Dissent Off-Road High Line Wings for the Low Profile Modular Winch Bumper on the 5th Gen 4Runner

Dissent Off-Road High Clearance Bumper

The Dissent Off-Road 4Runner High Line Wing Kit – Converting A Low Profile Modular Winch Bumper Into A Full-Width Bumper: Install & Review

Previously, I installed Dissent Off-Road’s Low Profile Modular Winch Bumper so I could add a winch and lightbar to my 4Runner. While I was very happy with the outcome, part of me still wanted a full-width bumper. Then, I came across the Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing additions.

One of the attractive aspects of the Dissent Off-Road bumper was the ability to change things up if I wanted to. Combing the Low Pro bumper and wing kit gives you the High Line Modular Winch Bumper. You can opt for the whole kit straight out of the gate or wait and add the wings later, as I did.

In either scenario, you’ll end up with a high-clearance front bumper that will give the front of your 4Runner both function and form.

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Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing Additions For 5th Gen 4Runner

When ordering, you can either pay to have the wings painted or not. Mine came unpainted and I had them powder coated a textured black to match the black recovery points on the Low Profile bumper.

Before getting started, inventory your parts. Dissent Off-Road does a very nice job shipping all parts and hardware, but taking inventory is always a good idea before any installation.

Step 1. Mark Your Cuts

Full Bumper Cut Template For 5th Gen 4Runner

We’ll start by marking the front bumper cuts. Dissent Off-Road has provided this wonderful tool that was designed and cut using 3D scanning software to match your OEM plastics.

Dissent Off-Road Bumper Cut Template 4Runner

This marking tool will line up just below the fog light and will cross from the fender to the center. The key is to match it up so that the gap between the tool and bumper is minimal/equal across the corner. See the 3D scan above to see the orientation of the tool and bumper.

When laying it out, note that the center 1/4” marker is from the bottom of the curve on the plastic, not the fog light! I took a piece of painter’s tape at the inside and outside of the factory bumper, measured down, and made a mark.

Lay your tool across with your measure mark on either end, then take a silver sharpie and make your mark on the lower side of the tool. This will buy you an extra 1/8” to 1/4” when cutting, a benefit to you later on!

Full Width Bumper Cut Lines For 4Runner

With cut lines drawn on both sides, remove the bumper, and lay it across a working surface to cut with a body saw.

Step 2. Cut The Bumper

Dissent Off-Road High Line Full Width Bumper

Take your time, be precise, and remember which side of the line to cut on!

Depending on your cutting instrument, you can build heat into the plastic causing it to melt back onto itself as you cut. If this happens, cut in short bursts to reduce heat.

Full Width Bumper Cut 5th Gen 4Runner

Thumbs up for a job well done. Remember what I said about leaving an extra 1/4” gap? It would have saved my bad cut here below the fog light. I mismarked my line and having some extra wiggle room would have made this mistake (more) salvageable.

Step 3. Installing The Wings

Installing Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing Additions

Moving back to the 4Runner, you’ll want to install your High Line wings to the Low Pro Modular Winch Bumper. Start by removing the end caps from the bumper.

Installing Dissent Off-Road High Clearance Additions

You’ll need to trim the radiator “funnel shroud” more than in the initial installation to accommodate the new wings. Mark it and cut it with the same tool you used to cut the bumper.

Installing Dissent Off-Road High Clearance Additions 4Runner

Fit the wings onto the centerpiece enough to position it properly. You can decide whether or not you want to do the final hardware installation now, or later on in the process.

I did a test fit with the plastic bumper loosely snapped into place to make sure that I had enough consistent clearance between the top of the high-line wings and the plastic. I didn’t take a photo of this step, but I did have to make some minor trimming to get things lined up correctly.

Step 4. Install Automotive Trim

4Runner Bumper Cut Automotive Trim

With the cutting finalized, I took a piece of sandpaper to the lower edge of the bumper to smooth out any rough edges before applying the trim.

Automotive Trim To Cover Cuts

Take the supplied rubber trim and apply it to the cut edge of the plastic bumper. Push firmly to allow for the trim to seat fully on the plastic. If you cut your bumper unevenly, sometimes you can pull back slightly on the trim to help ‘even out’ the overall appearance of the cut line.

Step 5. Reinstall Bumper

Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing Installation

With the trim installed, install the plastic bumper back onto the vehicle (ideally, for the last time). If you didn’t install all of the wing hardware, now is the time to do it!

Step 6. Check Bumper Alignment

Dissent Off-Road Bumper Alignment

Check your final fitment and angle of the wings. I decided to make some angle changes to the center section of the bumper to better align the corners. Because the fitment of the wings is so precise, you’ll need to adjust the center section to have an effect on the sides closest to the wheel well.

Adjusting Dissent Off-Road Bumper

Knowing the last few steps were going to involve me being mainly under the front end, I elected to jack up the front and support the front of the 4Runner on jack stands behind the front wheels.

Dissent Off-Road Plastic Bumper Support

Remove the small support brackets from the bumper attachment points at the frame. These were used to support the plastic bumper when it was just the Low Pro bumper and are no longer needed.

Custom Fabricated Fog Light Support

4Runner Custom Fog Light Brace

After looking, poking, and pushing the bumper near the fog lights, I decided to fabricate and install a small brace that would install behind the plastic bumper and attach to the metal inner fender behind. This would reduce or eliminate vibrations in the light output from the Baja Designs lights when driving over rough surfaces.

Note: The small bolt seen on the front is bolted through to the back bracket. It might be an OCD step, but it worked really well to control light ‘chatter’ normally visible from the driver’s seat.

Step 7. Install Fender Liner Filler Plate

Dissent Off-Road Fender Liner Filler Plate

One of my favorite touches to the Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing kit is their solution to a problem that, as an installer, I find with almost every bumper.

What do you do with the plastic fender liner?! Most will tell you to cut, bend, fold, or sometimes just remove it altogether. The solution presented in this kit is a single piece of formed metal that attaches to the wing itself.

Fender Liner Filler Plate 5th Gen 4Runner

I installed the filler plates and then marked/cut my plastic liners bit-by-bit until they fit snugly in place. I used zip ties to attach the plastic to the metal, mainly for ease of removal/repair if needed down the line. Some stainless hardware here would also look very nice and function well.

It allows for clean integration of the plastic inner fender to the front bumper, seamless.

5th Gen 4Runner Fender Liner Filler Plate

With that last addition, the bumper upgrade is complete! It has now transformed into a full bumper with high clearance, extra protection, and a subtle yet prominent appearance. It is everything that I wanted in a bumper for the 4Runner, and retains (as much as should be expected) the OEM+ theme of my build overall.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner With Dissent Off-Road Full Width Bumper

The kit itself was well-labeled and very straightforward to install. They provided some great installation tools and additional parts to really bring everything together. As you can see in the article from an installer’s perspective, 10/10 for execution.

4Runner Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing Additions

If you’re looking for a smart and well-built bumper for your 4Runner, the Dissent Off-Road High Line Wing kit gives their Modular Winch Bumper the right features to take your build to the next level! I have been running this combination for months now, and have been very happy with its look and function on the 4Runner.

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Kenny R
Kenny R
6 months ago

Will this fit other brands of hybrid bumpers?

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