Feature Friday: 5 Rear Ladder Options For 5th Gen 4Runner In 2021

Featured Photo: Mark S (@nova.t4r) Greenlane Off-RoadFeatured Photo: Mark S (@nova.t4r) Greenlane Off-Road

Climb On Up! – 5 Rear Ladders To Consider in 2021 and into 2022 For Your 5th Gen 4Runner

This Weeks Topic: Rear Hatch Ladder

Wow, let me just get this out of the way, GOBI Ladders are freaking popular! I know I probably had over 10 submissions in my inbox for Gobi for this week’s Feature Friday. A rear ladder on the 5th Gen 4Runner is one of those mods that you ask yourself, “Is it really needed?” I mean sure, you can use your running boards or step on your tire to reach items on your roof rack and get by just fine, right? Yes, 100%. But, how cool does it look!? Very cool, and honestly a lot more functional than I thought they were. After reading what our featured owners like about their ladder setups, I learned there was more purpose to these than just looks. Not only can these ladders be used to help access items on your roof rack easier, but they can also be used as additional storage for molle panels, jerry cans, rotopax, or a trasharoo.

I hope you enjoy this shorted Feature Friday and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

These featured rigs are in no particular order, but definitely show all of them some love by following their builds over on Instagram.

If you want to be featured on Feature Friday next week, submit your build through Trail4R.com/feature. We will be featuring Barcelona Red 4Runners next week. If this is you, and you enjoy your setup, send in your rig some details about your build because we want to see it and know ALL the details!

5 Ladder Options For 5th Gen 4Runner 

1. Daniel Khimthang (@Daily.4r) Alphafoxtrot Designs

Daniel Khimthang (@Daily.4r) Alphafoxtrot Designs


  • Non Drill Ladder
  • Made of steel and aluminum to keep weight and durability in mind
  • Comes powder coated
  • Price: $299.95


What I like most about my Alphafoxtrot designs ladder is the unique shape. It follows the body line of the trunk from top to bottom. Keeping everything tight but just enough space to still utilize the ladder for its climbing purpose. The crossbars are configurable and use aluminum extrusion so the accessory mounting options are endless.

2. Rickson Go (@Rickson_vaporise_Barcelona4runner) BajaRack

Rickson Go (@Rickson_vaporise_Barcelona4runner) BajaRack


  • Ladder Weight 17lb
  • Weight Capacity 200lb
  • Epoxy undercoat and black powder coat finish
  • Price: $395.00


It was an easy Install. The Non-Drill installation made it a must-have. The material is high quality and I liked that it was epoxy coated.

3. Mark S (@nova.t4r) Greenlane Off-Road 


  • Rotapax bracket mount is $35 CAD (I did not get this add on)
  • Material: Aluminum and textured powder coat
  • Mounting: No drilling required
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Price: $440 CAD ($350 USD) $540 CAD shipped to Virginia ($432 USD).


I removed my plastic OEM Toyota running boards to give me more ground clearance and I do not yet have wider rock sliders that allow me to step on them to access the roof. I figured a ladder would help with accessing the roof since I often mount things like my Gazelle tent, traction boards, and even our toddler’s pack-n-play (hah). Eventually, I might get a clamshell-style roof-top tent and the ladder will allow me direct access to the tent.

I did extensive research on ladders. This was one of the more expensive ladder options but on par with many of the big-name popular brands. I only heard about Greenlane Off-Road through some Facebook groups since they are a smaller company located in Canada. I had read nothing but great reviews on all of their products. Since they are located in Canada, it seems like most of their products are made out of reinforced aluminum to prevent rusting (unlike steel), especially in salty snow weather.

I decided to go with Greenlane Off-Road’s ladder for 5th Generation 4Runner for a number of reasons. The ladder was shipped in so much bubble wrap, you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was a ladder. Super well packaged! Also besides mounting the ladder brackets to your vehicle, the main part of the ladder is one piece. So no modular setups or tightening multiple bolts/nuts on a routine basis. The ladder is made out of aluminum to prevent rusting. Although folks might think aluminum is not strong, ladders that are used in the construction field are all made out of aluminum for their durability and lightweight mobility. Not only does the aluminum prevent rusting, but it is also lighter than steel. With this ladder, there is no need to upgrade the rear gas springs on the trunk (unless you get the Rotopax add-on mount and add some Rotopax to the ladder). I also like how the ladder is curved to the left a bit. It follows the flow of the window and trunk while also more out of the way when I am looking in my rearview mirror. The powder coating is not just a simple black powder coat, but it is textured and helps prevent slippage from stepping on the ladder (along with the step bars being square rather than tubular). The ladder is low profile and should work with many roof racks. I am currently running an LFD 7/8 roof rack (which I also love) and the ladder is not even close to coming in contact with the rack when the trunk is open.

