Feature Friday: 10 Must-See 5th Gen 4Runner Long Travel Suspension Setups

Matte Black 5th Gen 4Runner with Total Chaos Long Travel Suspension, King Shocks, C4 Lo Pro Front Bumper & Gobi Roof Rack

Looking for a Wide Stance & Tons of Suspension Travel? Check Out These 10 Unique 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Long Travel Off-Road & Overland Builds

This Week’s Topic: Long Travel 4Runners

Holy smokes do we have some awesome rigs for you for this Feature Friday! This week we are cranking up the suspension dial WAY past 11 with these 10 killer long traveled 5th Gen 4Runner builds.

So real fast, what is long-travel suspension?

The whole point of long travel is to gain better performance off-road, and more specifically for high-speed off-road applications.

In terms of parts, a typical lift kit allows you to gain more ground clearance by increasing your overall ride height. In simple terms, most common lift kits only require upgraded coilovers, extended rear springs, and maybe some upper control arms if needed/recommended for the lift height. Some of the options might just increase overall performance and some might actually give you more travel. That’s usually where 95% of us would stop and call it a day. Not these dudes…

Long travel kits use that same suspension upgrade concept and then take it to the next level with extended length coilovers, and in some cases, secondary shocks with remote reservoirs for increased damping for compression/rebound.

A long travel kit, due to changes in suspension geometry, will allow for increased wheel travel over factory suspension and assist you with running larger tires. To achieve additional “longer” wheel travel, these kits start with extended lower control arms (LCAs), upper control arms (UCAs) and build from there.

In addition to extended-length upper and lower control arms, most long travel kits will have upgraded wider/stronger axles with stronger joints, extended tie rods, limit straps, extended-length bump stops, and other strength enhancements like gusseted spindles, and gusseted control arm mounts.

For the rear of the 4Runner, a long travel kit will require extended brake lines, upgraded trailing arms, extended height springs, increased travel shocks, and of course, extended length bump stops. When it comes to shocks for long travel kits, they typically feature adjustable remote reservoirs to allow the internal shock body oil to stay within peak operating temperature while the suspension is aggressively cycling, as well as the ability to tune the ride.

Now enough talking, let’s see these rigs in action!!

1. Adam Wolfe (@builtbysquirrels) – 2018 TRD OR

5th Gen 4Runner with LSK 4.5" Long Travel Suspension, Machined Wheels & Custom DIY Snorkel

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • LSK 4.5” Prototype Kit
  • Boxed LCAs with Recessed Shock Mounts & 1.5” Horizontal Uniball
  • Built-in Air Bump Pads & Delrin Bushings
  • Boxed UCAs With Heims & Vertical Uniball
  • Fully Boxed Spindle Replacement with Dual Shear Steering
  • ADS 8” Shocks with Reservoirs & 600lb 18” Springs
  • ADS 2.125X2 Air Bumps
  • Sway Bar Delete


  • 12” Radflo Shocks
  • Dobinsons 59-677V Springs
  • DuroBumps Bump Stops
  • 22” Brake Lines

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

I loved working with LSK Suspension to R&D a 4.5+ LT kit for the 5th Gen 4Runner. From start to finish, they were fantastic with a quick turnaround on sending new parts to swap out ones that weren’t working for this build. This finalized kit is incredible! Everything from the build quality to their customer support, I’m very happy with the choice of going with LSK.

But we’re not here to talk about the company, you’re here to know what it rides like. The answer is simple, it’s like a cloud off-road. The suspension articulates flawlessly while the wheels feel solid and planted. I just point and go, and the 4Runner takes me. Just a friendly reminder though, you’re 9” wider than stock. Having 17×9 wheels with a -12 offset and 35×12.5 tires, puts the outside tire to the outside tire to 89” wide. I believe the kids would call it THICCC. That being said, it’s unlike any other kit on the market and the only one with the upper and lower uniballs on the spindle for the 4runner.

