Feature Friday: 9 Beadlock-Style Wheel Setups For 5th Gen 4Runner

Long Travel 5th Gen 4Runner with Southern Style Offroad Slimline Hybrid Front Bumper & iKamper RTT

Upgrade Your 5th Gen 4Runner With True Beadlock & Simulated (Faux) Beadlock Wheels – Nine Owners Tell Us About Their Setups

This Week’s Topic: Beadlock-Steyl

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! Last week, we took a look at SR5 Premium builds. This week we are covering true beadlock and simulated (faux) beadlock wheels and we asked owners why they chose their particular setups.

While some choose their wheels based solely on an aggressive aesthetic, others demand more when tackling the toughest terrains. Regardless of your preference, we’ve collected nine different  wheels to showcase in this week’s post. Explore our selection and discover the perfect set to enhance your 4Runner’s performance and appearance!

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Note: The builds listed below are in no particular order

What Are True Beadlock Wheels?

Red Lon Travel 5th Gen 4Runner With Machined Beadlock Wheels & Nitto Trail Grappler MT Tires

Beadlock wheels are a popular upgrade for off-road enthusiasts. They are designed to keep tires securely in place, even in the most extreme off-road conditions.

But what does beadlock mean? Beadlock wheels are different from non-beadlock wheels because of how the wheel rim is constructed. They have a ring of bolts and a beadlock ring that clamp the tire bead to the wheel, making it much harder to de-bead (slipping off the rim) – especially at lower PSIs.

One of the main benefits of beadlock wheels is their ability to run a very low PSI (tire pressure). This is a huge benefit for those who are looking to tackle more extreme terrain. The lower the PSI, the better traction and a smoother ride you’ll have over rough terrain. They also reduce the risk of any tire damage and punctures because the tire can better conform to terrain. More hardcore rock crawlers often run this type of wheel as it allows them to run single digit tire pressure if needed for maximum traction.

Another advantage of beadlock wheels is their durability. Off-road driving can be tough on your wheels, especially when you’re going over rocks, mud, and other obstacles posing a constant threat. Beadlock wheels are designed to withstand this abuse, with a reinforced rim and beadlock ring. This added strength and durability can provide peace of mind if you’re looking to push your 4Runner to the limit.

There are some downsides to beadlock wheels. First, it’s important to note that beadlock wheels are technically recommended only for “off-road use” – but they are not necessarily illegal. The testing to pass full compliance checks would be sky high and you assume their install and potential for failure at your own risk. Not to scare anyone off, but you should know what you’re getting into. Also, beadlock wheels are much more expensive than non-beadlock wheels, so they may not be the best option for every off-road enthusiast. It’s definitely a premium upgrade.

What Are Simulated (Faux) Beadlock Wheels?

Faux Beadlock Wheels From SCS For 4Runner

On the other hand, you have simulated beadlock wheels. You could also refer to them as faux beadlock, a more cosmetic approach. These are solely for aesthetic purposes and do not provide the benefits of true beadlock wheels. If you are not looking to do any hardcore off-roading that requires going into single-digit PSI but like the look of beadlock wheels, these can be a better option. They are also significantly cheaper too.

Let’s take a look at a few beadlock and simulated beadlock options available on the market!

1. Sean Migone (@mig_rnr) – Relations Race Wheels

White 5th Gen TRD Pro 4Runner With Relations Race Wheels RR6-H

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: Race Relations Wheels
  • Model: RR6-H
  • Size: 17 x 8.5 | -12mm Offset
  • Color: Matte Gun Metal
  • Hybrid (currently running protection rings)

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose these wheels specifically because they are strong, light, and look great on my 4Runner. They are hybrid bead locks, meaning I could use a true beadlock ring or protection ring, or no ring at all. The protection ring saves the edge of the rim from road rash from rocks or other obstacles but does not actually allow you to air down as low as a true beadlock. I currently have them mounted with protection rings.

