Easy Christmas Gifts For the Toyota 4Runner Owner

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Christmas Shopping for The 4Runner Owner in Your Family? This Holiday Buyer’s Guide Will Give You Some Easy & Affordable Ideas

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re holiday shopping for that special 4Runner owner in your life. It probably also means that you’ve already seen all the discussion on lifts, tires, modifications costing thousands of dollars and it made your head spin… and your wallet ache. But fear not! This gift guide was written specifically to help you figure out what you want to get that 4Runner owner (and whether they already have the gift you’re considering).

Use this guide as a starting point. It is designed so you can understand the item we’re suggesting, then figure out whether they need or even want the gift. And of course, some suggestions on where to find those items.


Fire Extinguishers

H3R Performance - MaxOut™ MX250R - 4Runner MOLLE Panel Fire Extinguisher

Top Picks for 2021: 

Wheeling and camping are one of the best parts of owning a 4Runner. But when you’re getting out there, you’re also getting further away from the fire department.

How to tell if they want it: Since they’re generally bright red and only really effective when they’re easy to get to, odds are you’ll have no trouble checking to see if they already have one.

Where to get it: Your local home improvement store almost certainly has a standard red 2.5 lb fire extinguisher in stock and assuming it is A, B, and C rated, it’ll do a fine job putting out fires. After all, that’s the point.

Or you could elevate the gift by getting them something like the H3R Performance Fire Extinguisher, which uses a Clean Agent system that won’t damage vehicle interiors or finishes. A great add-on (or alternative if they already have an extinguisher) would be a fire extinguisher mount that keeps the extinguisher close to hand without worrying about it bouncing around in the footwell.

The Element E50 is the smallest, the Cold Fire is cool because it’s refillable but the H3R seems to have the most reviews of being the “best”. The choice is up to you.

First Aid Kits

Overland Gear & Car Camping Essentials For the 5th Gen 4Runner: My Medic MyFak First Aid Kit

Top Picks for 2021: 

If the fire department is far away, the hospital is too. Help them be prepared to handle situations when things don’t go quite according to plan.

How to tell if they want it: Kind of like the fire extinguisher, if you don’t see a bright red box or bag with a white cross on it, odds are they don’t have one. And if they don’t have one, they probably should.

Where to get it: We’re fans of options like the MyMedic MyFAK and Suriveware Comprehensive First Aid Kit. These kits include all of the essentials for basic first aid without wasting a bunch of space on things like adhesive bandages and wet wipes. These kits are for serious emergencies, not just minor scrapes. Keep in mind that a first aid kit is only as useful when someone knows how to use it. If they don’t have any first aid training, consider enrolling them (or encouraging them to enroll) in a local first aid course. If they do already have a kit, and you’re willing to throw down more serious money, maybe a Wilderness First Responder Certification Course could be a good idea.

Traction Boards

Top Picks for 2021: 

Getting stuck happens on occasion and of course, the ideal way to get unstuck is a winch. But, winches are heavy, complicated, and require a number of other modifications and accessories to safely attach them to the 4Runner. While that would be an amazing gift, it’s well beyond the scope of this guide. Although if you’re in the market, check out the Smittybilt XRC Gen3.

Instead, consider the second-best option; traction boards. These robust slabs of plastic can be the difference between spinning tires and reliable traction, and the really good ones can even be used to ramp up or over trail obstacles.

How to tell if they want it: For starters, the large the size, the better. Look for large, heavy plastic plates, roughly three feet long and a foot wide with textured surfaces. If you don’t see them, odds are they don’t have them.

Where to get it: The undisputed champion in traction boards is Australia’s MaxTrax, and for good reason. Between their proven durability and grip, and massive selection of accessories, they’re hard to beat. But ActionTrax offers similar construction and performance at a lower price while being made in the USA. There are lower-cost options on the market, and while they will almost certainly work in an emergency we’ve yet to find an option that has the durability necessary for multiple uses. Don’t bother with folding or roll-up style traction aids; these devices are designed for two-wheel-drive vehicles on highway tires.

