Cali Raised LED License Plate Lights For 5th Gen 4Runner – Install & Review

5th Gen 4Runner Cali Rasied LED License Plate Lighting

Cali Raised LED Complete License Plate Light Housing Upgrade For 5th Gen 4Runner – Step-By-Step Install, Review & Overview

Of all the mods on your list, LEDs should generally be close to the top. While Toyota’s 5th Gen 4Runner (14+) headlights are stylish and take design elements from a stormtrooper helmet, the actual lumen output is fairly weak.

In addition to the headlights, the interior lighting and tail lights also have room for much improvement. LEDs have come a long way in the last 5-10 years and the 5th Gen 4Runner has been limping along.

If you were to order a brand new 2023 4Runner today, the low-beam headlights, high-beam headlights, fog lights, 3rd brake light, and tail lights are finally all LED. However, what about the other lights on your 4Runner? Toyota seems to have left the rest untouched as ancient incandescent bulbs.

One of the areas rarely seen as “upgrade-worthy” is the license plate lights. When you think of the kinds of exterior upgrades we make to our rigs, including pricey aftermarket tail lights, rear bumpers, etc., why wouldn’t we also think to have the license plate illuminated with the same level of attention and detail? The incandescent bulbs pump out a fairly yellowish hue and to me, it always looked like an oversight on some builds. Not to mention, it looks extremely dated.

Fortunately, Cali Raised LED has a sweet, affordable, easy-to-install solution!

Find It Online:

  • Cali Raised LED Toyota 4Runner License Lights (fits 2003-2023): Check Price


LED License Plate Light Kit From Cali Raised

Cali Raised LED’s license plate lighting kit comes with everything you’d need to make the swap and from start to finish. You’re looking at 5-10 minutes for total installation. If you take your 4Runner to a shop for all of your mods, save yourself a few bucks and tackle this one yourself, it’s beyond simple.

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Alcohol wipes (not necessary, but a good practice)

Step 1. Remove OEM Bulb Housings

How To Remove & Replace 5th Gen 4Runner License Plate Lights

To start, we need to get rid of these dirty, old-school, incandescent bulbs and the associated housing. Each bulb cover has two (2) Phillips-head screws that need to be removed. Remove the two (2) screws from each side and for both sides of the license plate.

With the screws removed, the clear plastic bulb covers, and the rubber gaskets. If your 4Runner is a bit older, the gasket may need a bit of effort to peel away. Clean off any leftover rubber/residue.

Step 2. Remove Incandescent Bulbs

How To Remove License Plate Light For 5th Gen 4Runner

With the housing exposed, simply grab the bulbs with your fingers and pull them straight out. Assuming the lights have been off and are not hot, you shouldn’t need pliers or any tools to do this.

Complete this step for both sides.

Step 3. Apply New Gasket To LEDs

How To Install Cali Raised LED License Plate Light Housing Upgrade

The Cali Raised LED license plate kit comes with a new gasket that needs to be applied to the new LED housing before installation.

Peel back the one-sided tape on the back of the gasket and line up the upper left/upper right indent. Then, fish the wiring through the center knock out, and push out the screw holes.

Step 4. Install Cali Raised LED Lights

Cali Raised LED License Plate Light Kit - Install & Review

Wrapping up this installation is fairly straightforward. With the bulb removed, start by plugging in the new LED wire harness into the bulb connection point.

Once plugged in, do a quick functionality check by turning on the headlights; if the new LEDs work, this will ensure the connections are strong and you can complete the proceeding step.

Now that the lights are confirmed and working properly, finish up by screwing the two (2) new Phillips-head screws provided in the kit. Repeat the steps on the opposite side and that’s it, install is complete.

Final Thoughts

5th Gen 4Runner OEM License Plate Light Output Shot

Before image shown above with factory light bulbs.

4Runner LED License Plate Lighting by Cali Raised LED

And after with the new LEDs!

Installing the Cali Raised LED license plate lights is straightforward and the images speak for themselves. The illumination is significantly better than OEM and being LEDs, these lights will last much longer than the factory incandescent bulbs.

You may or may not be in the market, but for under $20, why not? Shine some better light on your rear end and give it the attention it deserves!

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Chris K
Chris K
1 year ago

I’ve had these since they came out. I agree that they are too bright. I do like them but man do they mess with the backup camera and render it basically useless at night. I liked them for something different and a brighter light, but man they are obnoxiously bright.

1 year ago

Install and update.
I’ve 2 issues with my Calirased LEDs for license plate:
1) Even after 3 coats of Niteshade tint – these are WAY to bright and lights up ground behind the vehicle like 2 flashlights.
2) These assemblies about 5 mm thicker than factory lens which slightly extends below the housing (1 mm) showing some of that bright light to vehicles behind.
For those 2 and possibly safety reasons I’m diching my set up for new factory lenses and seals while just replacing bulbs to warm white LED or possibly weak red if it doesn’t look too bright and distracting.

1 year ago

I agree with Blaze about bright license plate display at night but like the idea of more direct illumination (factory bulbs facing out for some odd reason) and longevity of modern LEDs. Which gave me an idea to use NiteShade taillight tint spray on these to dim them just like I did my clear third brake light. Great mod just needs little tweak for my needs. Order placed.

1 year ago

This is one of the few mods I really wouldn’t consider because it serves me and others no purpose imo. Cool mod but unnecessary, when I drive at night I don’t want to stand up to much and i have an exhaust and intake for noise presence.

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