I use my rig for overlanding and as a daily driver. These wheels have performed flawlessly, and I am super happy I purchased them. I wrapped the wheels in 34″ Cooper Evo M/Ts, which complement the wheels perfectly.

2. Dirt Runner (@drt.rnr) – Method Race Wheels

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Method Race Wheels Bronze MR310 Con 6

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: Method Race Wheels
  • Model: MR310 Con6
  • Size: 17 x 8.5 | 0mm Offset
  • Color: Bronze w/ Black Lip
  • Simulated Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

I like these wheels because everyone thinks they are real beadlocks but are only simulated. While not true beadlocks, they still perform great off-road. I can still air down to lower PSI and thankfully, I’ve never popped a bead! I have the best tires wrapped around my “beadlock” wheels, the almighty Yokohama Geolander G003 M/Ts!

3. Brooke Rodecker (@abominable4r) – Black Rhino Wheels

Lifted White 5th Gen TRD Pro 4Runner With Black Black Rhino Kelso Wheels & Gobi Roof Rack With ARB Awning

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: Black Rhino Wheels
  • Model: Kelso
  • Size: 18 x 9 | -12mm Offset
  • Color: Battleship Gray w/ Black Ring
  • Simulated Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

Originally, I chose these wheels because I loved the color and style! I had never seen them on another 4Runner, which made me love them even more! I definitely want mine to stand out and be different!

They have held up great while off-roading, from GA to AZ and more! Of course, there are a few small war wounds, but that’s inevitable.

The tires wrapping these bad boys are 35″ Toyo R/T. I love how aggressive everything looks together!

4. Aaron Greenfield (@yoda.runner) – Method Race Wheels

5th Gen Green Off-Road Premium 4Runner With Method Beadlock 108 In Matte Black

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: Method Race Wheels
  • Model: 108
  • Size: 17 x 9 | -44mm Offset
  • Color: Matte Black
  • True Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

I went with the -44mm offset because I like the wide stance to compliment my Marlin Crawler RCLT HD kit and all the custom rear work that has been done. By going -44mm, I was able to remove the wheel spacers I was running up front but keep them on the back. With that combination, the stance matches front to back. The wider stance allows for more stability on and off-road, especially in off-camber situations when I feel too heavy with the RTT.

From the mountains of Colorado, slick rock in Moab, clay and water crossings galore in the Ozarks, the desert terrain of Death Valley, and all that Baja has to offer; this setup will conquer it all.

5. Raul Yordan (@txmade_125) – KMC Wheels

Red LT 5th Gen Off-Road Premium 4Runner with KMC Wheels Machined Machete Crawls Beadlock Wheels

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: KMC Wheels
  • Model: Machete Crawl Beadlock
  • Size: 17 x 9 | -38mm Offset
  • Color: Machined
  • True Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

These wheels don’t just look baller, but they have the ability to air down to practically nothing, which allows for maximum traction!

KMC, in my opinion, has the best-looking beadlock rings. Another plus is having dual stem valves so I can air down with my Apex valves and have a gauge on the other to read what PSI I’m at. I highly recommend these wheels if you play on some big rocks or in the sand!

6. Marie Dubray (@pnw.sr5p) – RockTrix Wheels

5th Gen Super White 4Runner with RockTrix RT112 Wheels in Matte Black

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: RockTrix Wheels
  • Model: RT112
  • Size: 17 x 9 | -12mm Offset
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Simulated Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

I went with the RockTrix RT112 wheels for a few reasons! First of which was the spoke pattern. I’m super interested in having a ton of spokes like a lot of other popular options have. The RT112 wheels only have 6 spokes, and I thought that would look the best for my build, however.

Another reason why I chose these was because I was looking for a matte black wheel. I debated for a while between matte black and bronze, and ultimately went with the former because it fit my build better. The paint on these wheels has held up great throughout everything I have driven them through.

