Victory 4×4 Center Console MOLLE Panel Install & Review

Victory 4X4 Console Molle and Accessory Panel Installation & Review

Victory 4X4 Center Console Accessory MOLLE Panel Installation & Review for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Keep Items Close By, Accessible & Secured While Traveling & Trailing 

Sometimes an item appears that you hadn’t really considered and makes you think, “That’s a very cool idea and something I could use, I wonder why someone hasn’t thought of this before”.

I felt this way the first time I spotted the Victory 4X4 Center Console Molle and Accessory Panel. Simple, clean and a perfect spot to keep things you want at your disposal.

I’m often digging in the glove box or center console for small items or items end up sitting loose on the console or front seat, only to bounce out of reach on a sharp curve or hard braking.

The Victory 4X4 Console Molle and Accessory Panel solves this issue, allowing flashlights, FSR radios, trailer keys and more to be clipped on and accessed quickly.

Even a cell phone base or CB radio can be mounted on the panel. Sold in pairs for just under a hundred dollars, it’s hard to go wrong adding these to your 4Runner.

First Impressions

Victory 4X4 Console Molle and Accessory Panel Installation & Review: First Impressions

My first impression of the product after first opening the box, I could tell it was well made.

Both panels, one for the driver’s side and a second for the passenger’s side are CNC cut from .120” steel.

They come coated with a 2 stage satin textured black powder-coat over a durable zinc primer finish. The spacers and hardware are all black as well, keeping it all nice and discrete.

I remember someone mentioning their Victory 4×4 rear window storage molle panel came with white spacers.

The company must have listened as white spacers on a black and silver center console would definitely have looked out of place.

Parts Used:  

Installation Hardware

Victory 4X4 Console Molle and Accessory Panel Installation & Review: Installation Hardware

All that is required in the way of tools to add the molle and accessory panels to your 4Runner are a 1/8” drill bit or pick and a Phillips screwdriver.

Installation is straight forward, move the front seats back as far as they can go to provide access.

Line up the panel so it is flush with the center console and mark the screw holes locations with a pick or sharpie.

Then drill 4 small starter holes or use the pick to puncture a hole in the plastic.

Using spacers with three of the four screws, the top front corner does not need a spacer as the center console protrudes at this point; mount the molle and accessory panel to the side of your console, making sure not to over-tighten the screws.

I started with the front top screw and put it on loosely as I drilled and installed the other three spacers and screws. I left the bottom back spacer and screw for last on the driver’s side and it created a bit of a challenge.

Tip: On the passenger side, I installed it second and that side went much quicker.

Once installed, the panel feels quite solid on the side of the center console.

Driver’s Side Molle & Accessory Panel Installation

Victory 4X4 Console Molle and Accessory Panel Installation & Review: Driver’s Side Molle and Accessory Panel Installed

Victory 4X4 makes these molle and accessory panels for 4th and 5th Gen 4Runners. These accessories also work for 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacomas and the Tundra pickup, so be sure to order the right panel for your application.

There’s no shortage of items that can be kept close at hand.

For me, the first thing to be attached was my hammer for cutting seatbelts and breaking glass.

I was reminded of how useful this item can be when about three years ago a local community member lost her six-year-old daughter to drowning. The car she was driving went off the road and tipped into the water only a few feet deep, but while she was able to scramble to safety, she couldn’t get her daughter’s seatbelt off or break the glass for easier access.

For me, I tend to have it for off-road activities, but this was a reminder – accidents can happen at any time!

Passenger Side Molle & Accessory Panel Installation

Victory 4X4 Console Molle and Accessory Panel Installation & Review: Passenger Side Molle and Accessory Panel Installed

The panels make a great spot to keep your FSR radio while on trails.

I also plan on adopting a mount on the passenger side to hold my cellphone.

For those who can and want to (something that’s against the law up here in Canada), the panel will even accept a 1.5” belt clip holster.

I have my eyes open for a couple of items that will clip onto the panel for easy access.

Overall, I’m happy with the product. It doesn’t appear to interfere with either my leg or if the seat needs to be moved to the full forward position.

Considering the high quality of this product, I will likely add the Victory 4×4 rear window molle panels at some point down the road to keep items such as my first-aid kit handy, accessible, and secured for future off-road trailing in the 4Runner.

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3 years ago

Any thoughts on whether or not the knee airbag would hit the panel or items on it if deployed?

3 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Disregard. Found a picture of one deployed and it seems bottom of bag is a few inches above console height.

Ray C.
Ray C.
3 years ago

Long term, I also have a bit of concern about the screws holding tight in the plastic. Perhaps a bit of red Loctite or Crazy Glue on the threads before installation would help?

4 years ago


This write up is almost a year old. How has this system held up for you? Looking at it, my concern is the mounting points… no reinforcement on the back of the plastic tranny console trim. I’d really like to go with this brand as the price point is great, but my intent is to mount some ram mount products to hold iPad/radio, etc and I’m not sure the small screws can handle the vibration.



4 years ago
Reply to  J B

So far, so good. I’ve got a flashlight, a hammer to break glass, etc on the units and they seems as solids as the day I installed them. The screws bite into the platic pretty good for holding.

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