2. Jonathan Armada (@NC.4Runner) – 2013 SR5 Premium

5th Gen 4Runner with Total Chaos +2 Long Travel Suspension, ARB Front Bumper, VTX Wheels, Front Runner Roof Rack & Roofnest RTT

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Radflo Shocks/Coilovers
  • Radflo Hydraulic Bump Stops
  • Total Chaos +2 UCAs
  • Total Chaos +2 LCAs
  • CVJ Axles


  • Dobinsons Rear Arms
  • Dobinsons Rear PHB
  • Dobinsons Springs

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

I love how well the 4Runner rides with this suspension set up from Radflo.

The hydro bumps on all 4 corners keep the vehicle handling as if it still had sway bars. The 4Runner crawls really well since I’m able to keep all the tires on the grounds while the rig is articulating. The wider track also gives the 4Runner a better stance and stability off-road as well. And lastly, you can’t forget about that look!

3. AB Castro (@Dj_ayybeats) – 2005 SR5 2WD

4th Gen 4Runner with Dirt King Fabrication 3.5+ Long Travel, Pre-Runner Style Front Bumper & Method Race Wheels

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Dirt King 3.5+ Long Travel Kit
  • Dirt King Upper Arm Sheer Kit
  • Dirt King Bypass Shock Hoop Kit
  • King Shocks Long Travel Spec 2.5 x 8” Coilovers
  • King Shocks Long Travel Spec 2.5 x 8” 3 Tube Bypasses
  • Camburg 4” Performance Spindle


  • King Shocks 12” Triple Bypasses
  • Califabrication Rear Shock Relocation
  • Califabrication Adjustable Upper, Lower Links and Panhard Bar
  • Dobinsons 3” Dual Rate Coils
  • Locked Off-Road 2.0 x 2” Threaded Bump Stops
  • Yukon 4:88 Gears

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

I like that I can daily my vehicle while still being able to take it off-road whenever I want.

This 4Runner is able to withstand the punishment I put it through whenever I take it out on the trail without any hiccups. The setup is simple yet so unique in its own way. This rig is definitely a neck breaker whenever I take it out on the streets or off-road.

Jon’s Note: Yes I know this is 4th Gen 4R, but it’s SO SICK!!

4. Tim Curley (@milk.wagon) – 2018 SR5

White 5th Gen 4Runner with Rear Dobinsons Long Travel Suspension & RIGd Spare Tire Carrier

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Dobinsons MRR Rear Long Travel Setup
  • Dobinsons MRA59-A575 3-Way Adjustable Shocks
  • DuroBumps Extended 5.5″ Bump Stops
  • Toytec 1″ Body Lift
  • Sway Bar Delete


  • Dobinsons Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms
  • Dobinsons Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms
  • MetalTech 4×4 Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Dobinsons Adjustable Rear Panhard Bar
  • Dobinsons C59-701V Variable Rate Rear Springs

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

Watching the Dobinsons rear long travel go to work on some rock shelves is almost as fun as actually driving up to them yourself. The amount of articulation the 4Runner gets from these bolt-on parts is truly impressive.

Since my 4R is part of the SR5 gang (open diffs), keeping both rear wheels planted goes a long way in terms of crawling. By no means does this modification replace the need for lockers, but it sure does bring the capability of a SR5 4Runner to a whole new level.

5. Richard Yan (@ryr_t4r) – 2019 TRD OR

MGM 5th Gen 4Runner with Total Chaos 3.5+ Long Travel Race Kit with Custom Rear Cantilever Long Travel & Fiberglass Fenders

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Total Chaos +3.5 Race Kit with King Coilovers & Triple Bypass Shocks
  • Dirt King Double Shear Upper Gussets
  • Custom Gussets For Main Hoop & Engine Crossbar
  • Boxed In Lower Control Arms
  • DRT Body Mount Relocation Kit


  • The rear is custom by AZWillis Fabrication. It’s a cantilever rear end achieving 18″ of wheel travel. It’s also a custom 4 Link with no pan hard bar.