Organization, Cleanliness, and Convenience

Console/Glove Box Organizers

Vehicle OCD Center Console Organizer

Top Picks for 2021: 

One great thing about the 4Runner is all the storage space it offers. But sometimes when you’re storing smaller items, that cavernous capacity can feel like you’re throwing gear stuff into a black hole. So, help them find what they’re looking for, and actually store more stuff by helping them get organized.

How to tell if they want it: Open up the glove box and/or center console. Are there trays or shelves helping keep items everything organized? If not, they’ll definitely benefit from these organizers.

Where to get it: There are a variety of options on Amazon for glove box and/or center console organizers. But, we’re fans of the Vehicle OCD options like their two-part center console organization system and their more modular glove box option.

Floor Mats

Husky 4Runner Floor Mats - Passenger

Top Picks for 2021: 

Even if they don’t get to spend a ton of time off-road, odds are they track a fair bit of funk in on the bottoms of their shoes. Or, maybe their 4Runner is also a family hauler. Kids are messy and they create their own level of havoc on the interior of a car. Protect their floors and make it easier to clean up with a set of upgraded floor mats.

How to tell if they want it: If you see stock carpet floor mats, know that you can do better. If they’re using rubber floor mats, even if they’re not the ones we recommend, they’re probably better off with a set of upgraded mats.

Where to get it: We’re divided between the WeatherTech Floor Liners and Husky Weatherbeater Floor Liners. However, we all agree that either option offers a massive upgrade in protection and cleanability by replacing the floor mats and covering nearly every inch of carpet at the bottom of the footwells. And, even less complete-coverage options like the WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats make it easier to keep the interior clean and wash up way easier than carpet.

Underhood Lighting

Top Picks for 2021: 

Given that it’s a Toyota, they’re probably not spending a ton of time under the hood of their 4Runner. But, there’s still stuff like topping up fluids, airing up tires, installing other mods, or even just helping someone jump a battery at night. And in those cases, a bit of extra visibility can be a bit of an asset.

How to tell if they want it: Go pop the hood on their 4Runner. Did a light come on, do you see any lights mounted on the hood? If not, they might appreciate some illumination.

Where to get it: For a manually-operated option, go with the KC HiLites Cyclone underhood light kit; it’s a simple setup that’s super reliable. Or for an automatic option, the Yodateq LED Engine Compartment Light Kit turns on when they open the hood, and off when they close it.

A Clean Rig

Protecting Yourself and Your 4Runner's Interior During a Pandemic: A Quick Guide On Deep Cleaning the 5th Gen 4Runner

Top Picks for 2021: 

If they’re constantly getting mud, sand, and dirt on themselves when using the 4Runner, consider picking up some detailing equipment. Or, if hard love and hard use have left their mark on the 4Runner, you could help get them looking presentable again!

How to tell if they want it: Literally every 4Runner owner will want some type of car cleaner. Every. Single. One.

Where to get it: The super budget-friendly option here is to grab a bucket, some soap, and get to work. Or you could do a little bit of research and find a local car wash. Odds are they have gift cards or a membership option you could get for them. If their 4Runner is in need of even more attention, consider looking into getting the vehicle detailed. It’s amazing what a good interior detail can do to remove the funk leftover by years of trail dust and road trip eating.

Most followers of Trail4Runner are DIY’ers at heart, so the best option would be to order a few interior and exterior detailing products and let them get to work!



OnX Offroad App GPS Mapping Software For Off-Roading & Overlanding in the 5th Gen 4Runner

Top Picks Top Picks for 2021: 

Since the point of these things is to drive them, it’s probably a good idea to know how to get there, right? So, outfit their 4Runner with maps; physical, digital, or both.

How to tell if they want it: Do they wish they knew about more places to wheel? Are they planning a big trip to explore a new part of the country? Are they the type of person that enjoys logging information when they’re working out?

