For Sale: 55K-Mile 2014 Trail Edition Premium Toyota 4Runner (SOLD)

Trail 4Runner Overland Build for Sale

For Sale: 2014 Trail Edition Premium Toyota 4Runner – Heavily Modified 5th Generation 4Runner for Sale

Up for sale is the build that started this site 6 years ago, my 2014 Trail Edition Premium 4Runner with 55K miles. We have invested a ton of time building this rig, both financially and mentally. Overland-built with a focus on technical trails, our 4Runner is turn-key and seriously ready for adventure.

Equipped with just about every mod you would ever need to wheel hard and adventure far, this is one 4Runner you won’t find at your local dealership. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me build this truck along the way; KC HiLiTES, Snail Trail 4×4, My Off-Road Radio, MORRFlate, C4 Fabrication, Stellar Built, YotaMafia, Spirit of 1876, OEM Audio+ and many others.

This 4Runner is located in the foothills of Sacramento, CA, and ready for a test drive. This post will be live shortly before it goes to BAT (Bring A Trailer Auction). Hit me up if you want to buy it.

This is the only 4Runner you will find that has been documented – every nut, every bolt, every mod – step by step. You can go back in time through and see exactly what was done to this truck throughout its life.

Clean CA title in hand, routine service records (Folsom Lake Toyota) in hand, very well-kept and garaged its entire life. This 4Runner is clean, well cared for, and looked after by an OCD, type-A personality.

$65K Firm (SOLD).

Without any more introduction, let’s look at the build list. 

RIG Walkaround

Check out the video overview if you are interested in how the 4Runner is set up, how the tent works, and how the awning works. Other than that, all the mods are listed below.

Platform & Features

2014 Trail Edition Overland 5th Gen 4Runner

  • Make/Model: 2014 Trail Edition Premium Toyota 4Runner
  • Miles: 55,000 (not daily – will not go up)
  • E-Locker Rear
  • KDSS Equipped
  • Factory Remote Start
  • Routinely Serviced at Folsom Lake Toyota
  • Organized Service Records
  • Recent: Brand New OEM Brake Pads + Rotors Front & Rear


Toyota 4Runner with Go Fast Camper RTT and Lo Pro Bumper (White on Bronze)

  • Nitro Gears 4.88 front/rear
  • ARB 4×4 Air Locker Front Differential


Overland Built Toyota 4Runner For Sale

  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics Stage 2 Extended Travel
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics 3″ Overland Spring
  • Icon Vehicle Dynamics UCA with Deltajoint Retrofit
  • Ekstrom Designs Strut Shims X2 front corners
  • Sonoran Steel Trac Bar for KDSS
  • Metal Tech Extended Brake Lines
  • DuroBumps Front
  • SumoSprings by SuperSprings Rear Bump Stops

Wheels & Tires

Wheels & Tires

  • Cooper Evolution M/T: 35X12.5R17 (80% Tread X5 Tires)
  • Black Rhino Barstow Matte Bronze W/ Matte Black Ring: 17X9.5 -18 offset
  • Spidertrax Wheel Spacers: 1.25″


Performance Mods on Toyota 4Runner

  • TRD Cold Air Intake
  • MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust
  • Pedal Commander

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting & Light Bars on Toyota 4Runner

  • KC Lights FLEX 50” with White/Amber Sheilds
  • KC Lights FLEX 30” with Amber Sheilds
  • KC Lights FLEX Dual Ditch Lights
  • KC Lights Gravity fogs w/ Amber Lamin-X
  • KC Lights Cyclone Underhood lights X2
  • KC Lights Cyclone Rock lights X6
  • USR Headlight Retrofits with LED Sequential Turns
  • USR LED High Beams
  • USR LED Low Beams
  • USR LED Turn Signals
  • USR LED Marker
  • USR LED Tail Lights
  • Xenon Depot LED Puddle Lights
  • CTH Raptor Lights Blacked Out

Interior Lighting

Interior Switch-Pros 9100 Switch in 4Runner

  • CTH Interior Light Kit Dual White/Amber
  • Xenon Depot LED Door x4
  • Baja Designs MOLLE panel Dome Light


Camping & Overlanding Mods (RTT, UltraSwing & Drawer System)

  • Go Fast Campers Roof Top Tent
    • 5th Gen 4Runner Mount Kit
    • Custom lightbar brackets
    • Beef Rack Crossbar
    • Solar Tray Kit
    • Machined 90 Brackets X 10
    • Platform Wind Skid
    • Universal Bracket (awnings, shovels, and accessories)
  • RIGd Supply UltraSwing Tire Carrier
    • Rago Fabrication UltraPlate
    • Front Runner Camp Table
  • 23ZERO 180R Perigrine Awning
  • TruckVault Drawer System
    • Offset Drawers
    • Retractable Table
    • Side Wings
    • Built-in Power
    • Horizontal Dividers
    • Vertical Dividers
    • Rubber-coated top mat
  • Drawer Style Refridgerator


C4 Fabrication Lo Pro Front Bumper

C4 Fabrication Lo Pro Front Bumper w/ “Trail” text – not available any longer. 

