Feature Friday: 9 Cavalry Blue 5th Gen 4Runner Builds

Featured: Adam Runner (@turd.pro)

Featured: Adam Runner (@turd.pro)

From Mall Crawl To Overland Builds – These 9 Cavalry Blue TRD Pro 4Runners Will Inspire Your Build

This Weeks Topic: Cavalry Blue 4Runners

Well, I hope you all had an amazing week and are ready for this Feature Friday!! This week, we are looking at builds from the best TRD Pro year that Toyota offered, the 2018 Cavalry Blue 4Runner!!! Now, I may be a little bias when it comes to this color, but I think that this is one of the best colors Toyota has thrown onto the 5th gen 4Runner for the TRD Pro model. Toyota has yet to offer this color again on the 4Runner making 2018 the only available year to get this color on a 5th gen (sorry Army Green owners). Below you will find various builds from all-out overland rigs, to yours truly, a mall crawler I am proud of. Hahaha. If you have a Cavalry Blue 4Runner and are looking for some inspiration to start your build, then you are in the right place. These rigs are in no particular order, so enjoy!

Cavalry Blue is a special edition color for 2018 on the Tacoma and 4Runner TRD Pro. As of the writing of this article, if you want a Cavalry Blue 4Runner, you HAVE to buy a model year 2018 4Runner or go with an all-out custom color-matched cav-blue wrap. Toyota has yet to offer this color again on the 4Runner, making a 2018 TRD Pro 4Runner, very rare and highly sought after.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

If you want to be featured on Feature Friday next week, submit your build through Trail4R.com/feature. We will be featuring REAR BUMPERS next week. If this is you, and you enjoy your rear bumper set up, send in your rig some details about your rear end (haha) because we want to see it and know ALL the details!

1. Jonathan Alonso (@that_cavalry_trd)

Jonathan Alonso (@that_cavalry_trd)


  • DirtKing +3.5 Long Travel Suspension
  • Custom Spec Long Travel King Shocks w/ adjusters
  • DRT Fabrication Body Mount Relocation Kit
  • Summit Off-Road DAKAR wheels
  • Toyo Tires 35×12.5×17 MTs (soon to be 37s)
  • Remmen Brakes Slotted Rotors w/high-performance pads
  • TXTR Customs 1″ Body Lift


  • Ironman4x4 Full Skids
  • RSG Angled Sliders
  • Lil BS Fabrication Bumper
  • SDQH abs protectors
  • Ironman4x4 12k winch w/ synthetic line
  • Vicoffroad recovery boards


  • Alpharex Nova Series Headlights
  • Ironman4x4 5×7 Roof Rack/ bumper Lights (new Ironman4x4 series lights coming soon)
  • Ironman4x4 3″ ditch lights/ fog lights
  • Vicoffroad Scene lights/ chase lights
  • CTH Interior dual-color LED lights


  • Front Runner Roof Rack
  • Ikamper Skycamp Tent ( Ironman4x4 new hardshell tent soon)
  • Ironman4x4 Awning
  • Ecotechne Hood Rack
  • ARB Dual Air Compressor
  • SponsorByWifey Air System in all 4 corners
  • Switch-Pro Control Module for all accessories
  • Gobi Ladder
  • Waterport Tank
  • FTS Snorkel
  • SnorkelUpgrade Precleaner


  • Midland Radio
  • CTH T9 Android Headunit
  • Guardian Safe and Vault Center console Safe with Electronic lock
  • Husky All-Weather Floor Mats
  • Canvasback Cargo liner protectors
  • Ironman4x4 Dual Drawers
  • Ironman4x4 Dual-zone Fridge and slide
  • CTH Modular Storage Panels
  • Ironman4x4 full recovery gear


Being able to enjoy what you have is the most important aspect of doing what we do. Building the rig for what you need not for what others have. I have been able to enjoy the 4Runner in all stages of the build. While being stock I learned not only the capabilities of myself but also that of the 4Runner. As my skills grew so did my mod list. But like anything else everything is a process and taking your time and learn with what you have is what will allow you to learn what you will need. Being able to take out the family into nature not only seeing amazing places but meeting even more amazing people along the way is what all this is about. Go out and explore!

