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Go Fast Campers Rooftop Tent

GFC (Go Fast Campers) Wind Fairing – Everything you need to know about the Platform wind skid

A conversation came up on the gram’ about the GFC wind fairing, which Go Fast refers to as the “Platform Wind Skid”.

Someone asked if they really need to buy the fairing for the camper and if it was worth the cost.

A few other questions came up, like how much does the wind fairing decrease the noise level? Additionally, what the noise level was like without the fairing?

Well, I wanted to address a few of those questions and go a little further. I wanted to also talk about the design a little bit and then finally look at the installation process.

The platform wind skid is ideal for making the leading edge of your camper or RTT a bit more aerodynamic. This wind skid is not designed to improve MPG, although it may help in some minor capacity

There are many different ways you can mount your GFC RTT but my setup is obviously on the 5th Gen with the 5th Gen specific mounting brackets. Other setups like campers and rooftop mounting systems may vary but the results should remain consistent.

Find it online: 

Noise Level without Fairing

GFC RTT Rock Crawling

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being very loud and 10 being zero noise), the noise level can be loud. It’s about a 3. Without the platform wind skid, the tent is on the loud side.

Any speeds under 30, and you won’t hear the RTT at all. Once you hit the 40-50mph range, you will start to hear the wind noise. And finally, at the 50-70mph range, you will hear a drastic increase in sound noise with a slight whistle.

Noise level with Fairing?

Go Fast Campers Wind Fairing

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being very loud and 10 being zero noise), the noise level mellows out quite a bit. It’s about a 9. That’s right, once you add the GFC platform wind skid, the sound becomes almost non-existent which is impressive.

This is some impressive engineering if you consider there is a 135lb RTT on your truck. You can still hear slight wind noise in the 60-70mph range, however, the sound level is muted to a minimum. And once you turn your music or favorite podcast on, the wind noise is almost entirely gone.

The GFC Fairing Design

The GFC Fairing Design

Everything designed by GFC is pretty saucy. From the Campers and RTTs to all the accessories, you can tell that a lot of thought and energy goes into all aspects of their products. The platform wind skid is no exception. Although it’s just a wind fairing, its a damn nice once.

The design is super low profile and fits perfectly with the face of the tent. GFC offers the platform wind skid in three colors; black, orange and grey. However, you can always get it to powder-coated another color if you want. In that case, you would just need to call or email GFC and see if they can ship you a bare aluminum plate.

Installation Process

Installation can be done in all of 10 minutes. All the hardware, made up of t-nuts and small bolts are provided and the only tool you need is an allen key.

Final Thoughts

Platform Wind Skid Go Fast Campers

I would highly recommend buying the platform wind skid. If you are shopping for the GFC RTT or a camper and were contemplating the fairing, I urge you to pull the trigger so you have the fairing when the unit arrives.

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Justin Soulier
Justin Soulier
3 years ago

Nice writeup. Does the wind skid come with the GFC sticker? I see most wind skids without the sticker and I really like the look with it on.

Pete Hsieh
Pete Hsieh
4 years ago

Glad you wrote this review. The wind noise from a GFC tent is pretty bad lets be honest and I always wondered if this skid would make any sort of difference. Now I know and will get one!

Christopher Owens
Christopher Owens
4 years ago

Nifty add-on. I didn’t even know where to look for it. It’s that well integrated. I had to go to GFC’s website just to figure out what it was!

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