Offroading Gear Recovery Kit – Complete Overview

Offroading Gear Recovery Kit Complete Recovery Kit

Complete Off-Road Recovery Kit by Offroading Gear – Everything You Need to Get Started

There is so much to consider when it comes to the most common off-road recovery gear essentials.

You might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of gear should I buy first?
  • What gear do I need?
  • What are the most common recovery gear items?

All these questions are answered with the recovery kit but Offroading Gear.

This kit comes with everything you need to go out and wheel with confidence. At a very affordable price, this kit comes with everything from an air-down tool, to a multitude of recovery, snatch, and/or tow straps. Not to mention, it comes in a very portable recovery storage bag that can easily be stored in the back of a 4Runner.

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Off-Road Recovery

When it comes to off-road recovery, it is extremely important to be prepared. This is why some of the most common recovery gear items are non-negotiable.

For the majority of the time, we go off-roading to get away from it all. This means wandering outside the reach of cell towers and civilization in general. Recovery gear is the most important type of gear to bring with you on your expeditions. You will see Brenan reference how important recovery gear is in his 6-year overland 4Runner review guide. Basically, it’s one of the most important items you can have in an off-road or overland-focused rig.

The reasoning for this is due to the fact you simply can not call a tow truck to come and get you out of a sticky situation. You need to be able to get you and your friends/family out when someone gets stuck because it’s bound to happen at some point.

If you go off-road, be the smart driver and carry your recovery gear essentials. 

As they say; failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 

Failing to carry essential recovery gear items when out exploring will potentially put your life and the lives of others at risk. Not to mention that fact that if you do get stuck and have to perform using the wrong equipment, you’re risking your putting yourself and others in even more of a dangerous environment.

Do not be the guy that heads off the beaten path without any gear. You will regret it. Also, you will end up looking like the unprepared moron who clogs up the trail. Don’t be that guy.

Whether you buy this kit mentioned here or any other kit on the market, head into the great outdoors well preppared for the unexpected.

Offroading Gear Recover Kit

Offroading Gear Recovery Kit

There are so many different pieces of recovery equipment out there and choosing which pieces you buy first can be a little confusing. Lucky for you, Offroading Gear has you covered. They compiled a complete set available for purchase with pretty much everything you’ll need in order to perform many styles of off-road recovery.

This complete set includes a couple of different straps, more than one shackle, and little accessories like an air-down tool. The nice part is that all of this fits in a fairly small bag that can easily be thrown in the back of any truck. This is extremely nice because all this gear doesn’t take up a lot of space which means you can take it with you wherever you go.

Snatch Strap

Offroading Gear Snatch Strap

If a tow strap and a recovery rope had a baby, the result would be a snatch strap. These straps resemble a run-of-the-mill tow strap, but unlike a tow strap, a snatch strap posses elastic qualities.

This type of strap is nice for a couple of reasons. For starters, since it is not as elastic as a recovery rope, you have a little bit more control during your recoveries. For example, if someone was stuck on a hill, you could free them with a snatch strap and continue to tow them up the hill if you needed to. Since a recovery rope is so elastic, it would be less than ideal in a situation like this.

Another reason why snatch straps are nice to have is that they fold up and take up less space than a kinetic rope. This may not sound like a huge deal, but when you start to add more equipment to your recovery gear, you’ll come to find that all these tools take up a lot of space.


  • 30′ x 2.35″
  • Minimum break strength of 17,000 pounds

Winch Extension

Offroading Gear Winch Extension Strap

A winch extension strap is exactly what the name suggests. This strap is designed to be an extension of your winch line. While the design is similar to a tow strap, they are not intended to be used as one.

One reason an extension strap should not be used as a tow strap is the length. The strap included in this recovery kit is 65-feet long which is less than ideal for towing. Another reason is the break strength is generally less than a tow strap. The strap provided by Offroading Gear has a break strength of 11,000 pounds.

A similar winch extension strap is the one made by ARB. The ARB strap is 60-feet long and has a break strength of 9,900 pounds. As you can see the specs on the strap by Offroading Gear are a little better than a reputable brand such as ARB.


  • 65′ x 2″
  • Minimum break strength of 11,000 pounds

Tree Saver

Offroading Gear Tree Saver Strap

If you have a winch, you need to have a tree saver. Not only will your winch line thank you, but you will leave less of a footprint while you’re out enjoying nature.