2. Christa C (@seacreechr)

Christa C (@seacreechr)

  • UpTop Overland alpha roof rack
  • King OEM Replacement Shocks 4Runner (Adjustable) – Front & rear
  • Dobinsons 325 rear springs
  • Cooper STT Pro 285/70/17
  • C4 fab sliders
  • Kustom54 headlights
  • Txtr customs front bumper
  • Anzo USA tail lights
  • Tepui low pro tent
  • Road shower 7 gal
  • Sumosprings rear bump stops
  • Durobump front bump stops


The tent is lightweight and low profile compared to most tents while allowing plenty of storage on the roof as opposed to a hard shell tent. King suspension along with replaced SumoSprings Rear Bump Stops and Duro Bump fronts rides great both on and off-road. The front bumper is low profile but wraps the entire front end vs a typical “lowpro” valence cut-out option that does not protect the sides of the front of the vehicle. My bumper doesn’t completely sacrifice stock look as a full-size bumper would require much more cutting. It’s got plenty of room and capability for my needs.

3. Adam Brown (@BigBlueOx_TRD)

Adam Brown (@BigBlueOx_TRD)


  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear rear seatback molle panels with multiple pouches
  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear headrest-mounted First Aid Kit
  • Blue Sea 12v Panel with dual USB ports, 12 Socket & Voltage Meter Display
  • Dometic CFX75DZW wired with Anderson connections
  • Orangeboxx Fab Custom PSD Panels featuring our Logo
  • Uniden CMX760 Bearcat Offroad Series CB radio
  • EDGE CTS2 Insight Monitor

Under the Hood:

  • Genesis Offroad Dual Battery Kit with dual group 25 Performance Odyssey batteries
  • ARB CKMA12 Single On-Board Air Compressor
  • Blue Sea Fuse block for all accessories

Suspension and tires:

  • Toytec spacer lift for TRD PROs with Toytec HD rear springs
  • JBA Offroad UCAs
  • Spidertrax 1.25″ Spacers
  • Custom BMC with Custom Plates I made myself
  • 285/70 R17 BFGoodwrench KO2s


  • LFD Offroad Full-length roof rack
  • ARB 2500 Awning
  • MaxTrax
  • Lamin-X Yellow Fog Light Tint
  • Lifetime LED hidden light bar in the front grill
  • Apex Overland Front Recovery Points
  • Custom made tray for roof rack that holds 3 x 7gal Reliance water jugs
  • Kobalt shovel mounted to roof rack at the rear


I’m mostly happy with the fact that our build is done with products purchased from local dealers. Supporting small businesses is something we’ve wanted to be a focal point for this. Also, doing all of the work myself has been a lot of fun.

Through hours of research, I was able to finally piece together the right suspension setup for our adventures. The Toytec lift allowed us to keep the Bilsteins from the factory while replacing the rear springs with Heavy Duty springs. This allowed us to have a slight rake when not loaded and sit right at level when loaded for camping. We found that the rear would hit a lot when factory set up was installed and riding trails to camp.

The high caster JBA Offroad UCAs have given us the proper alignment specs we were missing and help with offroad capabilities, as well as tire fitment. This all allowed us to be able to have items on our LFD full-length roof rack and our Dometic CFX75DZW loaded without sacrificing ride quality or clearance when headed to a camp deep in the woods.

Together with our Genesis Offroad Dual Battery Kit and our Orangeboxx Fab PSD Panels and were equipped with everything we need for a week at Cape Lookout National Seashore or a quick weekend up Old NC 105 to Linville Gorge, two of our favorite destinations.

4. Brian Deliz (@Taino_t4r)

Brian Deliz (@Taino_t4r)


  • Lil’ B’s Hybrid Front Bumper
  • Victory 4×4 Full Skids
  • Victory 4×4 Rear Bumper Single Swing Out
  • RSG Offroad Sliders


  • Diode Dynamics 30” Light Bar
  • DD SS3 Max Amber Fogs
  • DD SSC2 Amber Ditch Lights
  • DD SSC1 Amber Dust Lights
  • Alpharex Headlights
  • Anzo Sequential Taillights
  • VOSWITCH Light Controller


  • Dobinson Snorkel
  • Snorkel Upgrade
  • K&N Intake Tube
  • Smittybilt Air Compressor mounted on C4 Fab battery tray