One tip for anyone thinking about getting this ladder (or potentially any other ladder), buy some clear paint protection film from Amazon or the auto store and cut two strips. Put one on the top where the ladder mount plate attaches to the roof and one at the bottom where the bottom mount plate attaches to the trunk. Just in case the ladder ever shifts (which mine hasn’t), it won’t scrape the paint. I am very happy with this ladder!

4. Neil Bucu (@t4rawr) Gobi 

Neil Bucu (@t4rawr) Gobi


  • 1” Steel Tubing
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy install, gas shock included
  • 250lbs Weight Rating
  • Price: $350


I’ve got the ever-popular Gobi ladder. It retails for $350, comes powder coated black with anti-rust undercoating straight from Gobi, and is built to fit the driver’s side of the hatch of 5th Gen 4Runners. Though the Gobi has a matching roof rack, I’ve got my ladder mismatched to the Victory 4×4 full rack, and aside from minor contact with the hatch fully open, it fits and looks fantastic.

The automotive ladder is designed to climb up and climb down, but since it’s unsafe to use them while driving, they end up being more of a visual accessory during the commute to the office, or when romping over the whoops at your favorite trail. As such, it’s got to look the part so that the fellow in the next lane can see that you’re a serious off-roader, camper, overlander, dirt junkie; and that’s really the point of it all!

All kidding aside, while I have yet to load down my rack with camping equipment, or snowboarding gear, I have tested the ladder and it holds my 180lb frame without issue and is able to get me to my destination easily: the roof. Additionally, 3rd party companies have done a great job of creating mountable accessories. In my case, I have both an extended step and a Rotopax mount cleverly affixed to the ladder rungs, allowing me to have a larger step as well as a spot to mount my external water or gas container, respectively. Finally, it fits snugly with my RIGd Ultraswing, tucked away neatly behind it.

Ladder end-uses vary from rig to rig, as they can be used every day to get to the roof, or just occasionally to mount accessories for quick day trips. And while that’s all well and good, one thing is certain, and it’s that the guy in the next lane wishes he had one.

5. Brian Ramnaraine (@Bullet.T4R) Meira (eBay Variate)

Brian Ramnaraine (@Bullet.T4R) Meira (eBay Variate)


  • Material: Aluminum and Steel
  • Price: $185


It was a very easy installation overall. Given it has removable bars, it can help with visibility as well as mounting. I typically mount my Trasharoo to it for camping and off-roading trips. It is pretty cost-efficient at the end of the day, and a good alternative if you don’t need anything special.

6. Alvin Jon (@iron.trail) Gobi Passenger Side 

Alvin Jon (@iron.trail) Gobi


  • 1” Steel Tubing
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Easy install, gas shock included
  • 250lbs Weight Rating
  • Price: $350


At the time I purchased the Gobi ladder there weren’t very many ladder options for the 5th gen 4runner. Regardless, I wanted one that was simple, durable, can hold my weight (and some) and USA-made. Behold..the Gobi ladder.

I am 205lbs of grade A meat and despite the 250lb rating, I’ve carried my 106lb dog up along with me and into our RTT (do this at your own risk). I’ve done this upwards of 40-50 times (up and down) and have not had any issues. I have also attached step extensions, a shovel, and an ax and it has held up great. Furthermore, no rust! I’m confident enough to say I’ve put it through its paces considering weather and abuse.

You don’t “need” heavier duty gas struts, but trust me, you’ll want them. The hatch will sag.

Overall, if you are looking for a simple look (because sometimes “less is more”) Gobi is a great option.

The only con I could think of is the lead times which can run up to 10 months  (I received mine in 4).

Disclaimer: Gobi ladder will come as a Driver Side mounted ONLY. I had a fabricator do modifications to mount mine on my passenger.

Final Thoughts:

Featured Photo: Mando Hurtado (@Voodoo_trdpro4r) GobiFeatured Photo: Mando Hurtado (@Voodoo_trdpro4r) Gobi

Well, that was a lighter Feature Friday than the last few weeks have been. Don’t get me wrong, we had maybe 15 entries, but ALOT of them were Gobi ladders, which makes sense they are stellar quality. When it comes to multiple entries, I try to be fair by adding the submissions that go into detail about their product and who sent us their rig first. Regardless, we appreciate the support on Feature Friday and we look forward to featuring rigs EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!! Thanks, guys!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing some Barcelona Red 4Runners. We want to get inspired by a variety of setups, submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off. Have a great weekend guys!!

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1 year ago

I’ve seen a few C4 ladders in the wild. They’re great!

1 year ago

Kind of surprised the Frontrunner ladder wasn’t also on the list. Any reason behind that?

8 months ago
Reply to  Adam

I started with a Gobi and switched to Frontrunner ladder to allow hatch to open completely with frontrunner rack. I like the design but steps are very narrow, also previous accessories for tubular ladders do not work. Planning to go back to new redesigned of gobi ladder now works with other racks.

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