Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit (BOTCK) For The 5th Gen 4Runner – Install & Review

Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit

Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit (BOTCK) For 5th Gen 4Runner – An Essential Modification For Lifted Trucks

In my opinion, lifting your 4Runner for more ground clearance or to correct the stock stance/rake is one of the top modifications. Let’s be honest, lifting the truck does improve the aesthetics and functionality, but it also takes a toll on the driving characteristics.

This happens because we are changing the geometry of the vehicle by raising its center of gravity. In addition, it creates further problems down the road if not addressed properly. Be proactive and correct your 4Runner’s post-lift geometry with the Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit from DR. KDSS.

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Trackbar/Panhard Bar Correction

Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit For 5th Gen 4Runner

One of the many things that get altered after lifting your 4Runner is the position of its rear solid axle relative to its stock position.

A Trackbar/Panhard bar is as the name implies, a bar that is responsible for tracking the position of the rear axle checked when the vehicle is in motion.

Lifting the rear end of the 4Runner will shift the Panhard bars vertically. This causes bump-steer issues and pulls the axle out of center alignment. With the help of the Bolt On Trackbar Correction Kit, you can return the Panhard bar to its OEM position (close to or parallel to the ground/axle). This eliminates the need for an aftermarket adjustable Panhard bar and raises the roll center to improve handling back to the “OEM” feel.

There used to be only one solution for this in the past and it involved welding. That made it a daunting option for most. That’s no longer an issue, as DR. KDSS has come to the rescue and developed a bolt-on option.

BOTCK – Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit

Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit (BOTCK)

The Bolt-on Trackbar Correction Kit is a 3-piece design that includes the main part (bigger bracket), the small bracket portion, and the wing nut. The bracket is made up of 1/4″ steel and it looks and feels solid.

It wraps around the OEM Panhard bar bolt-on bracket which distributes the load evenly. This results in less maintenance and headaches in the future when it comes to the Panhard bar. If you are rough on your 4Runner, you can also add welds on top and make it totally bulletproof. For the average Joe, this thing will not budge.

As per DR. KDSS’s website, “Just being bolted on and toque down properly, it is stronger than what’s on the market.”

It comes in 2 different versions as well – A regular and short height in multiple color options to match your suspension setup!

Shorty Version

This is catered towards the guys who jump their trucks with LT setup for maximum up travel in a high-speed setup. Someone with extended travel shocks who wants the maximizes the up travel should go for the short version. Also, make sure that you have appropriate bump stops to avoid any binding issues with drive terrain when going with this option.

Regular Version

This is catered for trucks that are lifted higher (2.5” or taller) as opposed to wider in a long travel (LT) setup. This comes with the flexibility of two mounting holes for the Panhard bar. Depending upon your setup you can choose from the two positions to bring the Panhard bar as parallel to the ground as axle/possible.


    • Bolt-on design
    • Made of 1/4″ (3 gauge) steel
    • Comes powder coated with color options
    • Two versions to choose from
    • KDSS compatible

    Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit For 4Runner

    Hardware Provided

    • Bolt x 3 – 18mm
    • Nut x 1 – 21mm


      Bolt-On Trackbar/Panhard Bar Correction Kit

      Parts/Tools Needed

      • Sockets – 18, 19mm
      • Wrench – 21mm
      • Impact wrench or Ratchet
      • Crescent wrench
      • Mallet
      • Bungee cord
      • Torque wrench

      4Runner Panhard Bar

      Note: Removing the spare tire can make additional pace for this installation, although it’s not required).

      Secure the Panhard bar with a bungee cord to support it when it comes loose and remove the green plastic tab used to secure the ABS line. Use some zip ties to secure the ABS line to the brake line behind the factory bracket.

      5th Gen 4Runner Trackbar/Panhard Bar Correction

      Use the 19mm socket to remove the bolt facing you and be careful about the Panhard bar as it will lift up and shift once it is free.

      Trackbar Correction Installation

      From the factory, the lips of the factory bracket are tilted inwards and now with the help of a crescent wrench pull the top portion of the OEM brackets towards you to increase the opening to fit the smaller portion of the BOTCK fit inside.

      Place the small piece inside as shown and try to fit the OEM bolt (19mm) through the OEM hole and the new bracket which you just installed. Once the bolt is threading it is good and go ahead and remove the bolt.

      Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit Installation

      Now, take the wing nut and insert it in the hole at the bottom of the OEM bracket. Make sure the nut is facing towards the top, the longer part of the wingnut is towards the front and the shorter side is towards the back of the 4Runner. Center it as best as you can.