  • Dasaita Android Radio
  • Front camera
  • 8” Under seat Sub


  • UpTop Overland Bravo Roof Rack
  • Topsolar Solar Panel


  • Bilstein TRD PRO with Cornfed
  • Dobinson 701v Rear Springs
  • Ironman 4×4 UCAs
  • Durobumps Bump stops
  • Extended Rear Sway Bar Links

Wheels and Tires:

  • SCS RAY 10 -38 Brushed Copper
  • 295/70/17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T


  • Scrubblade Windshield Wipers
  • Meso Customs Dual Color Dome Light
  • Custom Drawer System
  • Finn Fab Molle Panels


The Lil’ B’s front bumper changed the 4Runner in all the right ways. It gave me versatility and a great sleek design. It doesn’t twist or flex on the trail and it’s a great anchor for the winch. It made fitting larger tires a breeze and the front clearance angle is exactly what I wanted. The owner of Lil’ B’s even checks back on his work a year later to make sure it still exceeds your standards!

5. Adam Runner (@turd.pro)

Adam Runner (@turd.pro)

  • Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro Shocks / Springs
  • Ironman 4×4 Adjustable Panhard Bar
  • Ironman 4×4 Rear Sway Bar end links
  • Total Chaos Fabrication upper control arms
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport Fog Lights
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro ditch lights
  • Prinsu roof rack
  • RSG Off Road Sliders


The Ironman suspension setup is my newest mod, it also seems to be my favorite so far. Upgraded from the TRD Pro Bilstein suspension (and a spacer lift), the truck handles much better now.

The RSG rock sliders are phenomenal! I’ve used the heck out of them in Moab, UT and they’ve done a wonderful job of taking the rocks and protecting the truck body.

The Prinsu roof rack is undoubtedly one of the best options for 5th gen 4Runners – the flexibility, extra storage space, and slim profile make it wonderful to work with. Especially when you’ve switched rooftop tents as much as I have!

6. Adrian Nevarez (@Adrian_nevarez_co)

Adrian Nevarez (@Adrian_nevarez_co)

  • King Coilover suspension
  • Toytec heavy-duty rear springs
  • Icon Delta UCAs
  • RSG rock sliders
  • Cali Raised Raptor Grille lights
  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro led lights
  • Falken Wildpeaks 285/70r17


Comfort on long-distance trips. But able to handle 90% of trails in Colorado and Utah. Tows our camper trailer with ease.

7. Zach Chahalis (@zchahalis)

Zach Chahalis (@zchahalis)

  • Morimoto XB Gen 2 Headlights (Amber DRL)
  • Morimoto XB LED Fog lights (Amber)
  • Morimoto XB Tail Lights
  • Sony XAV-AX8100 head unit package from Trail Grid Pro
  • TRD Cold Air Intake
  • Pedal Commander
  • Overland Depot Raptor Lights (Amber)
  • AJT Design Climate Knobs (Black) and Key Fob (Cavalry Blue)
  • WeatherTech Window Visors
  • Black-out badge kit (rear emblems and steering wheel emblem)
  • Black-out TRD shift knob and transfer case knob
  • Black-out roof rails
  • Canvasback Liner
  • TufSkinz TRD Skid Plate Insert
  • Llumar front-site window tint
  • Various recovery hooks


I have a wide variety of uses for my 4Runner from daily use to casual/moderate off-roading needs. I am personally not one for a full off-road-ready rig so I’ve tried to incorporate some subtle modifications to improve the vehicle ranging from slight performance improvements, visual improvements, and functionality improvements. My goal was to make the vehicle a more cohesive package than what you’d see new on the lot in 2018.

On the performance side, I’ve limited it to the TRD cold-air intake and a Pedal Commander unit currently. I may look to add an exhaust at some point but I’ve been hesitant due to bast “droning” experiences with various exhaust systems.

Visually my biggest improvements are on the outside featuring a full Morimoto lighting update to enhance visibility and the exterior design (amber headlights, amber fogs, and tails), amber raptor lights in the grill, various black-out elements such as the roof rails, emblems, etc. with a hint of red in the front recovery hooks and TRD skid plate emblems.

I’ve tried to bring that cohesion inside of the rig as well by blacking out the steering wheel emblem and replacing most of the silver interior trim (black-out OEM Toyota shift knobs, AJT Design climate knobs, etc.). I also want to improve the overall functionality of the vehicle acting as my daily driver with an Apple Carplay/Android Auto Sony XAV-AX8100 bundle from Trail Grid Pro along with a full Canvasback liner set so my pup can come along for the ride. Finally, a key case from AJT Design matching the exterior of the rig is the cherry on the cake.