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

This setup rides nice and smooth. Long travel kits are all about the tuning of the shocks and having the proper setup. You can pay however much you want for a suspension setup, but if it’s not properly tuned, then it’s a waste of money.

I had a lot of trial and error trusting the wrong people when it came to getting this setup dialed in. However, after I had to redo a few things, the stars started to align and I was able to finalize this long travel kit for my 4Runner.

6. Johnny Shin (@ramensavedmylife) – 2016 SR5

5th Gen 4Runner with BTF 4.5+ Coilover LT Kit

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • BTF 4.5+ Coilover LT Kit
  • 2.5 / 8” King Shock Coilovers w/ Triple Tube Secondary Shocks
  • 2.0 x 2” Hydro Bump Stops


  • 2.5 Stock Replacements w/ OME 899s
  • Timbren Rubber Bump Stops

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

The truck definitely still needs a lot of work, but I do still enjoy how it handles thus far. The limited travel and cushion in the rear still bugs me honestly. But that should all get sorted out in a couple of months when some new suspension bits come in.

I’m just glad I went LT before all the mid travel jazz. Might as well just pay once and enjoy than pay twice and regret it. This truck’s platform has so much potential and I’m still putting all the pieces together.

7. Nathan Krig (@trdlun4r) – 2021 TRD Pro

Lunar Rock 5th Gen 4Rnner with Total Chaos 3.5" Race Long Travel Kit, SCS F5 Wheels, C4 Front Bumper & Prinsu Roof Rack

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Total Chaos 3.5” Race Long Travel Kit
  • King 2.5” Long Travel Coilovers w/ 700lb springs
  • Total Chaos Secondary Shock Hoop w/ King 2.5” Triple Tube Bypass Long Travel Shocks
  • Total Chaos UCAs


  • OME 700lb 3” Lift Springs
  • Total Chaos Rear Control Arm Kit
  • 3” King Rear 2 Tube Bypass Shocks
  • King Shocks 2” Stubby Air Bumps

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

I chose components that work well together and that would provide a wide range of tuning for different terrains. Adding the secondary triple bypass front shocks allows the rig to run with no front sway bar and still allows the 4Runner to handle great both on and off-road.

Knowing I can drive how I want, take a turn when I want, and cruise at the same speed off-road as I can on-road is what I wanted out of this build, and it delivers on that with ease.

8. Jacob Cutting (@mag4rnr) – 2019 SR5

5th Gen 4Runner with BTF Fabrication +4.5 Long Travel Kit

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • BTF Fabrication +4.5” LT Kit
  • 8” Coilovers w/ 700lb Springs
  • 8” Three Tube Bypass
  • 2” 2.0 Bump Stops


  • 8” Two Tube Bypass
  • 2” 2.0 Bump Stops
  • Dobinsons 701V Springs

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

This LT setup allows me to get where I need to go fast and as smoothly as possible. The 4Runner floats over everything I put it through both on and off-road.

With all the extra wheel travel I can keep my tires on the ground while articulating through obstacles. This helps out huge for better traction while off-road since the SR5 doesn’t come with a rear locker like the TRD Off-Road models. Overall this setup is has been great and as an added bonus, the 4R also looks awesome!

9. Chris Alexander (@shepherdrunna) – 2018 TRD OR

5th Gen 4Runner with Long Travel Suspension & Front Fiberglass Fenders

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Total Chaos +2 Standard Kit
  • Total Chaos UCAs
  • Total Chaos LCAs
  • King Coilovers
  • CVJ Extended Axles
  • Gusseted Spindles & Cam Tabs


  • 12″ Stroke King Coilovers w/ Remote Reservoirs
  • Metaltech Upper and Lower Links
  • Dobinsons 677V Variable Rate Springs
  • Icon Track Bar w/ Eimkeith PCK
  • Extended Break Lines

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

What I enjoy most is the performance this setup delivers both on and off-road. The front long travel works excellent off-road on a variety of terrain while still providing a comfortable driving experience on the highway.

