in the last 5 or so years. For example, I bought my 2018 TRD Pro 4Runner for $43K in late 2017. By comparison, the current 2024 TRD Pro models have an MSRP of $55K and SR5s starting at $40K. That is almost a $13K difference for a vehicle that’s only had minor updates along the way.

We saw a decent bump in the 4th Gen Tacoma’s MSRP. So, we can only assume that the 6th Gen 4Runner’s price will make the 5th Gen look like a deal. If you ask me though, everything is just overpriced in general.

Not Overly Complicated

The 5th Gen has the perfect blend of modern technology and old-school functionality. In 2020, Toyota updated to a more modern gauge cluster and head unit that added Apple Carplay and Android Auto. 2023+ models have an available 360-degree camera system (albeit with potato-like quality).

Still, though, it comes with halogen interior lights and is rocking a 5-speed transmission. That’s what makes the 4Runner special though; simple, utilitarian, and durable.

Rear Roll-Down Window

I’ll leave this short and sweet. If Toyota axes the rear roll-down window in the 6th Gen 4Runner as they did with the new Seqioua, we riot…

Reasons To Wait For The 6th Gen

6th Generation 4Runner render(Render By @4Runnersnacks)

As much as I love my 5th Gen, I just want to see the new one already. It has been a decade and a half of waiting! I truly hope the wait will be worth it. Here are some things that I think will make the 6th Gen 4Runner worth waiting for.

Modern Power Train

Rumor has it that the all-new 4Runner will have the same powertrain options as the 4th Gen Tacoma, even down to the manual transmission as an option. However, I’ll believe that when I see it.

This includes the 4cyl turbo powertrain with a healthy 317 ft/lbs of torque at a very low 1700rpm. That powertrain is peppy for sure! We’ll also likely see a hybrid powertrain for hopefully better MPG. Now, the jury on reliability is still out and will be unknown for several more years. But, has Toyota ever made a 4Runner with an unreliable powertrain? *Aside from head gaskets on the 3.0L V6*

Massive Tech Bump

This is where the 6th Gen will shine. I’m predicting it will have either a 12.3″ infotainment screen like the new Land Cruiser, or the new Tacoma’s 14″ screen. I also predict a fully digital gauge cluster, LED interior lighting, and next-gen crawl control which is virtually silent.

Whether you’re a fan of all of this modern tech or not, there’s no way Toyota would release a brand new generation without a massive overhaul in the technology department.

TNGA-F Platform

All of Toyota’s new body-on-frame vehicles are built on this new platform. The new 4Runner will share a good amount of its bits with the all-new 2024 Lexus GX550, 2024 Land Cruiser, and the new 4th Gen Tacoma.

This is awesome because aftermarket support should theoretically be streamlined between these vehicles. Not only that but the margin of error should be greatly reduced with every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line.

Final Thoughts

I cannot wait to see what Toyota has in store for us with the new 6th Gen 4Runner and I truly hope that we get to see it this year.

Rumors have been circulating, with some dealers reportedly seeing some photos of it last year, so there is hope. Typically, when Toyota reveals vehicles to the dealers, it means that they a very close to launching the product.

Which 4Runner would you purchase? New School or Old School?

Let us know in the comments below!

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4 months ago

I want one but my mag gray trd orp only has 58k on it. But I agree with your asses,ent of this being a rare color way. And that makes me want it!

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