8. Alvin Hall (@4rungs)

Alvin Hall (@4rungs)

  • C4 Lopro half bull bar steel front bumper with high clearance additions
  • Baja Designs S8 30″ front amber light bar
  • 2.5 inch front spacers
  • Toyotech firm rear springs
  • 275/70/17 tires BFG KO2s
  • Dobinsons snorkel
  • Sy-Klone 9001 Precleaner
  • RCI rock sliders
  • RCI steel fuel tank skids
  • RCI aluminum A-arm sliders
  • RCI lower link sliders
  • RCI rear shock sliders
  • Bajarack full-length Utility flat rack
  • Bajarack ladder
  • Bajarack dual 5-gallon fuel can holder
  • Baja Designs Squadron Sport Amber Fogs
  • Xtreme LED low and hi beams
  • ARB twin compressor
  • AJC gear plate
  • Auxbeam 8 gang switch panel
  • Victory rear molle panel


What I like most about my current mods is that they enable me to get to places that I wouldn’t normally be able to venture to in a stock 4Runner. While a stock 4Runner is capable in its own right, there are times having my under armor and added lift gives me that extra peace of mind. Unfortunately, all that steel protection does cut into my miles per gallon. Being in Cali, my family and friends tend to venture to the desert a lot, and the Dobinsons snorkel plus the Sy-Klone pre-cleaner does a great job of keeping all that dust out of my airbox. Also, having a method to tie down all your gear is essential when you’re driving down long dirt roads. My AJC gear plate with D-ring tie-downs helps to ensure my stuff isn’t flying around in the back. For longer trips, I mount up two 5 gallons Wavian fuel cans on top of my Baja Rack. Having a rear swing-out bumper would be great, but because I still prefer to park in my garage, that is not an option. The con with having my fuel tanks on top is having to lift them up onto my roof rack before venturing out, and those things are heavy! I also just recently installed a C4 LoPro bumper with high clearance additions, so I don’t have any photos to show just yet. Can’t wait to try out some nighttime wheeling!

9. Jon Gangloff (@trd.jon)

Jon Gangloff (@trd.jon)

  • Alpharex Luxx Head Lights
  • Rago Fab Hidden Light Bar Mount w/ DRZ Light Bar
  • Spidertrax 1.25” Spacers
  • 5% Lumar Ceramic Tint
  • Cali Raised 0 Degree Sliders
  • Lasfit LED Interior/ Exterior Lights
  • Lasfit LED 4Runner Floor Mats
  • Canvasback Liners Cargo Liners
  • LFD Off-Road 7/8 Aluminum Roof Rack
  • TRD Exhaust 
  • Tufskinz Interior Pieces
  • Diode Dynamics Tail as Turn Mod
  • Rockford Fostgate Speaker Upgrade
  • AVS Hood Deflector
  • Amazon Red Front D-RIngs


I love the OEM+ look that I am going for. My goal for this rig is to be the ultimate mall crawler and I think I am on the way to succeeding with that. The 4Runner is very functional for me for my casual offroading trips, and also all the home renovation projects my wife and I take on. I have yet to put anything on the roof rack aside from sheets of plywood, but the LFD rack performed great! I have a few more things I would like to do to this like, bigger tires, a little lift, a new head unit, and ultimately a Magnuson supercharger.

Final Thoughts

Man, Cavalry Blue just looks so good on all these rigs! This color is a stunner and changes depending on the light that it’s in. Regardless, I think Cavalry Blue is one of the best colors that Toyota has offered on the 5th gen platform to date. Am I bias???? Uh, heck yea!!! But it is an amazing color and I hope you loved the rigs we featured. Have a great weekend everyone!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing some Rear Bumpers on 5th Gen 4Runners. We want to get inspired by a variety of different builds, submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your setup details and an awesome photo that shows it off. Have a great weekend guys!!

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Daniel S.
Daniel S.
2 years ago

Toyota did a great job with this color, definitely my favorite OEM color.

2 years ago
Reply to  Daniel S.

Couldn’t agree more!

2 years ago

These are all great rigs, with great companies used to build them. Thank you for the feature!

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