Feature Friday: 5 Window Tint Film Brands For Toyota 4Runner

Cavalry Blue 5th Gen 4Runner TRD Pro With 5% Window Tint

We Asked 5 Toyota 4Runner Owners Why They Chose To Add Window Tint & What Brands They Used: Here’s What They Said!

This Week’s Topic: Window Tint

Welcome back to another Feature Friday! If you missed last week’s FF, we looked at front skid plate options for the 5th Gen 4Runner. 

This week, we are taking at one of the most common modifications that one does to their 4Runner; window tint.

Keep in mind, every state has different window tint laws for allowable film percentages. Also, remember that your 4Runner comes with tinted glass (not film) from Toyota for the rear and cargo windows. You’ll need to factor that in when choosing your desired tint level. The front windows and windshield may not seem like they are tinted, but there is usually a small tint from the factory – around 70%.

As always, feel free to DM the owners on IG to ask any additional questions about their setup if needed. Also, prices will vary based on the film used, location, and quality of installation.

Should you feel the desire to DIY your own window tint, check out our 4Runner window tint article here.


Window Tint Basics

5th Gen 4Runner With Window Tint

The percentage you see on window tint refers to the visible light transmission (VLT). This percentage number tells you how much light can get through the film and into your car. For example, if you install window tint that has a 25% VLT, the film will allow 25% of the sun’s rays through the window.

Now, a normal cheap film will help with heat, but you have to get your vehicle really dark to achieve this. The next option is the more high-end ceramic tint, which can block heat with far less darkness. I personally will always recommend it if you are spending money on window tint. 

Ceramic Tint Film

Ceramic window tint can help you stay safe on the road by reducing sun glare and heat. More specifically, it will only let 50% of the sun’s heat enter your car. This means that even if you opt for a film without any tint, the film will still block 50% of the sun’s rays and heat. If you didn’t get a ceramic-based film, you’d have to get 50% darkness to achieve a similar result.

Ceramic film is also designed to block light without compromising your safety or visibility. This is nice if you are sensitive to oncoming traffic lights. Having a clear ceramic film on your front windshield will help eliminate oncoming traffic glare and also the warm heat that hits your steering wheel on a hot summer day.

Ceramic window tint not only protects your car’s interior from fading; it can also keep you safe from toxic UV rays! A high-quality window tint will block up to 99% of cancer-causing UV rays, reducing your risk of eye and skin damage over time.

In my opinion, if you are already spending money to have window tint added to your 4Runner, shell out a few extra bucks for a ceramic-based film.

1. Alex Guyrnne (@alejandrooooo) – 3M

5th Gen Lunar Rock 4Runner With 3M 5% Front Window Tint

Window Tint Details

  • Film Brand: 3M
  • Film Type: Ceramic
  • Tint Percentage: 5% Front | 20% Rear
  • Price: $575

What Do You Like About The Tint Setup You Went With?

I hate the heat, so the ceramic window tint works well for my family and me. I also don’t like people looking into my car. Having this dark tint deters any potential car thieves from stealing items from inside my 4Runner.

Having a clear ceramic tint on the windshield also really helps keep heat out in addition to harmful UV rays. 

2. Ryan B (@flipside909) – XPEL

3rd Gen 4Runner with XPEL Prime XR Plus Nano Ceramic Window Tint

Window Tint Details

  • Film Brand: XPEL 
  • Film Type: Prime XR Plus Nano Ceramic
  • Tint Percentage: 25% Front/Rear | 50% Windshield/Moon Roof

What Do You Like About The Tint Setup You Went With?

This is the best-performing nano-ceramic window tint on the market. The heat rejection and reviews are real. It also features a lifetime transferable warranty that no one else offers. It’s a great charcoal gray color that matches the factory privacy glass well.

I’ve used other major high-end brands on previous vehicles but this is my 3rd vehicle using XPEL Prime XR Plus tint. The tint durability and heat rejection are unmatched.

TRD Jon: Yes, this is a 3rd Gen, but man is it clean!

3. Sean Migoné (@mig_rnr) – Suntek

5th Gen 4Runner with Suntek Ceramic Window Tint & Clear Windshield Film

Window Tint Details

  • Film Brand: Suntek 
  • Film Type: Ceramic
  • Tint Percentage: 30% Front | 15% Rear | Clear Ceramic Windshield
  • Price: $440

What Do You Like About The Tint Setup You Went With?

I live in South Florida, so window tint is an absolute must-have, especially here in the summertime. The temps get so high and the sun beats down on your rig, so having quality tint not only protects your rig but makes it more comfortable inside.

I also like having accessories in my 4Runner pretty much hidden from view for the most part with the darker tint. I also have the clear UV tint on my entire front windshield, which is a game changer. This not only keeps the inside temperature down by about 15 to 20° while my 4R is parked but also protects it from harmful UV rays.

I have the darkest tint allowed by the law on my 4Runner. Sometimes at night, it does make it a little bit more difficult to see out of the side windows, but it is worth it. I can’t imagine not having window tint on my 4Runner.

4. Garrett Smith (@thatgray_4runner) – Llumar

4Runner with Llumar IRX Nano Ceramic Window Tint

Window Tint Details

  • Film Brand: Llumar
  • Film Type: IRX Nano Ceramic
  • Tint Percentage: 5% Front/Rear | 35% Windshield
  • Price: $780

What Do You Like About The Tint Setup You Went With?

After being a window tint installer for a couple of years, I learned that there is a cheap way and the right way. I cannot go more than three days in a new vehicle without getting that “fishbowl” feeling. When camping or spending the day on a trail, I always had two complaints whenever I didn’t have tint.

Those two issues were having the AC cranked up, putting more strain on the 4Runner on a hot day, and that my hands would get sunburnt on the steering wheel.

This setup is great as the Llumar Nano Ceramic window film offers 99.9% UV protection.

5. Eric Lozada (@silverback_4rnr) – Llumar

5th Gen Lunar Rock 4Runner with Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint

Window Tint Details

  • Film Brand: Llumar
  • Film Type: CTX Ceramic
  • Tint Percentage: 15% Front | 5% Rear
  • Price: $550

What Do You Like About The Tint Setup You Went With?

I decided to add window tint for privacy and safety reasons. In the event of an accident, the ceramic window tint will keep the glass from shattering. The color also remains stable over time and doesn’t fade or turn purple. 

It protects the black interior from fading and decreases the interior temperature on hot days. Ceramic window tint costs a bit more, but it’s worth the investment in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Brand New 4Runner With Window Tint

Window tint is 100% the very first mod I recommend anyone adding to their 4Runner. Even if you don’t prefer a darker film at night, having a ceramic-based film blocks a lot of summer heat and also toxic UV Rays from the sun. I personally went a little too dark on my 4Runner with 5% all the way around, but let me tell you, I’ve barely turned my AC past medium, even on a hot Florida Summer day.

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday here to get featured. Next week we will be showcasing rigs with Aftermarket Exhaust, to help inspire your future tint purchase. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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