The price point is was pretty reasonable and the customer service by Total Chaos was excellent. All of the products I put on my 4Runner are tried and true. You can’t go wrong with Total Chaos combined with King Shocks.

10. Clinton Saephan (@amg_t4r) – 2016 Trail

5th Gen 4Runner with Total Chaos +2 Long Travel, King Shocks & 40" Cooper STT Pro Tires

Long Travel Suspension Details


  • Total Chaos +2 Long Travel
  • Kings Shocks 2.5 w/ Remote Reservoirs & Adjusters
  • 600lb Springs
  • Total Chaos UCAs
  • Total Chaos LCAs


  • Califabrication 3 Link Kit
  • Fox 2.0 14” Coilovers w/ Reservoir
  • 14”- 250 + 16” – 250 Top-Bottom Spring Rate

What Do You Like About Your Setup?

What I like about this long travel kit is just how comfortable it rides on and off-road compared to stock/mid travel. The Total Chaos LT kit performs extremely well while rock crawling even though it was originally built for racing, which is what I first liked about it. I definitely love the added stance it also gives to the 4Runner. It just makes your rig look tough and aggressive.

The up travel and down travel performs amazingly as well. I’m able to keep my rigs tires planted on the ground most times while traversing over sketchy terrain. With the LT kit being wider than the stock track width, the rig feels a bit safer while going through sketch sections or tipsy areas out on the trail. You will not be disappointed with this kit from Total Chaos.

Final Thoughts

Nathan Krig (@TRDLun4r) 2021 TRD Pro with king shocks long travel

These next-level long travel 4Runners were absolutely amazing! I enjoy how each owner picked a long travel suspension kit for their own reasons as well. The SR5 group chose LT to help compensate for the lack of rear locker in their 4Runners. Several owners mentioned this, and to be honest, that never even crossed my mind as a reason to justify a better suspension system. See, even I learned something with this Feature Friday.

Other builds on this list were built to go fast through any terrain. You can see that in the @builtbysquirrels, @magrnr, and @trdlun4r builds. These rigs are next level and have been built to literally conquer any terrain, and fast. All the builds this week were absolutely KILLER! I can’t wait to see next week’s submissions.

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing AFTERMARKET HEADLIGHTS.

We want readers to get inspired by a variety of rigs/products. Submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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1 year ago

It would be interesting if someone highlighted the changes needed for LT in the rear. I’ve purchased the TC kit for the rear of my 5th gen (not installed yet), and was wondering if the sway bar needs extensions, or just run it like it is.

Also, Ben at Filthy Motorsports posted a vid on youtube on 5th gen 4runner rear shocks and considerations thereof, when running LT.

It kinda makes your head spin!

Thanks for the article,

Roman L
Roman L
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

You can buy extended adjustable links, from Dobinson’s for example, I run MT rear LT shocks and your lower trailing arms will bottom out on the axle housing before the swaybar becomes a limiting factor. I run a combination of offset trailing arms and extended sway bar links and get full ~12″ of travel out of the rear shocks.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Honestly, I’d delete the rear swaybar. Try it before the lift goes on to test it out. You won’t even notice it’s gone.

1 year ago
Reply to  NC.4Runner

Delete? That is a possibility. When I’m done I want to try it out with and without to see how it goes. I’m adding a bunch of weight in the build so I’m curious to see if the adjustable shocks and stiffer springs are enough by themselves, or do I still need the sway bar.

Jeremy Chambers
Jeremy Chambers
1 year ago

There was some very sweet builds in this line up as to be expected once someone gets to the point of true LT. Keep up the great articles.

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