Colorado Fairing Company Custom Wind Fairing for 5th Gen 4Runner

Colorado Fairing Company Wind Fairing for 5th Gen 4Runner

Colorado Fairing Company: Wind Fairing for 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Racks (and other models) – Overview

Looking for a fairing to mount to your roof rack? How about a replacement for a broken or cracked stock fairing? The options are plentiful and Colorado Fairing Company has the solution.

Every option on the market has pros and cons. All of them use the same guiding principles: reduce wind noise and increase gas mileage. This is where Colorado Fairing Co. differs from the rest. They offer individual customization for the appearance and look the customer is looking for. No two rigs are the same—give yours that personal touch.

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Colorado Custom Wind Fairing Review

What is a Wind Fairing?

Silver Overland 5th Gen 4Runner Colorado Fairing Company

Wind fairings are designed to reduce wind drag (noise) and to provide a quiet, more relaxed environment in the cabin of your 4Runner. This is a must-have accessory for those of us that use aftermarket roof racks. Some aftermarket roof rack companies, like Prinsu, include a fairing with their roof rack. Others, like Gobi or Frontrunner, do not offer such commodities.

Fairings are also designed to improve gas mileage. It does this by making the 4Runner more streamlined which improves aerodynamics to some degree. If you’ve ever had a roof rack without a fairing, then you know how loud and annoying constant wind noise can be. For this reason alone, it’s important to invest in a quality option.


Colorado Fairing Company for Toyota Wind Roof Rack

When I opened the box, I was expecting the same quality as my old Yakima wind fairing from years ago. I was wrong. Dead wrong. The graphics were flawless and matched the traditional Toyota color scheme perfectly.

Where I was really impressed was how well they finished the edges of the fairing itself. Especially on the lower edge. The rubber bulb seal that comes standard adds that extra level of touch and finishes it off with grace. Most companies mass-produce and ship as quickly as possible. Not the case with Colorado Fairing Co.


  • 44″ – 49″ Available Lengths
  • 7″ – 14″ Available Heights
  • 3 Different Shapes Available
  • 50+ Available Designs
  • Custom Designs Also Available
  • Universal
  • 1-Year Warranty


Silver 5th Gen 4Runner with Colorado Wind Fairing

True to form. Wind noise was greatly reduced as soon as I installed the fairing. Driving down the highway no longer sounded like a window was open. It’s my daily driver so I spend a few hours a day behind the wheel listening to wind noise which is why I needed something to block the wind noise.

The version I received was a little narrow for the wider 5th Gen 4Runner body but would be perfect for a 3rd or 4th Gen. However, Colorado Fairing Co offers multiple different sizes; the shorter size I received allowed the Bajas behind the fairing to still be visible.

Being a little narrow still made a huge reduction in wind noise from the driver’s seat. I have not noticed much of a difference when it comes to gas mileage; however, this may have something to do with my full roof rack and extra weight in the rear drawers. Nonetheless, I was more than impressed with the amount of wind noise the fairing is able to divert.

Final Thoughts

Colorado Wind Fairing with Toyota Heritage Stripes

The wind noise improvement is enough to sell most people on a quality wind fairing. Colorado Fairing Co. takes this seemingly simple design up a notch with the ability to customize a fairing to meet your vision. If you can dream it, they can deliver on it. The Toyota color scheme I received was perfect. It’s simple and the heritage colors look classic.

Two things I would change if I did it again:

  • First, go with a full-width fairing. It will cover the width of the rack and will give the fairing the best chance to reduce more wind noise.
  • Second, I manufactured my own brackets. I wouldn’t suggest doing it that way. The brackets were not perfect between the three of them and allowed a little warping of the fairing when completely tightened down to the rack. They offer mounts with rubber isolators to fight against that exact issue. Buy the bracket kit and call it good. It’s worth it in the long run.

At the end of the day, I am super impressed with the quality of this fairing. It’s extremely nice being able to hear myself think without the constant wind noise howling in the background.

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Algernon Kent
Algernon Kent
1 year ago

Hi. I have a Toyota Hilux Surf 2003 & want to order one. Please let me know which one I need & how to order. I live in london & can place an order today.

Patrick bivins
Patrick bivins
1 year ago

Looking to purchase faring with Toyota on it and the red/orange/ yellow Toyota colors- like the pics on your site.

is that a custom order? I have 2000 4Runner and using rhino – flat rack on top which the fairing needs to attach to. Can you verify what size I need and if the kit to attach to the rack/ roof is universal?

Jim Rupert
Jim Rupert
2 years ago

Very nice. I have. Four Wheel Camper on a F150 Supercrew and would like something like this.

3 years ago

Thanks for posting this! I have a Go Fast Camper (GFC) up top and was looking for something like this.

Scott Young
Scott Young
3 years ago

What do you suggest for the height?

3 years ago
Reply to  Coy Goodman

Re: your recommendation of getting the “full-width fairing”, assumes that the full 49″ width available in one of the custom models or the 42.5″x9.5″ large version of the Standard model? email

Last edited 1 year ago by Brenan Greene
3 years ago
Reply to  Rob

2016 4Runner w/ a Go Fast Camper (GFC) Rooftop Tent +4Runner mount kit.
Total height 7.5″ above the roofline and 54″ width.

I emailed and can report back on a few follow-up questions: 

1) Overall width to get full-width coverage? 54″, 55″, or some other width?
(I’ll measure the angle to get the overall height for the fairing.)

2) Confirming if the Reverse Smile would be the best setup or if a different one fits well with the 4Runner’s roof and the flat top of the RTT. 

3) Whether I can actually install it since the instructions call for mounting to crossbars or a roofrack.

Last edited 1 year ago by Brenan Greene
Scott Young
Scott Young
3 years ago
Reply to  Coy Goodman

You’re the man! Gracias amigo!

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