Trail Comparison: Indeflate vs. MORRflate

Product and performance comparison of the Indeflate and MORRflate air management systems for the 5th Gen 4Runnner

Air management is an important part of the off-road experience. Tire pressures can be adjusted to best suit a number of different environments.

Adjusting those tire pressures is a process that can be done a number of different ways, with a number of different products.

Here at Trail4Runner, we have tested a few of these popular products already, but we wanted to dive deeper into how they compare to one another.

The products for comparison this round are the Indeflate Air Management System available through Adventure Imports, and the MORRflate 4-way Air System sold by My Off-Road Radio.

Product Comparison

Their concepts are similar in that they have the ability to inflate and deflate multiple tires at the same time, but they vary in the number of tires that can be adjusted in one go.

For our detailed product reviews, check out our previous articles on both the Indeflate and MORRflate.

Here’s a quick breakdown for each system:


  • Carrying case: Yes
  • Number of tires at once: 2
  • Connectors: Brass, locking
  • Hoses: Rubber
  • Gauge included: Yes, built in
  • Inflation port: Schrader valve, air chuck included
  • Deflation port: Custom sliding valve
  • Main body material: Machined aluminum
  • Hanging hook: Yes
  • Produced in: South Africa

Find it online: 

Indeflate Review


  • Carrying case: Yes
  • Number of tires at once: 4
  • Connectors: Steel, locking
  • Hoses: Rubber
  • Gauge included: No, add-on option
  • Inflation port: Quick connect air chuck
  • Deflation port: Ball valve
  • Main body material: Brass
  • Hanging hook: No
  • Produced in: U.S.A.

Find it online:

Performance Comparison

Both products improve on the single tire method as previously discussed in our individual reviews, but how do they compare with each other? I set up a test between the two systems using a common ARB dual compressor for inflation, and 2 common tire sizes for the 4Runner, 33’s (285/70R17 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT) and 35’s (315/70R17 BFG KM3).  We tested each product for both inflation and deflation times on both sets of tires. To test deflation, we set all 4 tires to the same pressure, 40psi, and deflated them to 18psi. For inflation, we started at the same 18psi stopping at 40psi for all tires.

(Note: I recorded a setup and break down time for each product, then each action was timed individually to keep data as consistent as possible)

But what does it mean?

There are a few things to note with this data set. First, two vehicles were used in this test.

The 33’s were mounted to my lighter 4Runner, and the 35’s were mounted to a friend’s heavier 4Runner with full armor and long travel. This will affect performance times when comparing the same product between the 33’s and 35’s, thus they won’t be entirely accurate but likely close.

Second, we are human when it comes to setting up and breaking down both systems. Could it be done faster with practice? Probably. For the purposes of our test, I practiced beforehand with both systems to figure out the best method for wrapping and unwrapping hoses before pulling out the stopwatch. The numbers reflect what I would consider a fair assessment of each system.

In evaluating the data we see that for the 33’s the Indeflate performed better than the MORRflate. This is likely because the tires are smaller and have less air volume making the ratio of time setting up/breaking down to airing up/down greater. This favors the Indeflate because it has a shorter setup/break down time, even though it takes longer adjusting air pressures than the MORRflate.

For the 35’s, the MORRflate beats the Indeflate for inflation and closes the gap on deflation time. This is because there is more time to spend airing up/down with the larger volume tire, offsetting setup/break down time. Because the MORRflate is faster at moving air, the more time spent airing up/down will favor the MORRflate when comparing it to the Indeflate.

If we did the same test with 37’s or 40’s we would likely see the MORRflate perform better with each larger tire size based on the trends we see between 33″ and 35″.

So who wins? MORRflate or Indeflate?

Here’s the bottom line: They are comparable enough performance-wise to make the results a toss up for the tire sizes that we tested.

Ultimately it will come down to you, the consumer, to decide which system works best for your build and personal preferences.

They are both built extremely well, and come with comparable options/features making either the Indeflate or the MORRflate a solid investment to save you time on the trail.

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo… No matter which product you choose, down the trail you’ll go!

Which portable system are you using to air up and down?

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4 years ago

Max, thanks for the review! I read your review of the Indeflate and the inflate time of two tires was 6 minutes and 50 seconds vs 8 minutes, 25 seconds for all 4 of your tires in this review….that’s a big difference — is the difference just a result of using a different pump between reviews?

4 years ago

I’m working on my CTIS (kinda) in my 4runner…

Scott Barber
Scott Barber
4 years ago

What are the warranties for each? Any idea what customer service is like for either company? With a toss up those can be the deciding factor. Thanks for another great review.

5 years ago

Thanks Max! I love the comparisons here. I looked and maybe I missed it, but when the indeflate was tested, it didn’t say if it used just 2 wheels or all 4. I noticed the number of tires it can do is 2. If so, were the numbers reflected as such?

5 years ago
Reply to  Max Sheehan

Thanks Max!

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