The New CarTrimHome HUD (Heads Up Display) For The 5th Gen 4Runner

CarTrimHome Heads Up Display on the 5th Gen 4Runner

Introducing The New CarTrimHome HUD (Heads Up Display) For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Step-by-Step Installation, Safety Benefits, & Overview

It goes without saying, but Toyota’s 5th Gen 4Runner is in desperate need of an overall redesign. Since 2010 when the 5th Gen hit the market, we’ve seen two generations of Tacomas (with a third on its way), two generations of Tundras and Sequoias (with multiple facelifts), and probably about 13 different Corollas. In fairness, the 5th Gen did see a facelift in 2014, but Toyota, come on – it’s time!

That’s not to say that the 5th Gen has lost its allure since its inception. In fact, quite the opposite. Since 2010, 5th Gen 4Runner’s sales have seen an average year-over-year increase of 110%, with 2021 being the largest volume selling year at around ~145k vehicles sold. Toyota’s Tacoma outsells the 4Runner each year by a longshot, but the price points are also largely different.

I digress… that’s not what this post is about. With all of the context above, Toyota is still overdue for a complete redesign of the 4Runner and from what I can see, it’s coming. In the meantime, aftermarket manufacturers are filling tech gaps where Toyota simply hasn’t. And, CarTrimHome has one that you should consider if you’re feeling a bit outdated in your 5th Gen.

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  • CarTrimHome HUD For 5th Gen 4Runner (2014-2023): Check Price

What Is A Heads Up Display (HUD)?

Heads Up Display Dash Panel for the 5th Gen 4Runner

HUD stands for Heads Up Display and its primary function is to project the vehicle’s speedometer reading ever so slightly onto your windshield.

One of the main benefits here and the primary strategy is for safety reasons; the less you have to take your eyes off the road, the better. With a digital LED projection of the current MPH/KPH on your windshield, it’s transparent enough to see through, doesn’t obstruct your view, and keeps your eyes on the road ahead.

One of the other benefits (that still dovetails into safety) is convenience. Road noise can easily overshadow the sound of a continuous blinking turn signal that somehow wasn’t released after making a turn. So having the vehicle’s turn signal blinking on the windshield vs. potentially being hidden behind the steering wheel is yet another benefit.

CarTrimHome’s HUD not only offers speed readings and indicators for your blinking turn signals, but it can also display TPMS readings, weather, doors being ajar, battery voltage, and even the check engine light. So, it can do a lot but you may be wondering, how?

Aftermarket HUDs generally plug into your OMDB port in order to relay the readings from the vehicle’s computer. CarTrimHome’s HUD has an additional harness that connects to ports behind your steering wheel that allow for turn signal light projection, which I opted not to connect (more on that later).


CarTrimHome Heads Up Display Installation Kit

Installing the HUD is simple and straightforward. It replaces the upper left speaker/tweeter cover on your 4Runner’s dashboard and you simply run one wire to the OMDB port. After that, you’re good to go!

Tools Needed:

  • Nothing. The CarTrimHome HUD includes everything you need for installation!

Step 1. Disconnect Negative Battery Terminal (Optional)

Removing positive battery terminal on 5th gen 4Runner

This is a precautionary step I take any time I’m working with electronics or in an area where an airbag can inadvertently deploy. If you choose to take this precautionary step, loosen the negative battery terminal with a 10mm socket wrench and set it aside.

Step 2. Remove OEM Speaker/Tweeter Cover

Removing speaker/tweeter cover on 4Runner dashboard

Since CarTrimHome’s HUD replaces the driver’s side speaker/tweeter cover, you’ll need to remove the existing one completely.

4Runner dash speaker cover removed

Using one of the two included plastic pry removal tools, work your way around the edges and pop the cover off.

Step 3. Loosen Dashboard Trim Panel

Removing interior dash panel from 5th gen 4Runner

How you get the wiring down from the dashboard to the OMDB is completely up to you. I opted to give a gentle tug on the panel containing the side mirror controls to fish it down. This panel does not need to be completely removed; it just needs to be opened up enough to fish the HUD wire from the tweeter section.

Step 4. Fish HUD Wire Behind Dashboard Panels

Fishing HUD wiring through 4Runner dashboard

Pull the wire from the tweeter section of your dashboard down to the first opening.

Step 5. Connect HUD Wire To OMDB Harness

Heads up display wiring for 4Runner

Once the HUD wire is pulled through the dash panel, you should be able to hand-feed the remaining length of the wire to the footwell area to start making your connections.

Step 6. Connect OMDB Port Under Dash

4Runner OMDB connection to heads up display

Before you reinstall the removed dash panel, plug the HUD into the OMDB plug. Then, connect the plug to the OMDB harness. Once your connections are made, you can pull any excess wire back up behind the dashboard and synch everything up with a simple wire tie.

Step 6. Snap HUD Panel Into Place

CarTrimHome Heads Up Display on the 5th Gen 4Runner

With all of the excess wire pulled behind the dash, the HUD simply clicks into place where the old tweeter/speaker cover once sat.

Step 7. Apply Reflective Film

CarTrimHome Heads Up Display Reflective Film on the 5th Gen 4Runner

Be sure to clean the windshield before applying the reflective film. Turn the 4Runner engine on and you should see a bit of the LED’s reflection on your windshield. This should be a good guide as to where the reflective film should sit.

That’s it, installation is complete!

Final Thoughts

Side by side comparison of HUD and dashboard tweeter/speaker cover on 5th Gen 4Runner

In Pennsylvania, we’re required to display both a state and emissions annual inspection sticker on the lower driver’s side portion of the windshield. Pennsylvania takes this seriously and you’ll rack up serious parking tickets if you don’t have these promptly displayed.

That being said, I was a bit worried that the HUD’s reflection would not hit the right spot on the windshield and that the installation would be a bust. The only way I could determine its final placement (that allows for new adjustments) is by doing the complete installation. Fortunately, it worked out and I can use the HUD!

CarTrimHome includes a secondary harness that can connect to two ports behind the steering wheel that offers the additional feature of having your turn signal (or hazard) lights reflected on the dashboard. I opted not to use that harness or make that connection as I found that would be a bit too much illumination for my windshield. However, I may throw it in down the road, we’ll see.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this fairly cheap convenience upgrade. The CTH panel itself mimics the OEM panel and fits right into place.

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1 month ago

Does anyone have the manual for this showing what the other lights mean? I had an orange light come on but couldn’t make out what the icon was.

3 months ago

Did the HUD unit affect the sound quality/balance of your stereo?

1 month ago
Reply to  Gregg

Not at all.

5 months ago

Great review and awesome upgrade!

6 months ago

Does this show tire pressure of each individual tire?

4 months ago
Reply to  Noah

It doesn’t show the actual tire pressure, but it does have a view that shows all 4 tires, and any that are low appear red

6 months ago

I installed this on my T4R, but mine DID NOT include a harness to plug into the OMBD port. Mine only had a harness that connects under the steering wheel. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with this. For the price, it’s not a bad piece of hardware. My legit ONLY complain is that it did not include any instructions for it on how to operate it. This is very similar piece that KTJO sells on her website for the Tacoma (and is prob made by same parent company in China). If ou have any instructions on how to change the settings, I’d be most grateful. 🙂

6 months ago

Thanks for the review and install instructions! Mine is on the way!

6 months ago

Been looking at this for awhile after seeing another review on YouTube. Question is…what does the reflective film look like from the outside? Is it a gray box just sitting in the corner of the windshield? A picture would be great. Thanks.

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