CanvasBack Custom-Fit Cargo Liner with Bumper Flap: Review & Overview on 5th Gen 4Runner

Canvasback Cargo Liner Install Rear Seat Folded

CanvasBack Offers a High-Quality Custom-Fit Cargo Liner & Bumper Flap Great for Precise Coverage for the Toyota 4Runner

One of the most common accessories that a new 4Runner will buy is an all-weather cargo liner or tray. They are ideal because they support our active lifestyles while preserving the factory carpet underneath. If you live in an area like the Pacific Northwest where we have rain for the majority of the year, they are especially useful for wet and muddy items. Something that I have been sorely missing, however, is seatback protection when the second row is folded down.

Canvasback has just the solution to that problem with their custom-fit cargo and interior liners.

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I could keep going, but Canvasback makes too many products to even list. They make many different product lines that cover and protect the entire 5th Gen 4Runner, and other generations of 4Runner as well. Check out Canvasback if you’re looking for any 5th Gen 4Runner upholstery and carpet protection options.

Why Canvasback Cargo Liners?

Canvasback Cargo Liner Logo

Canvasback is a woman-owned business that was started In Idaho to protect cargo areas from active lifestyles. While their cargo liners share similar characteristics to custom-fit rubber or vinyl cargo trays in the way of being waterproof and durable, they also have some distinct advantages.

Canvasback Cargo Liner Installed

The main downside to cargo trays and cargo liners is that they can be a little clunky and aren’t secured in any way. If you’re looking for a most custom approach with cargo protection that will stay in place, Canvasback is your answer. All of their cover liners attach to the factory cargo and seat carpeting with velcro. This makes installation extremely simple and means that they can be removed quickly for cleaning as well.

Canvasback Cargo Liner Made In USA

Something that I didn’t like with my previous cargo tray was that I had to cut out the D-Ring holes myself. I’m not the craftiest person, so these cutouts were just made with a knife and ended up not looking very clean. There are cutouts for every D-Ring and latch in the cargo area, plus they’re all stitched for added tear resistance. Canvasback cargo liners are hand-made in the U.S.A. and are extremely high-quality.

Canvasback Cargo Liner Rear Seat Folded

What I like most about the Canvasback cargo liner is the inclusion of rear seatback protection. If you’ve ever had to fold down the rear seats to transport larger items, you know that they don’t fold completely flat. This means that when you load the item in, you inevitably jam it into the seatback carpeting. In addition, as you drive, the constant shifting of the item damages the carpeting.

Being made of durable canvas material, you don’t need to worry about dragging items across your cargo area. This really is the lowest profile carpet protection that you can buy.

A Custom Fit For Every Model Of 4Runner

Canvasback Cargo Liner D-Ring Cutout

Canvasback has a ton of options for your 4Runner. Their liners are offered in a myriad of colors and patterns, with options for 3rd-row seats and factory sliding trays. You will want your order to be as specific as possible to your 4Runner because the liners come in individual panels (4 to 6 of them depending on your configuration). This ensures that regardless of which configuration you have, each panel and moving piece has ample protection.

You can even add custom-colored accent stitching to any or all of your liners. A popular option is red, to match that of the TRD SofTex seats. There is no shortage of customization to dial in exactly what you want!

Canvasback also offers a plethora of optional add-ons to truly protect every inch of your 4Runner’s interior:

  • Bumper Flap Cover
  • Cargo Side Covers
  • Door Covers
  • Second Row Extension Barrier
  • Rear Seat Flap Cover
  • Rear Seat Bench Cover
  • Headrest Covers
  • Front Seat Back Covers
  • Back Hatch Cover

I can definitely see where some of these additional pieces prove valuable if you have kids and pets that tag along on your outdoor adventures. Below, we’ll take a look at their main cargo liner and bumper flap cover.


Installing the cargo liner and seatback protector is super simple and only takes a few minutes.

Before You Start: Clear Out Cargo Area

Canvasback Cargo Liner Clear Cargo Area

The installation will be easiest with a completely clear cargo area. You will also need to fold down the rear seats to fully install the seatback liners. Canvasback really designed these to cover every inch of factory carpeting.

Step 1. Line Up Cargo Liner Velcro

Canvasback Cargo Liner Install

This step is as easy as lining up the velcro strip of the liner with the edge of the factory carpet. The velcro itself attaches securely while not overdoing it where it becomes difficult to pull back up to adjust. This is an important feature as velcro that attaches too securely would start to fray the very carpet that you’re trying to protect.

Step 2. Install Rear Seatback Liners

Canvasback Cargo Liner Middle Seat 2

The rear seatback liners come in individual pieces to allow the seats to fold down as intended. Canvasback’s attention to detail is impressive with the middle seatback.

Canvasback Cargo Liner Middle Seat 3

They provide two pieces for the middle seat to account for the moving lower panel when you fold it down independently of the driver and passenger side.

Step 3. Test Fit Optional Bumper Flap

Canvasback Cargo Liner Bumper Flap

The optional bumper flap attaches to the rear edge of the main cargo liner via a single strip of velcro. I opted to get this piece so that the family could sit on the bumper regardless of whether it gets dirty. When not in use, you can either fold it back over into the cargo area or detach it for storage.

Final Thoughts

Canvasback Cargo Liner Products

I never thought that some sheets of canvas could be as innovative as what Canvasback has achieved with its custom liners. With custom-fit panels and discrete velcro installation, you would be hard-pressed to not think that these came from the factory.

Their workmanship and materials appear to be second to none, and I have zero complaints so far. I have no doubts that these will last for as long as I own my 4Runner, and likely beyond that. In addition, I can rest easy knowing that my cargo carpeting will be preserved from whatever abuse it gets subject to.

I look forward to testing them out this camping season when I’ll be frequently in and out of the cargo area. If you’re looking for a super clean cargo liner and seatback protection specifically, look no further than Canvasback cargo liners!

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3 months ago

The bumper flap is clutch- for not getting dirty/ dusty around the tail gate- I’ve mistakenly closed the hatch on it soo many times the latch has punched through the cover I wish they sold it with a cutout for that

1 year ago

These looks really good and I can’t wait to try them out.

T Shaw
T Shaw
1 year ago

A set of canvas back covers was my first investment when I got my 4Runner. These are perfect for using the cargo area for dog hauling. Plus, it’s one of the few surfaces that dog hair comes off of with a vacuum.

1 year ago

This is a nice alternative to the WeatherTech cargo liner. My 3rd row seats are sometimes up for the small kids and it has been inconvenient to remove that liner since it does not fold. I am thinking this might be good to swap out that. The hard cargo liner can still be used for added protection.

Last edited 1 year ago by Syed
1 year ago

Had these on my truck since new. Works great. Would definitely recommend the bumper flap if you have dogs that jump into the back. Strongly recommend this product.

1 year ago

I got this in the cargo area as well. Love the choice of colors and print. I have snow camo. One of the best upgrades you must do.

1 year ago

One of the first “mods” we got since we have dogs. It’s an awesome product, materials are great, fit is perfect. Honestly, don’t have any cons that I can think of.

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