Feature Friday: 8 Nautical Blue 5th Gen 4Runner Builds For 2021

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

Pictured: Jackson Jenkins (@_jacksonjenkins) 2016 SR5-P

Feature Friday: Top 8 Nautical Blue 5th Gen 4Runner Builds – An Off-Road Rig Inspiration Guide

This Weeks Topic: Nautical Blue 4Runner Builds

WOW… Prior to this Feature Friday, I did not realize how RARE Nautical Blue 4Runner builds are on Instagram. That being said, man do these 4Runners look awesome. Fun fact, in 2017 when I had that urge to buy a Toyota 4Runner, I was strongly considering a 2018 TRD Off-Road Premium. This blue just looked so awesome in person and I really wanted to build one of them up, but as some of you know, Cavalry Blue came out that year and the rest was history.

But even though I bought a different blue that year, Nautical Blue still has a place in my heart as it was almost the 4Runner I pulled the trigger on. The builds you will find below in this Feature Friday range from fully decked out to my personal favorite, OEM+ style build. Definitely show these awesome builds some love by heading over to their Instagram and giving them a follow. I hope this Feature Friday gave you some inspiration if you are in the market for a Nautical Blue 4Runner.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

If you want to be featured on Feature Friday next week, submit your build through Trail4R.com/feature. We will be featuring CNC Roof Racks next week. If this is you, and you love your roof rack, send in your rig because we want to see it!

1. Nick Dance (@Nckydz) 2020 SR5

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

  • Cbi covert front bumper
  • Cbi skid plate
  • Morimoto headlights
  • 20” Baja Designs S8 light bar with SDHQ behind the grille mount
  • Baja Designs SAE fog lights
  • Baja Designs squadron sport with SDHQ ditch light brackets
  • Meso hitchpod with s1 for chase light set up
  • Switch-Pros panel for lights
  • RSG sliders
  • King suspension with Icon 2” rear spring and SPC UCA’s
  • 17” Volks Racing Te37 XT wrapped in 315/70 Cooper STT pro
  • Rays lug nuts & center caps
  • Oem audio plus sound system
  • S&b intake
  • Trd cat-back exhaust
  • Body mount chop/ pinch weld
  • Oem rack delete kit

What I like most about my build was that it was built with my best friends, and friends who’ve turned into family, shout out MJ Motorsports and Masha Fab, as well as all the other companies that have turned my 4Runner into what it is today.

2. Jermaine Dimalanta (@JRD_T4R) 2020 TRD-ORP

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen


  • OEM TRD PRO grille
  • OEM TRD PRO black front and rear valances
  • AidenJamesCustoms LED DRL switchback foglight bezels
  • DiodeDynamics SS3 Pro foglights
  • DiodeDynamics SSC2 Pro ditch lights
  • DiodeDynamics SS3 Pro flush mount aux reverse lights
  • Baja Designs LP6 Pro mounted on NFab LBM bumper light mount
  • AnzoUSA sequential tail lights
  • AnytimeBackupCamera Front/Rear camera kit
  • CarTrimHome power-folding mirrors
  • R4T smoked sequential side mirror turn signals
  • MESO Customs/VLEDS puddle lights
  • Suma Performance convex side mirrors
  • SE Toyota LED footwell/puddle lighting kit
  • All exterior bulbs replaced with LASFIT LEDs


  • MESO Customs TRD push start button and trim ring
  • AJT climate control knobs and steering wheel overlay
  • ICS Fab dash mount
  • ARCLightLED Icarus Extreme tailgate lights
  • All interior bulbs replaced with LASFIT LEDs
  • Raingler grab handles
  • Raingler ceiling attic storage net
  • Raingler liftgate ballistic zippered pocket
  • Canvasback cargo liner with bumper flap
  • IROAD X10 front/rear dash cam with dual battery pack setup
  • Driver side A-pillar grab handle mod


  • Dobinsons 2.5″ Front/2″ Rear lift
  • JBA Offroad upper control arms
  • Durobumps front/rear bump stops
  • ARB Diff Breather kit
  • ARK splash guards
  • Revtek rear mudflap delete
  • SNS Design ABS sensor covers
  • FJToyman Shock skids
  • R4T LCA skids
  • OEM TRD front skid
  • RCI OffRoad Aluminum Integration/Transmission/Fuel Tank/Lower Link skids
  • LFD OffRoad Transfer Case skid
  • C4 Fab Rear Diff skid
  • RSG MetalWorks rock sliders
  • BMC done by local shop K and K Custom Fabrication


  • 17×8.5 -10 Yokohama Advan Racing RGD2 in Racing Indigo Blue
  • RAYS L37 gunmetal lug nuts
  • LT285/70R17 Toyo Open Country AT III Load Range C
  • SpiderTrax wheel spacers


  • Sprint Booster
  • Fumoto Oil drain valve
  • Secondary Air Injection Pump Filter Mod

The majority of the mods have been minor things here and there, but in due time I know I’ll be adding more of the major stuff.