Where to get it: It’s hard to beat physical maps for reliability since they don’t need a signal or battery to work. Mass-market options like NatGeo Maps offer a decent amount of information for a general outdoor enthusiast audience. Their maps also include information about high clearance/4×4 roads and camping options in most major outdoor areas across the United States. For information more focused on the 4×4 market, look into an off-road-specific guidebook covering an area they’re interested in.

Some may just want to go digital, so get them a subscription to an online map service like Gaia GPS or onX Offroad. Not only do these services provide map information, but they will also allow your 4Runner owner to track, save, and share their routes for future use. And, most maps can be downloaded and used in “off-line mode” to ensure spotty cell service won’t be an issue.


ARB E-Z Deflator - Worth It?

Top Picks for 2021: 

“Airing down”, or letting air out of the tires before going wheeling, is standard practice for a whole host of reasons. It improves ride quality, traction, protects trails, and can even help prevent a tire blowout.

How to tell if they want it: When they’re going off-road, are they airing down with a rock or pointed stick? Or, are they not even airing down at all?

Where to get it: The ARB EZ Deflator is a favorite (quite literally around the world) and allows for quick and precise adjustment of tire pressure. The Staun Automatic Deflators are a bit more pricey, but they stop letting air out at a user-selectable pressure. The MORRFlate though is king when it comes to the inflation/deflation systems.


VIAIR 400H-A Hard Mounted Automatic Compressor Review - 5th Gen 4Runner

Top Picks for 2021: 

What goes down, must come up. Once your back on stable ground, it’s time to head home and air-up. They’ll need to put air back in the tires before hitting the highway in order to avoid damaging their tires or crushing their fuel economy.

How to tell if they want it: Do they constantly have to find a gas station with a working air pump when they finish wheeling? Are they blowing out their back using a bike pump? Or are they not even airing down in the first place? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then trust me, they want it.

Where to get it: Budget-friendly options include models from Viair and Smittybilt, both of which offer great performance with stock and larger tires. If they are running bigger tires, or running at higher tire pressures, it might be worth upgrading to something like onboard air. ARB makes two sizes models and both the price and output can vary. They’ll not only fill up tires faster, but both also offer the option to be permanently installed inside the engine bay.

Away from the 4Runner

Hoodies, Shirts, and Swag

Trail4Runner.com Merchandise 4Runner Nation Hoodies Shirts

Top Picks for 2021: 

More than just a way to cover the body or keep warm, clothes can be a way to tell people something about yourself. Wearing a suit says you’re taking this seriously. Wearing 4Runner merch can be a way to let other people know what you’re into.

How to tell if they want it: Is their fashion heavily peppered with items sourced from their other hobbies, but otherwise devoid of 4Runner gear?

Where to get it: Now maybe it’s our bias showing, but there’s some great stuff over in the Trail4Runner store. Pick up some stickers too for a stocking stuffer. If they’re more the hat type, eBay is stacked with a selection of vintage Toyota headwear. And you don’t even have to be Toyota specific. If they have a favorite part of the country to explore, odds are someone on the internet is making shirts about it.

RC Crawler

Element RC Enduro 4Runner Remote Control Car

Top Picks for 2021: 

Does your 4Runner giftee cringe at the thought of wheeling their truck? Then get them an RC Enduro (or other dream truck) and let them go wheeling in the backyard without destroying the lawn. You have kids? They will fall in love with this 4Runner rig and so will your other. Such a fun gift!!

How to tell if they want it: Are they detail-oriented? Do they seem like the kind of person that would enjoy long hours spent prepping, and assembling model parts? Or would they enjoy setting up sick jumps in the back yard?

Where to get it: At time of publication, we couldn’t find any budget-friendly RC 4Runners, but it’s hard to imagine any Toyota fan not enjoying a few of our picks above!

Final Thoughts

Of course, this list is far from exhaustive and there are lots of great ideas out there that we didn’t have room to cover. So, use this as a jump-off point and tailor your picks to the person you’re shopping for.

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