Tiki Motors Adventure Cars: The Future Of Purchasing & Building An Overlander

Tiki Motors

Looking To Purchase Or Build A New Overlander In The PNW? Tiki Motors Adventure Cars Could Be Your One-Stop Shop!

Everyone starts their overland journey somewhere. You’ll most likely find yourself at one of your local large-name dealerships, going through their extensive and draining purchase process.

We are often at the mercy of whatever the dealership wants to put us through, whether that be long grueling hours waiting for finance, the back-and-forth negotiating with sales, or not finding the vehicle that meets all your needs.

I’m sure you’ve sat in a dealership asking yourself, “why in the world does it take 4+ hours to purchase a car?”. With Tiki Motors Adventure Cars, you’ll never have to ask yourself that question again.

I sat down with Bobby, one of the co-owners, to discuss how his boutique dealership in Seattle, WA, has revolutionized the industry. They not only make the buying process more consumer-friendly but also prove that exploitation doesn’t always lead to more business.

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Who Is Tiki Motors Adventure Cars?

3rd Gen Tacoma Tiki Motors Adventure Cars

Think of Tiki Motors Adventure Cars (TMAC) as your one-stop shop for all things off-roading. Not only is their vehicle selection filled with popular 4x4s, but they can also take care of all your build needs.

You’ll find popular brands such as Rough Country, Dobinsons, Fox, 4 Wheel Parts, Bilstein, Front Runner, and many more to outfit your overland build.

TMAC isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill dealership. This specialty build shop prides itself on creating a place for people to come and start their overlanding journey. They work with you on selecting the perfect vehicle and educate you on the build and the basics of overlanding.

TMAC started with the idea that we should allow ourselves to enjoy the day-to-day. The owners also wanted to create a better outlet for those trying to piece together their overland builds and journeys. You can be a seasoned overlander and still learn new things every single day. TMAC strives to be a reliable resource to help you adventure around the Pacific Northwest.

The Purchase & Build Process

Toyota & Jeep Off Road

The overlanding and off-roading market has exploded over the past few years. With that comes a curiosity about what this thrilling hobby entails. The builds and adventures you see on social media look amazing, but where do you start?

TMAC’s goal isn’t to sit in an office and take you on a rollercoaster ride. Their goal is to find you the right vehicle at a reasonable price, get your build figured out, and finalize everything within a 2-hour timeframe.

Picking the Vehicle

This starts with the customer and their needs. People come into TMAC with 1 of 2 goals; either they are looking for a pre-build overlander or are hoping to start from scratch. Once they’ve established what they are looking for, they move on to the vehicle selection.

At this time, customers will be shown different 4×4 options. The whole aspect of the overlanding and off-roading industry is finding a vehicle used for everything, including daily life.

Building the Vehicle

The second part is to figure out a build plan for the vehicle. Many times, customers will come in knowing exactly what they want. Other times, Bobby and his team sit with customers and review their current inventory. By doing this, hopefully, the customer’s interests will be piqued.

There are two things to consider here; aesthetics and functionality. As a customer and 4Runner owner, I want my vehicle to look good. However, it still needs to perform in the conditions I will be taking it in.

TMAC’s goal is to take what you want in a vehicle and make it into reality with a reliable setup that works for you and your lifestyle.

What Sets Tiki Motors Adventure Cars Apart?

5th Gen 4Runner & FJ40

Each of the vehicles that TMAC sells is a personal testament to how much they care about their brand.

The cars that are purchased, built out, and sold here, are a reflection of what the off-roading industry has to offer. Bobby takes his time to source the most popular vehicles for customers of all knowledge levels and create a memorable purchase experience.

Tiki Motors will never sell something they don’t 100% believe in. Unlike many other dealerships that may not thoroughly vet their vehicles, including trade-ins or auction purchases.

From the price and purchase process of the vehicles to the location and layout of their building, these decisions were all made to improve the customer experience. They aren’t here to try and trick you into purchasing a car. Instead, the team at TMAC wants you to walk out knowing that you made the best possible decision regarding your needs and budget.

Tiki Motors Adventure Cars Future Plans

Toyota Tiki Motors Adventure Cars

When Bobby first envisioned TMAC, he wanted to create an inclusive space for off-roaders and overlanders alike. Two years later, his vision has come to life.

With the continuous support of the Seattle community, Tiki Motors has grown tremendously. Today, it is more than just a dealership. It’s also a community where people can come together and bond over their mutual interest in overlanding and off-roading.

With the help of local groups, there have been several events at the HQ with the hope of planning many more this year. So if you’re in the Seattle area, make sure to stop by at their next event, check out their incredible line-up of trucks, and meet their knowledgeable team!

Final Thoughts

Tiki Motors Adventure Cars

So now the question is, is Tiki Motors Adventure Cars the future of purchasing overlanders and off-roaders?

In my opinion, absolutely. I think Bobby and his team have an excellent process that meets the needs of their customers. TMAC’s glowing reviews and many repeat customers show that they’re doing something right. With their passion and knowledge for the overlanding community, TMAC is prepared to provide you with a vehicle that fits all your needs.

TMAC is a helpful resource for people in the community that also breaks the mold of traditional dealerships and their tactics. So far, it’s worked out well for them. I mean, what other dealership can complete the vehicle purchase process from start to finish in under 2 hours?

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