I definitely love the suspension and wheel/tire setup the most. The suspension feels just as smooth/comfortable as stock, if not better. Nosedive is virtually gone, which is why the suspension was one of the first mods I did. The wheels and tires were also swapped the same time I did the suspension. Aside from the looks department, which everyone knows wheels and tires greatly improve the look of a vehicle, the tires have performed great, definitely comfortable, no complaints whatsoever. The wheels were eye-catching to me, design-wise and color-wise. Also helps that they’re much lighter than the factory wheels. I had the same wheel on my previous vehicle, so being a favorite of mine, it was a no-brainer when they released these wheels for the 4Runner.

Overall though, the rig as a whole has been awesome. It serves as my daily and for the occasional weekend trips/off-road adventures. Coming from the lowered vehicle crowd, and the fact that I’ve always wanted a 4Runner since I was a kid, knowing that I can drive this thing pretty much anywhere and everywhere without worry has been a blast.

3. Devonte Jones (@Naughty_rnr) 2017 TRD-ORP

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

  • Icon 2.5 with CDCV all around, 3-inch lift front and rear
  • Icon tubular UCAs
  • Dobinson 701s rear coils
  • Artec rear aluminum panhard bar
  • Artec LCA Skids
  • Artec front low pro bumper
  • HeftyFabWorks rear aluminum dual swing bumper with tire swing, ladder, custom mounting plate
  • Gobi Rack
  • ARB Snorkel
  • Snorkel upgrade
  • Morimoto XB headlights
  • RCI full skids
  • RCI rock sliders
  • Stealth custom series 17×9 Ray 10s -38 offset
  • Yokohama MTs 35×12.5×17

In 2019 I bought my 4runner completely stock and over the past 2 years, I’ve made the vehicle completely my own, with a bit of inspiration from a few other builds on Instagram.

So far I’ve added quite a few mods, from upgrading the suspension, adding skid plates, front and rear bumpers, etc. My favorite mod so far has to be my HeftyFab dual swing rear bumper, this bumper is super lightweight due to it being aluminum. The bumper itself weighs 48lbs and with both swing arms a total of 104lbs making it one of the lightest weight bumpers if not the lightest on the market. I haven’t had the chance to test it out in the rocks yet but HeftyFab was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who runs some of their products on his build.

As for my suspension, I have the Icon 2.5 with CDCV all around. To be honest, they are a little stiff which I don’t mind that much. They’ve been great so far but in the next year or so I’ll be switching out the suspension for a completely different setup. Currently, I’m running Stealth Custom Series 17×9 ray 10s -38 offset wrapped with some Yokohama MTs 35×12.50×17. I’ve run quite a few tires in the past 2 years, Nitto Ridge grapplers, Cooper STT Pros, and Yokohama MTs, YOKOHAMA FOR THE WIN!!

Up until a few months ago, I thought I was done with my build but as more and more mods come out for the 5th gen 4runner I’ve decided she could use some upgrades in the near future. I plan on redoing the front and rear suspension by adding Marlin Crawlers RCLT kit, Cali fabrication 3 link kit with coil overs in the rear.

4. Adam Wolfe (@builtbysquirrels) 2018 TRD-OR

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

  • Builtbysquirrels hidden winch mount
  • Smittybilt X20 10k winch
  • In-house fab stainless snorkel
  • Method 301 17×9 -12 wheels
  • 35×12.5- Yokohama G003 MT
  • LSK 4.5” LT KIT
  • ADS 8” shocks with reservoir – front
  • ADS Hydro bumps – front
  • ADV fiberglass fenders
  • Builtbysquirrels rock sliders
  • Nitro gear 4.88s
  • ARB front locker
  • ARB single compressor
  • ARTEC crossbars
  • Finn Fab molle panels with blue seas power
  • Durobumps
  • Dobinson 59-677v springs – rear
  • Radflo 12” rear shocks with reservoir
  • Builtbysquirrels rear bumper
  • Front to back RCI Skids
  • Baja designs ditch lights
  • Baja designs chase lights
  • 5150 6’ LED dune whips

I enjoy all of it and am constantly surprised by how capable it is. I think my favorite part is the snorkel going through the fiberglass fenders. There was no template, no instruction just guess and check. I’m extremely happy with how it turned out and to my knowledge, it is still the only one with this combination.