  • C4 Fabrication Lo Pro Front Bumper
    • Smittybilt X2O 10K
    • Factor55 Fairlead
    • Factor55 Winch Shackle
    • Factor55 Rope Guard
  • C4 Fabrication Rock Sliders without Steps
  • C4 Fabrication Gas Tank Skid Plate
  • RCI Off-Road Front Skid Plate
  • RCI Off-Road Transmission Skid Plate
  • RCI Off-Road T-case Skid Plate
  • RCI Off-Road Link Skid Plate

Power & Switch

Power & Switch System on Toyota 4Runner (Clean Wiring Install)

  • Odyssey Battery Group 34
  • Switch-Pros 9100
  • Power Tray
  • Blue Sea Systems Fuse Block
  • Blue Sea Systems Terminal Block
  • Blue Sea Systems Bus Bar
  • Blue Sea Systems 100A breaker

Interior Mods

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel on Toyota 4Runner

  • AJT Design Keyfob: Red
  • AJT Design Climate Knobs: Black
  • Hondo Garage Phone Mount
  • Rago Fabrication MOLLE panels X2
  • Polycrystalline Tint: All windows
  • CTH Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel w/ Red Stripe
  • Sound Deadening: Doors, Floor, and Hatch
  • OEM Audio Plus: Tweeters, Doors, and Hatch
  • Husky All-Weather Mats

Exterior Mods

Exterior Mods on Toyota 4Runner

  • ARB 4×4 Twin Compressor
    • Mountain Off-Road Enterprise Bracket
  • ARB 4×4 Differential Breather: Rear
  • TRD Pro Grille Conversion
  • Anytime Backup Camera: Front Mounted
  • ADV Fiberglass
  • Rad Rubber Design Splash Guards
  • Rad Rubber Design Fender Liners
  • Gobi Ladder
  • Overland Equipped Ladder Steps
  • Overland Equipped Rotopax Bracket
  • TRD Radiator Cap
  • TRD Oil Cap

Final Thoughts

Clean Engine Bay Set-Up on Toyota 4Runner (5th Gen)

Why are we selling? To make room for more builds.

We’re on a mission to keep and going and with that, we need more trucks.

We’re currently in the process of building out a 2nd Gen Tacoma and after that, possibly a new 5th Gen 4Runner, then for sure a 6th Gen 4Runner. Somewhere in there, we may buy a 3rd Gen Tacoma. The point is, we love our 4Runner and it’s absolutely perfect in so many ways, we just need more room and more time to build, mod, and wheel more trucks.

We’re not in a hurry to sell. I have four vehicles at the moment and this 4Runner is paid off. It’s sitting in the garage with a fresh detail waiting for the right owner to come along.


If you are interested in buying this 4Runner, there will be a live auction on Bring A Trailer auction website soon. On that listing, you will find over 200 photos of this 4Runner in crazy detail. Every latch, every handle, every mod, and every intricate detail you would want to see.

Either contact me through our contact page or wait until the BAT auction goes live.

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Matt ~M~
Matt ~M~
2 years ago

Congrats on the sale, looking forward to seeing Jade on the trails…

2 years ago

Beautiful truck. I have a question: I’ve read and heard (via youtube) of folks having problems with the power steering after moving up to 35 inch tires. Have you done anything to upgrade the steering? What are your thoughts on the matter?

Thanks and GLWA!

2 years ago

Keep up with your efforts Brenan! I hope you get what you are asking for. I have Ceramic Pro coating on my 2017 and I think I am OCD now too. I am interested to know about the way you added a breaker between your battery and Switch Pro. How does it work? Does the battery drain even when the accessories are not in use? If there is a link on you pages about please do forward. Thanks.


William Galloway
William Galloway
2 years ago

How did the sonoran steel track bar work out? I don’t think I saw an article here on it.

Alex H
Alex H
2 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene


I thought the Sonoran Steel Track Bar was supposed to prevent the KDSS rear bar from making contact with the track bar at full droop? I thought that’s why they designed and shaped it so awkward, to prevent any components from making contact.

I’m not the most mechanically inclined, I usually go to Stellar for antyhing i can’t do myself. But the Panhard correction kit wouldn’t solve the contact issues right? It seems like the correction kit would fix a different issue entirely.

2 years ago

End of an ERA, has to be a new build coming soon? 😉

2 years ago

you’re making me want to sell mine ’17 and get yours! i’d be down $20K but i won’t have to worry about sourcing parts and building it lol

2 years ago

Great rig. Good luck with the sale Brenan!

2 years ago

Your truck is the inspiration for my 4runner. What are you replacing it with?

Andy Young
2 years ago

That is one dope truck.

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