I also picked these wheels because they were within my budget. I placed wheels as a lower priority because they wouldn’t do anything for my build besides make it look better and I wasn’t ready to commit to spending a ton of extra money on getting true beadlock wheels. For me, it just made sense not to spend a ton of money on wheels as there was going to be mud, rock, dirt, and other debris hitting them every time we went off-roading.

Wrapped around these wheels are Falken Wildpeak AT3/W tires. These are a great option for me because I live in the PNW, where it tends to rain a lot. These tires are known to have great performance in wetter conditions.

7. Anna Frodsham (@dew_runner) – KMC Wheels

Lifted Silver 5th Gen 4Runner with KMC KM547 Carnage

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: KMC Wheels
  • Model: KM547 Carnage
  • Size: 17 x 9 | -12mm Offset
  • Color: Bronze
  • Simulated Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

I like how these wheels give my 4Runner a pop of color! The wheels also give off a spider web look which I think is rather cool.

The wheels serve me well off-road. Even with a -12mm offset, there is no rubbing. However, I also have a BMC and Viper cut to help with this.

I have Falken Wildpeaks, and I absolutely swear by this brand. The way the beefy tires stick out due to the wheel’s offset makes the ride look more aggressive.

8. Ashley Watkins (@lilbeast.4rnr) – Black Rhino Wheels

Black 5th Gen 4Runner with Black Rhino Reno Wheels

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: Black Rhino Wheels
  • Model: Reno
  • Size: 17 x 9 | 0mm Offset
  • Color: Black w/ Bronze Beadlock
  • True Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

I chose the Black Rhino Reno wheels because I wanted a beefy spoke pattern to compliment my true beadlocks. The bronze beadlock bolts compliment the Army Green color on the 4Runner with the pop of color that I was looking for. I love when the sunlight hits the beadlocks and makes the wheels stand out.

Off-road, the wheels have lived up to their reputation. They’re strong, durable, and able to take some serious rock rash. The wheels are wrapped with Falken Wildpeak AT3/W tires. This setup has allowed “Lil Beast” to take on both the pavement and adventure out in the wild.

9. Ryan L. (@4runnersaurus) – Stealth Custom Series

Stealth Custom Series Ray10 -38mm Offset On 5th Gen 4Runner

Wheel Information 

  • Brand: Stealth Custom Series
  • Model: Ray10
  • Size: 17 x 9 | -38mm Offset
  • Color: Matte Gunmetal w/ Custom Black Bolts
  • Simulated Beadlock

Tell Us About Your Setup

I bought these wheels used from a friend and refinished the wheels myself to make my own trail rash. So far, they have served me well off-road as I only air down to around 15 PSI for the trails. Simulated beadlock wheels tend to be a little lighter than true beadlock variants, and I try to save weight where I can. If I ever get into the type of wheeling that requires single-digit PSI, I’ll likely switch to a true beadlock.

My wheels are wrapped in Yokohama Geolandar G003 M/Ts, which have performed reliably in all types of terrain.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner with Falken Wildpeak AT Tires

That wraps up another Feature Friday! We hope you enjoyed this week’s post.

For those who prioritize performance and durability, beadlock wheels are a great investment that can improve the off-road capabilities of your 4Runner. If you prioritize aesthetics and may not need extreme performance, then simulated beadlock wheels are a great option!

Next week, we are highlighting the top 4Runner accessories and modifications that you can conveniently purchase through Amazon.

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Greg Hass
Greg Hass
10 months ago

What is the torque spec for beadlock bolts – the bolts that secure the bead/ring against or to the tire wall? I am getting mixed information… I am being told that the car manufacturer sets the torque spec for the wheel but that doesn’t make sense to me if the car manufacturer/Toyota doesn’t manufacturer any beadlock wheels. So does who establishes the torque spec for a beadlock wheel: Toyota, the tire manufacturer, the wheel manufacturer.?

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