Field Testing The RinseKit Pro: Review & Initial Impressions

RinseKit Pro Camp Shower

RinseKit Pro: A Battery-Powered Shower That You Can Bring Anywhere – Review and Initial Impressions

I’ve recently gotten into car camping and starting to build out my kit. One of the most important things I’ve found out (thankfully not the hard way) is having water. If you’re unsure of where to start, there was a post written a while back by Max on the basics of offroad and overland water storage, it was a great post.

While there are lots of water storage containers to choose from, I started off with a 5-gallon Scepter Jerry Can which was great but not super convenient to use. Holding up 44lbs of water while trying to wash dishes is a bit challenging, to say the least. This is where the RinseKit comes into play. There are many ways to have a running shower while out camping, such as a DIY WaterPort. The battery-powered RinseKit Pro shower, however, doesn’t require any pressurization to keep the water flowing.

RinseKit offers a range of sizes comprising 1.5, 2, 3.5, and 4.5 gallons. Only their two largest sizes are battery-powered while the smaller models are pumped manually for pressure. RinseKit was originally featured on Shark Tank and founded in 2014 to rinse off after surfing. However, I think it fits perfectly into the camping, overlanding world as well.

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RinseKit Pro Features

RinseKit Pro Spray Nozzle

The RinseKit Pro is a portable 12V battery-powered shower holding 3.5 gallons. At 50psi, that gives it a runtime of up to 5 minutes. The build quality is pretty good and seems to be very sturdy. Since this was my first time out with this unit, the jury is still out on its durability.

Weight & Materials

When full the unit weighs about 30lbs which is lighter than my 5 Gallon Scepter at 44lbs when full. The connections and spray nozzle are similar to those on a WaterPort. The fabric braided hose and spray nozzle conveniently tuck into the lid along with enough space for a medium-sized towel. This is helpful because the lid is strong enough to stand or sit on, and detachable so you don’t have to stand on the ground barefoot while showering.

Easy Fill Up

Filling the unit is a breeze – just remove the cap and fill it with any water source. Combined with my 5-gallon Scepter tank, I now have 8.5 gallons total of water which has been more than enough for a weekend out.

You could also fill the unit with a cleaning solution to wash your vehicle or dishes but you might want to wash it out a few times before drinking from it again to ensure there are no residual chemicals.

Multiple Spray Modes

The 5 different spray modes; center, shower, mist, jet, and flat all have their specific uses. I love using the shower mode for both showering and washing my hands. Jet and center modes are great for washing dishes and the mist is great for cooling off in the hot weather.

Versatile Charging

Being powered by a 12V battery, the RinseKit Pro is versatile because you can charge or power other 12V accessories as well. I’ve used it to run a small air pump when blowing up my Luno Mattress. You could also charge your phone or any other USB-powered device. They recommended that you occasionally charge the unit to maintain the battery and not to let it dip below 10.5V as it may damage the battery’s overall lifespan.

To charge the unit, you could use either the included wall charger which will charge the unit to 13V or the car charger which will cap at 12V. RinseKit states that you should get 3-6 months of use out of the single charge of the battery. I haven’t had it long enough to test this but I’m hoping it does perform as advertised as I plan on using it on more trips.


RinseKit Pro Accessories

The RinseKit is very easy to use. It also has a voltmeter, and input/output port on the control panel to keep it as simple as possible. To operate, simply turn on the power switch, pull the nozzle trigger, and you’ve got running water! With plenty of optional accessories, you can easily outfit this kit to suit your needs.

The auto nozzle makes it even easier to use, as you can mount it just about anywhere with its included suction cup mount. Once mounted, wave your hand in front of it and you have on-demand water flow. This is great for washing dishes or your hands.

If warm water is a must, RinseKit offers two types of water heaters. There is a 12V immersion heater or an external propane heater, both of which heat the water to 110°F. I have yet to see how well it insulates the heated water but they do advise avoiding temperatures below freezing as it may damage the pump.

Final Thoughts

RinseKit Pro 3.5 Gallon

In my opinion, the RinseKit Pro is a very useful addition to my kit! I love having the ability to remove it from my car when not needed. I could even use it around the house if I didn’t have a water source nearby for quick cleanups.

Having pressurized water on demand is very nice to have while out camping, however, the pump is a bit noisy compared to the WaterPort. I’m not too bothered by the noise but this may be an issue for others around you. The pump does provide up to 50psi which is great for cleaning off both yourself and your 4Runner.

The RinseKit Pro is the king of portability because it’s so easy to remove from my 4Runner. It’s a bit easier to move than my Scepter because of its large carry handle. Carrying water is almost always awkward in large quantities, but the RinseKit Pro makes the task manageable. Not having it mounted to my vehicle also makes for a really flexible setup as I can easily remove it for daily driving.

Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with this addition to my camp set up and I don’t see myself changing it out anytime soon. If you’ve been in the market for a portable water solution, take a look at RinseKit!

Be safe and clean out there!

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The same thing for under $15 dollars:

1 year ago

Great write up. You could also buy for 15 bucks, at Home Depot, a 2 gallon garden sprayer with pump. Save 300 bucks.

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