Sy-Klone Series 9001 Snorkel Pre-Cleaner on ARB Safari Snorkel – Install & Overview

5th Gen 4Runner Overland Build

Sy-Klone Series 9001 Snorkel Pre-Cleaner Overview and Install on an ARB Safari Snorkel For the 5th Gen 4Runner

In a previous article, I covered the installation of ARB’s Safari Snorkel on my 5th Gen 4Runner, where I discussed the benefits of a raised intake over the stock intake that hides inside the fender.

One thing a raised air intake does is reduce the number of particulates that enter the intake box, however, it’s certainly not the end-all solution. The forward-facing ram-style intake that comes on the Safari Snorkel also allows for any incoming particulates to head straight down the pipe and into the air filter.

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  • Sy-Klone Series 9001 (gas motors under 4.8 liters) 4-inch Inlet Size: Check Price
  • Sy-Klone Series 9001R (gas motors over 4.8 liters) 3.5-inch Reducer Adapter: Check Price
  • ARB Safari Snorkel: Check Price

Why You Need a Pre-Cleaner

5th Gen 4Runner Dirt in Airbox

Bugs, dust, and vegetation are the common infiltrators with the standard top and over time they can cause a premature replacement of the air filter. Some solutions to this problem include reversing the snorkel head to have it face backward which is only advised for low-speed operation in heavy dust or using an oiled “sock” over the intake to collect incoming dust. Both of these options may help slightly, but neither solve the problem entirely.

Why the Snorkel Upgrade (Sy-Klone)

Sy Clone Air Ram for Snorkel for 5th Gen 4Runner

To improve air quality, and remove additional particulates, we look to a product that has aided the military and commercial operations for decades. The product is the Sy-Klone Series 9001 pre-cleaner available exclusively for the off-road market through Snorkel Upgrade. The Series 9001 is a dome-shaped snorkel intake replacement that uses the power of centrifugal force to separate solid particulates from clean air.

This is the final solution to the dirty filter problem that plagues so many expedition-style vehicles that promise to:

  • Increase your air filter service life
  • Decrease potential blockages from snow and other debris
  • Keep your engine as healthy as it can be as far as air is concerned

How it Works

Sy Clone Air Ram for Snorkel for 5th Gen 4Runner

Inside the dome, the housing is a series of blades set on a sealed bearing assembly. As your engine creates a vacuum in the intake/snorkel, fresh air is drawn into the bottom of the dome through a set of louvers. These louvers force the entering air to circulate upwards into a rotating impeller creating a “Sy-Klone” effect within the dome. This cyclone uses the power of physics and centrifugal “force” to force any airborne particulates with mass greater than air to the outside of the dome as it’s being whirled around. But where does all of that stuff go? The Series 9001 has a small slit in that dome with an opening to allow those trapped particulates out of the dome and away from your air intake. Science!

For a complete explanation of the trickery behind the 9001, click here for an overview from Snorkel Upgrade!

Install Overview

Snorkel Air Ram Removal for 5th Gen 4Runner

Installing the Sy-Klone onto the snorkel is a simple process.

Measure your snorkel inlet to make sure you have the correct Series 9001 snorkel (the ARB snorkel has a 4” inlet). Once you know you have the correct model, remove the standard forward-facing snorkel head with whatever hardware it came with.

Sy Clone Air Ram for Snorkel on 5th Gen 4Runner

Set the supplied stainless steel t-bolt band clamp on the neck of the Sy-Klone and snug it up to keep it from falling off when you place it on the snorkel.

Sy Clone Air Ram for 5th Gen 4Runner Snorkel Intake

Set the pre-cleaner on the snorkel top with the slot facing straight back towards the rear of the 4Runner. This allows debris to exit the dome without turbulent interference.

Snorkel Air Pre-Cleaner for 5th Gen 4Runner

Tighten the clamp until the pre-cleaner is snug on the snorkel body and grab your cold beverage to celebrate your victory in the battle against dirty air!

ARB Safari Snorkel with Pre-Cleaner on 5th Gen 4Runner

Now that you’ve installed and admired your new Series 9001 pre-cleaner, I’ll cue you in on a couple more bonus design details.

Sy-Klone Details

ARB Snorkel Pre Cleaner Installation on 5th Gen 4Runner

Detail #1

With a downward-facing inlet, the Sy-Klone skirts one of the known issues with forward-facing snorkel inlets, snow/ice accumulation. Those that have driven through heavy wet snow know that the grille on the face of a standard snorkel can quickly clog and ultimately require clearing to function properly.

Pulling air from below reduces the likelihood of clogging due to ice build-up, keeping you moving forward even in the worst storms. In severe conditions where snow build-up occurs on the lower grid is unavoidable, the first grid can be unscrewed and removed. From here, any snow that enters the dome will be ejected out the back just like any other particulate. Pretty rad!

5th Gen 4Runner Pre Filter for ARB Snorkel

Detail #2

Trails are full of trees, rocks, bushes, and other items that are right at the height of your snorkel inlet. In a scenario where a tree branch impacts your standard snorkel head, the force could damage your a-pillar where it connects to the top of the snorkel, maybe even your fender! The Sy-Klone has built-in relief points in the main structure that are designed to break if there is a large impact. This sacrificial design keeps your snorkel and bodywork intact if something unexpected happens when you’re out having fun!

 Final Thoughts

MGM 5th Gen 4Runner with ARB Safari Snorkel

You installed a snorkel on your 4Runner for a reason (or a few), why not take it to the next and end-all level? The addition of the Sy-Klone Series 9001 pre-cleaner to your snorkel adds protection to your motor, increases your filter service life, and provides a few key design advantages over the typical forward-facing snorkel head.

The only thing I wish was addressed with this product is the gap between the bottom of the pre-cleaner and the “step” on the top part of the ARB snorkel. You can cut down the top of the snorkel to mate the pre-cleaner to that ridge, but with limited clearance to the a-pillar, there isn’t really any room to trim it shorter. Other snorkels (Dobinsons) may vary, but I’ll likely add a black sleeve to this small section for appearances’ sake.

From the driver’s seat, the Sy-Klone isn’t really noticeable, unless you lean down a bit like in this photo. There isn’t an increase in wind noise that’s noticeable to me, even with the window down. The only thing you will note is an increase in “intake growl” under load with the passenger window down. I’m more than OK with that, especially in low-range plowing through the snow at high RPM!

I am very excited to give this product a go and really test how well it performs in the Central Oregon dust this summer. I’ll be back after some trips and miles to report back on how the Series 9001 has faired and how dirty my air filter looks… OR DOESN’T!

To order yours head over to Snorkel Upgrade, the exclusive retailer of the Sy-Klone for the overland/off-road market!

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bstyle killa
bstyle killa
9 months ago

I cant wait to get one!

3 years ago

I’ve been using the Sy-Klone 9001 for almost a year and love it. When I check my air cleaner filter, it always clean now.

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