Feature Friday: 8 Budget-Friendly Amazon Mods For The 4Runner

Cali Raised Stealth Bumper with Diode Dynamics Amber Fog Lights and Gear America D-Ring Shackles

8 Affordable Amazon Mods For Your Build – Toyota 4Runner Upgrades That Won’t Break The Bank

This Week’s Topic: Amazon Mods

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Last week, covered beadlock style wheels for the 4Runner. This week we are taking a look at the best Amazon mods you can add to your 4Runner.

It’s almost a right of passage for new 4Runner owners to scroll through Amazon to find the best mods and accessories for their new truck. If you haven’t had the chance to peruse the vast array of affordable and practical products Amazon has to offer for your 4Runner, you’ll be checking them out after reading through this blog.

Let’s see what these 7 owners are saying below!

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order

1. Marie Dubray (@pnw.sr5p) – Door Handle Covers

5th Gen 4Runner with LUJUNTEC Black Exterior Door Handle Covers From Amazon

Amazon Accessory 

Tell Us About Your Mod

One of the first mods I did to my 4Runner was adding the door handle covers. I debated for a long time whether to keep them white or make them stand out by adding black. Ultimately I decided to purchase the covers.

The installation was super straightforward. They are held on by 3M tape, which hasn’t budged in almost two years since I’ve had them installed. They were also at a great price point, at under $20.

While they aren’t the most exciting upgrade I’ve done to my 4Runner, these door handle covers are one of my favorite budget-friendly upgrades.

2. Cheyenne Vogt (@cheymarie_) – Tail Lights

5th Gen 4Runner with Anzo Tail Lights

Amazon Accessory 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory 

When it really comes down to putting the thought into it, my most solid Amazon purchase would have to be my Anzo tail lights. It took some time to narrow down what exactly I wanted for my 4Runner, but it ultimately had to be Anzo.

I will always stand behind wanting quality products for my 4Runner, but I will also always hunt for the best price point as well. Amazon was able to provide me with exactly what I was looking for at a very fair rate.

The aesthetic and functionality of the sequential tail lights mesh seamlessly with my side mirror signals and headlights that also display the sequential pattern. My tail lights have been put through their paces in the last year during our adventures, and I’m still just as satisfied with them since the first day they were installed.

3. Heleen Kelly (@ladygreyyota) – MOLLE Panels

5th Gen 4Runner With Bug Deflector

Amazon Accessory 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory 

I use these MOLLE panels to free up space in the back. I specifically got them so I would have more room when camping.

I chose this set on Amazon because they seemed to be a decent cheaper alternative. I like that the panels are molded for specific years of the 4Runner. They are also great quality stainless steel with a nice black powder coat finish. The panels seem very well made and look similar to another brand I wanted, but at half the price.

4. Imee Superales (@ladyims4r) – Hard Case

5th Gen 4Runner with iKamper Roof Top Tent and Baja Designs Pod Light Bar

Amazon Accessory 

  • Eylar Standard 16″ Gear & Equipment Hard Case: Check Price

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory 

This case was purchased from Amazon to be used for a special edition diesel heater built by @lunarock_trdpro. It has been a total game changer when sleeping inside our rooftop tent during cold nights.

The case is not only attractive but also made of quality material, durable, waterproof, and shockproof. I chose this Amazon version to color-match my white 4Runner. Shout out to lunarock_rdpro for the diesel heater!

5. Courtney Barrett (@ninja_4r) – Rock Lights

5th Gen 4Runner with the Nilight RGB LED Rock Lights Kit

Amazon Accessory 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory 

I purchased these Nilight rock lights to help with visibility during nighttime camping and trail runs. They also serve as a fun mod that makes my truck stand out.

I chose this brand from Amazon because of the good reviews and lower price point. My favorite features to them are the multicolored pulse and the ability to sync with my music. It adds a unique “wow factor” to my build.

6. Jonathan Rendon (@mgm_t4r_pro) – Traction Boards

5th Gen 4Runner with Bunker Indust Off-Road Traction Boards

Amazon Accessory 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory

Probably one of the most useful items I bought off Amazon for my 4Runner was these Bunker Industries Off-Road Traction Boards! They easily mount onto my Prinsu Roof Rack with some T-bolts and threaded knobs to keep them in place.

They came in clutch when I needed to get myself unstuck and help out my fellow off-roaders/overlanders. Based on my experience, I highly recommend these because they come in different colors to match your rig setup and sizes and are reasonably priced!

7. Anthony Bower (@project_poor_runner) – Oil Change Kit

5th Gen 4Runner with Southern Style OffRoad Slimeline Hybrid Bumper

Amazon Accessory 

  • Motivx Tools Oil Filter Wrench, Drain Tool, and Advanced Engine Oil Funnel Set: Check Price

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory 

The MotivX Tools oil filter wrench is a must-have tool for oil changes. It fits both the OEM plastic and upgraded aluminum oil filter housing with better precision to eliminate the risk of rounding off the housing.

The oil filter drain tube is threaded into the drain on the bottom of the oil filter housing and allows you to drain the oil directly into your drain pain without making a mess in your driveway.

The third piece of the package is the oil fill funnel. It threads into the oil cap housing, allowing for one-handed engine oil filling. Simply pop the top on the fresh oil quart of your choice and dump it into the funnel. It’ll be fully emptied before you can open the next quart. Three pieces of quality gear to make oil changes quick and clean.

8. Ransom Sigfrids (@sigs___) – Trash Bag

3rd Gen 4Runner

Amazon Accessory 

Tell Us About Your Favorite Accessory 

My favorite Amazon accessory on my 4Runner is my Amazon brand Trasharoo which hangs off the back of my truck. I chose the Amazon version because it’s rugged and fits the car really well. I love the color and the size and how well it fits.

I typically use the bag to store my spare gas can. However, I also use this for trash when hiking, camping, or while I’m on other outdoor adventures.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner With White iKamper RTT

That wraps up another Feature Friday! We hope you enjoyed this week’s post.

There are so many available products on Amazon to upgrade your 4Runner. Whether it is recovery gear, aesthetic mods, or technology, there is something available for everyone. What are your favorite Amazon accessories or mods you’ve purchased?

Next week, we are covering the different exterior storage options available for the 5th Gen 4Runner!

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11 months ago

Great content! Thanks

John S.
John S.
1 year ago

Some of these are multiple hundreds of dollars, not what I would consider budget friendly.

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This article is missing photos and links of the products

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