The tree saver by Offroading Gear has the same specs as the tree strap by ARB which is 10-feet long with a break strength of 26,500 pounds. The length of these tree straps is extremely nice because they are long enough to wrap around big pine trees.

Another unique feature of tree savers is that they can be used as bridals for towing. Most 4Runners have one recovery point on the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s side. A bridal essentially connects both of these points, making towing much easier and safer.


  • 10′ x 3″
  • Minimum break strength of 26,500 pounds

Snatch Block

Offroading Gear Snatch Block

Snatch blocks are another must-have for all you winch owners. This handle tool doubles the strength of your winch by using a pulley system. Not only can you reduce the load of your winch with a snatch block, but you can also recover at different angles.

The snatch block that comes in the Offroading Gear kit is a whopping 11-ton snatch block which is more than enough to recover any 4Runner.


Offroading Gear D-Ring Shackles

This recovery gear kit comes with two D-ring-style shackles. When it comes to shackles, you can never have too many which is why it’s nice that Offroading Gear includes more than one shackle with their kit.

These shackles have a working load limit of 4.75-tons which is plenty strong for 4Runners and Tacomas.

Winch Dampener

Offroading Gear Winch Line Dampener

A winch damper is yet another necessity for winch owners. These are designed to go over your winch line and if the line were to break, then the damper would project the broken winch line into the ground.

If you have steel cable on your winch, this is seriously a must-have. For synthetic line users, it’s not as imperative, but let’s be honest, who wants to get hit with a broken synthetic line? You can also use a damper with kinetic recoveries to help control a broken recovery rope.

Air Down Tool

Off-Roading Gear Air Down Tool

Whenever I’m stuck, the first thing I check is my tire pressure. If I’m not aired down already, the first thing I do is grab an air down tool and air all my tires down. This allows a bigger footprint from the tire giving you more traction.

The air down tool from Offroading Gear is of the best quality. The tool, itself, is identical to the ARB air down tool which is what I have used for years. A couple of differences, though, would include the case of the Offroading Gear tool which is made from hard plastic rather than a bag like the ARB tool. The air down tool included in this kit also comes with a valve stem tool and a couple of extra stem caps.

Very impressive gauge here guys!


  • 4 extra tire stem caps
  • Valve stem tool
  • Hard plastic case

Leather Gloves

Offroading Gear Leather Gloves

Gloves may be one of the more overlooked items in a recovery kit. If you’re in a tough recovery and you have to drag a winch line all over the place, a pair of leather gloves are going to be your best friend.

It doesn’t matter if you have synthetic or steel line, (although you absolutely must have gloves for steel cable) a pair of gloves will keep your hands from getting torn up.

Final Thoughts

OffRoading Gear Soft Shackles and Recovery Rope

I am extremely impressed with this kit. Not only does it come with literally everything you need, but it’s also a very affordable price. This kit also saves a lot of time when it comes to choosing what gear you buy.

My favorite part about this kit is how easy it is to store in my 4Runner. And since all the gear included fits into the bag, you never have to leave home without being prepared for the worst.

All the gear included is very good quality. This kit is compatible with many well-known companies such as ARB. ARB is one of the only companies that makes all three types of straps (snatch strap, tree save, and winch extension) as well.

This kit is perfect for anyone who wants to get into off-roading since it includes all the gear you would need in a recovery situation.

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Dan R
Dan R
3 years ago

I bought one of those cheap Chinese no-name air down tools from Amazon. Came in that same black box. It’s a POS. The needle spins in a circle. Waste of $.

As far as the rest of this kit – hopefully it works. Pretty sure the same kits offered by Arb and Warn is also made in China too. Lot of these no-name brands of recovery gear on Amazon are worse quality than Harbor Freight.

Eric C.
Eric C.
3 years ago

Loved this write up! Nice job. A pretty sweet and fair priced kit if you ask me. While I already have all this gear and more, I will definitely be sharing this link to a few of my friends and coworkers that are still with out any recovery gear!

Clayton Jones
Clayton Jones
3 years ago

Great write up and even better picture of that F150. Looks like Folsom Lake – always a good time watching unassuming drivers get super stuck out there!

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