      Next, take the bigger portion of the BOTCK and line it up. Start the 19mm bolt until it catches the threads (Use some blue Loctite).

      Start the bottom bolt (18mm) into the wingnut for at least 5 to 6 turns. Next, start the third bolt on the side and give it a good 5 to 6 turns as well.

      Bring the Panhard bar down into the bracket and insert the bolt through the bracket and Panhard bar and finish it with the nut on the other side (use some blue Loctite).

      Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit Installation For 5th Gen 4Runner

      Now, tighten the bolts in the following order (highlighted in the picture above):

      1. OEM 19mm bolt so that it pushes the whole bracket toward the front of the 4Runner, do not torque it yet.
      2. The bottom 18mm bolt and then the 18mm bolt at the side.
      3. The final Panhard bolt with a 21mm wrench on the nut.

      Bolt-On Trackbar Correction Kit For Lifted Trucks

      Lastly, torque everything to 95 ft/lbs.

      Who is this kit for?

      Corrected Panhard Bar Position On Lifted 4Runner

      To answer this simple question, if you are not lifted and you are on stock ride height then you do not need this modification.

      On the other hand, if you are lifted using a suspension lift the answer will be yes. One of the ways to check is to look under the 4Runner behind the rear axle when it is parked on level ground. Check the position of the Panhard bar and see how parallel it is to the axle/ground. If the angle is more than roughly 5 degrees, it needs correction.

      The other way is to feel the rear end when you make a sharp turn at a moderate speed. If you notice any vibrations or jitters in the rear end, that may be another reason to go for this modification.

      Final Thoughts

      Lifted 4Runner With Corrected Panhard Bar

      After driving around town and testing this setup out on some trails, I definitely notice a difference in the way the rear end of my 4Runner drives and feels now. It is back to OEM if not better.

      Apart from that, the installation only took a couple of hours compared to the weld-on option which takes much longer and is not as DIY-friendly. Last but not the least, the product is built to last, and it feels rock solid!

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      5 months ago

      Just installed in my 2018 SR5 and it makes an immediate noticeable difference in handling over potholes and bumps. Panhard bar is almost parallel to axle with the shorty and 2” rear lift – this was definitely necessary… I was always so bothered by the jump to the side/rear bump steer thing…granted I also have new springs and shocks, but lift has been 2” for a couple years with the Panhard bar at an angle.

      8 months ago

      is this available for a 2023 4 Runner , Off Road Premium with a 3″ lift kit ?

      10 months ago

      Is this kit available for the 4th gen 4runners ?

      11 months ago

      Is the BOTCK needed or necessary if the 4Runner with kdss has an adjustable panhard bar installed?

      11 months ago

      I just installed on my 2021 TRD OR that has a 2″ lift. Before installing, there was a 1 7/8″ difference in the panhard bar end mounts measured from ground to the center of the bolts with the driver side (axle mount side) lower. I was noticing some jittery handling from the rear that was not present pre-lift. After installing the bolt on track bar relocation bracket, the jitters are gone and it drives like I remember it did pre-lift. Also, the panhard bar is within 1/8″ of level now.

      The install took me about 90 minutes and was easy to do….

      Also, worth noting is that I used the “shorty” version of the relocation bracket since I only had a 2″ lift….

      Last edited 11 months ago by Bob
      11 months ago

      If you have a larger lift the pan hard is essentially shorter and moves the axle to the passengers side. The bracket will move it back and improve the overall feel of the vehicle.

      Jason Bones
      Jason Bones
      1 year ago

      Do you make these for a 1997 4Runner,(3rd gen)?

      11 months ago
      Reply to  Jason Bones

      KDss website, I asked he said maybe June 2023 for 3rd Gen 4runner.
      I was also looking at the Delta Vehicle systems bolt on kit also for 3rd Gen they have them.

      1 year ago

      With a 2″ rear lift, is a relocation bracket even needed?

      Last edited 1 year ago by Bob
      10 months ago
      Reply to  Bob

      Yes at 2″ of lift the bar is at quite an angle and not in the appropriate position. Look at your bar with the setup you currently have and you will see it is not level and could use the correction this provides.

      1 year ago

      Do you have to jack the truck up to do this? Or can you leave it on the ground?

      Jeff Steffens
      Jeff Steffens
      1 year ago
      Reply to  Toyota.ARK

      I just did it. No need to jack up at all. Just remove the spare to give yourself some more room.

      Denis J. Francois
      Denis J. Francois
      1 year ago

      Anyone else makes this bolt on part?

      William Deschenes
      William Deschenes
      1 year ago


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