5. Tanner Hedrick (@tannerlhedrick) 2018 TRD-ORP

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

  • Dobinson’s twin-tube nitro 2”-1” lift
  • RRW RRV-5 Bronze 17×8.5 -12
  • Falken Wildpeak 255/80
  • LFD Sliders w/ kick out
  • LFD skids
  • LFD full-length roof rack
  • Baja designs squadron pro ditch lights
  • Xenon depot LED headlight bulbs
  • 23Zero Breezeway 56
  • Custom cargo/sleeping platform with slide-outs
This 4Runner is my first Offroad capable vehicle, and it’s really shaped how I enjoy the outdoors. The ability to go further off the grid and into the backcountry has provided an escape that is really clutch in times like these. The love for Toyota trucks has also allowed me to meet a ton of amazing people who share my interests, so I don’t ever see myself not owning a Toyota truck.
I think the thing I love most about my 4Runner is the versatility it provides me in the outdoors. With the sleeping platform in the back and 23Zero tent up top, I can do everything from RTT camping to sleeping inside to ground tent camping. Combine that with excellent Offroad capability and reliability, and it’s really the ultimate get-out-there vehicle for me.

6. Ryan Gault (@wallawalla13) 2018 TRD-OR

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen


  • Icon Stage 2 – 3.5″ Lift – Extended Travel
  • Icon Tubular UCAs
  • Icon Coil Covers
  • Icon Adjustable Track Bar
  • Icon 3″ Dual Rate Rear Springs
  • SPC Rear Lower Control Arm
  • Dobinsons Diff Drop
  • Dobinsons Rear Coil Spacer
  • Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
  • Metal Tech 4×4 Rear Bump Stop Spacer
  • Duro Bump Front Bump Stops
  • Total Chaos Body Mount Chop
  • Wheels / Tires & Brakes:
  • Motegi MR150 Trailite – Satin Black – 17 x 8.5 – 4.75″ BS – 0 Offset
  • LT285/70R17 – Yokohama Geolandar M/T G 003
  • Pro Comp 34 Series Rockwell – Satin Black – 17 x 8.5 – 4.75″ BS – 0 Offset
  • LT285/70R17 – Nitto Terra Grappler G2
  • PowerStop Drilled & Slotted Rotors
  • PowerStop Carbon Ceramic Brake Pads
  • StopTech Front Extended Brake Lines
  • Metal Tech 4×4 Rear Extended Brake Lines
  • Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid


  • Warn Front Bumper
  • Smittybilt XRC Gen 3 Winch – Synthetic Rope
  • Factor 55 FlatLink
  • Motormic Shackles
  • Cali Raised Trail Edition Rock Sliders
  • RCI Offroad Engine Skid Plate – Aluminum
  • RCI Offroad Transmission Skid Plate – Aluminum
  • RCI Offroad Transfer Case Skid Plate – Aluminum
  • RCI Offroad Fuel Tank Skid Plate
  • RCI Offroad A-Arm Skid Plates – Aluminum
  • Rigid Armor Spare Tire Hitch Carrier
  • SDHQ Billet ABS Sensor Guards
  • Power / Underhood:
  • ARB Safari Snorkel
  • Sy-Klone Series 9001 Air Precleaner
  • S&B Cold Air Intake – Dry Filter
  • Magnaflow Overland Series Exhaust
  • ARB Diff Breather
  • ARB Single Air Compressor
  • Slee Off-Road ARB Compressor Bracket
  • Wits’ End Air Coupler Pacifier
  • Agency 6 Battery Tie Down
  • Optima Yellow Top Battery
  • Custom Power Block
  • Custom Grounding Block
  • Secondary Air Pump Mod

Exterior / Roof:

  • Prinsu Full Length No Drill Roof Rack
  • Baja Rack Rear Ladder
  • Smittybilt Overlander Hard Shell Roof Top Tent
  • Prinsu Tent Mounting Feet
  • ARB Touring Awning 1250mm x 2100 mm
  • Prinsu Low Profile Quick Release Awning Brackets
  • Prinsu Load Panels
  • Agency 6 Billet Grab Handles
  • Joe’s Original Equipment V2 SLAP
  • RotoPax 2 Gallon Fuel Containers
  • RotoPax 2 Gallon Water Container
  • RotoPax Mounts
  • Long Range America 33 Gallon Aux Fuel Tank (to be installed soon)
  • Trail Standard Offroad Pro Grille
  • Super Rad Trail4R Sticker


  • AlphaRex NOVA Series Headlights
  • KC Gravity Fog Lights – Amber
  • KC Flex Dual Pods – Ditch Lights
  • Rago Ditch Light Brackets
  • Cali Raised Roof Rack Dual Function Light Bar Kit
  • KC FLEX 30″ Light Bar – Bumper Mounted
  • KC Flex Solo Pods – Rear Hi Mount Lighting
  • KC Rear Facing Multifunction Light Bar
  • KC Cyclone Rock Lights – Amber
  • Yota LEDs Grille Lights – Amber
  • Xenon Depot LED Reverse Lights Bulbs
  • Xenon Depot LED Brake Light Bulbs
  • Xenon Deport LED Interior Light Bulbs

Interior / Recovery:

  • Cali Raised Rear Molle Panels – Driver & Passenger
  • Desert Does It Front Seat Jackers
  • Agency 6 Rear Lift Gate Hatch Pull Assist Strap
  • Lift Support Depot Maxpow Struts
  • Victory 4×4 Center Console Molle & Accessory Panel
  • Raingler 2nd Row Ceiling Attic Net
  • Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Boxes
  • ARB Snatch Strap
  • ARB Tree Trunk Protector
  • ARB Winch Extension Strap
  • ARB Recovery Damper
  • ARB Soft Connect Shackle
  • Traction Jack Recovery Boards
  • Pro Eagle “Beast” Off-Road Jack
  • Krazy Beaver Shovel
  • Quick Fist Mounting System

Audio / Comms:

  • Pioneer 8600NEX Head Unit
  • Alpine R-Series Door Speakers Front & Rear
  • Alpine R-Series Dash Speakers
  • JL Audio C2-525 Rear Hatch Speakers
  • Focal Impulse 4.320 Digital Amplifier
  • Rugged Radios VHF / UHF Radio
  • Rugged Radios GMR2
  • WeBoost4G-X OTR Cell Booster
  • Scosche Magic Mounts

TRDTLE is the perfect platform for my needs and requirements in a daily driver and an exploration machine. I’ve spent nearly four decades traveling the path less taken. After years of Wranglers & Cherokees, I made the jump to the 4Runner platform and had instant regret for not doing it sooner. TRDTLE has been through several evolutions since I purchased it in 2018. The current setup checks just about every box that I can think of. Once gearing comes off of backorder I will be set for years to come. Hands down, I love TRDTLE and the entire 4Runner world. I completely trust the vehicle in every situation. The only times I have been let down have been by my own doing. More importantly, my pup Reese loves TRDTLE too! – Ryan Gault (OB Member #20455)

7. Jackson Jenkins (@_jacksonjenkins) 2016 SR5-P

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

  • Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires 285/75R17
  • Stealth Custom Series SR8 17″
  • King Off-Road 2.5 Coilovers 600lb Spring
  • Rokmen Pro UCAs
  • Wheelers Offroad Bumpstops F / R
  • Front Seat Bar Delete
  • King Off-Road 2.5 Shock
  • Dobinson Rear Spring 4″ Heavy Duty
  • TXTR Customs Rear seat bar links
  • Pelfreybilt Hidden Winch Mount
  • Warn Zeon 10 Winch with Synthetic Line
  • RCI Front, Transmission, and Transfer Case skids – all aluminum
  • C4 Gas Tank Skid – Steel
  • Total Chaos Rear Lower Link Skids
  • Insain Fab Body Mount Chop Plates
  • Bay Area Metal Fab Rock Sliders
  • Detours Offroad Tire Carrier
  • Front Runner drop down table
  • Minimalist Fab Roof Rack
  • BajaRack Ladder
  • DIY Drawers with table
  • DIY Fridge Slide and drop
  • Indel B 35L Fridge
  • Rago Fab rear molle panel – Driver-side
  • Rear differential breather
  • Air compressor mounted underhood with airline ran to back of cargo area
  • Northstar Group 27 Battery
  • Rock lights in wheel wells and underframe
  • Xenon Depot HID Extreme Headlights
  • Xenon Depot DRL/High Beams
  • Rago Fabrication Ditch light brackets
  • Baja Designs Squadron for ditch lights
  • Baja Designs Squadron for fog lights
  • Extreme LED 30″ Light Bar on the roof rack
  • Tepui Ayer Roof Top Tent
  • ARB 2000 Awning
  • Weather Tech Floor Liners
  • GoGetta Shift Knob adaptor for bicycle grip
  • Ram Mounts Phone mount on GoPro mount
  • Blue Ridge Overland Cargo Attic

One of my favorite things is just the all-encompassing package. Being able to drive 6 hours from Denver to Moab and then do moderately difficult trails like Hells Revenge and Poison Spider and then go camp is pretty incredible.

Also been fortunate to have done everything myself. Have learned a great deal from YouTube and from trail4runner.com

8. Andy Young (@young.william.a) 2019 TRD-OR

Nautical Blue Lifted 4Runner - 5th Gen

  • 265/70/17 Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac AT Tires
  • RCI Offroad Full Engine Skid
  • RCI Offroad Gas Tank Skid
  • RCI Offroad Roof Rack
  • RCI Offroad Roof Rack Accessory Plates
  • KC Hilites Dual Flex Ditch Lights (Fog Pattern) with Amber Covers
  • Diode Dynamics 2-6″ Amber Behind the Grille Lights (Driving Pattern)
  • Diode Dynamics Amber Fog Lights
  • Diode Dynamics Interior LED Lights
  • Diode Dynamics Reverse and License Plate Lights
  • Rago Fabrication Rear Molle Panels
  • Agency 6 Snatch Block

I just love the vehicle itself. It gives me the ability to travel anywhere I need to in Colorado regardless of the conditions outside (within reason). I purposely bought a 4Runner so I could learn to work on my vehicle. I had very limited experience beforehand but I have done every upgrade myself. I plan on keeping this thing until it explodes.

I like all the aspects of my build as a lot of time went into putting it all together. Each piece was thought out and it has taken me several years to get to where it’s at. I still have more I want to do. I am a fan of my tire selection so far. The AT tires did reduce my gas mileage a bit but they performed admirably in the past winter. I also really love my RCI products. They are high quality and made very close to me in CO. I have a few more pieces to get to have all the armor I would like to get. All the lights were to help nighttime back road driving. Each light feature added was for a deficiency I found while traveling in the mountains at night.

Final Thoughts

Personal opinion, but Nautical Blue has to be the best “non-special” color that the 5th gen 4Runner currently offers. I hope that you all enjoyed this Feature Friday!

If you would like to be considered for next week’s Feature Friday, we will be showcasing various roof racks on 5th Gen 4Runners. We want to get inspired by all the different roof racks on the market, submit your build for Feature Friday and you might get featured. If you would like to submit your build for next week, include your roof rack details and an awesome photo that shows it off. Have a great weekend guys!!

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2 years ago

Love it! Wish there was a minimal build, like without a roof rack.

2 years ago
Reply to  Wes

This is a great article with lots of comparisons and highlights the different uses and styles people are going for.

I have just started my 2016 SR5. Same blue. Love the color. Wife was a little sketchy at first, but she is slowly coming around. Got Fuel Trophy 17.8.5’s wheels in Gun Metal with 275/70/17 Nitto Terra Grappler 2 tires (no rub anywhere with stock suspension) and did the rack delete. Truck looks very clean and I like it a lot. I really dont plan on putting anything on the roof, so it was an easy $75 to give it a custom look. I also just bought a small spacer style lift kit (Rough Country). 2 inches in the front and 1 in the rear. After the wife gets used to that, Ill go to a 2-3 inch lift, OME, King or something in that range with UCA’s. I dont do a whole lot of off roading/ overlanding so It wont be a crazy build. Planning on a new grill ( badgeless/ no lettering), lighting and some performance upgrades like a CAI and exhaust.

Andy Young
2 years ago
Reply to  Wes

I just put my roof rack on like six weeks ago. I had the stock rack on their for almost three years before that. I have a handful of pictures without it on my Instagram.

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