ReadyLight by Freespirit Recreation (FSR) – The Complete Overview and Review

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight –  A Must-Have Essential For An All-In-One Lighting Solution To Upgrade Your Off-Roading & Camping Gear Arsenal

Whether you camping in the wilderness, changing a tire roadside, wrenching on your truck at home or cooking on your grill after dark, having a good light source after dark will greatly improve your experience for the task at hand!

I first came across the Freespirit Recreation Readylight (FSR) a few months back on a camping trip in the Ozarks.

One of my trail/camping buddies had a ReadyLight and as we set up camp after dark on the first evening, his ReadyLight immediately caught my attention.

I knew right away I had to grab one for my camping and off-roading gear arsenal.

You may know the name Freespirit Recreation if you’ve ever researched roof-top tents on the market.

Freespirit goes by the abbreviated handle @GOFSR (short for Go Freespirit Recreation) on Instagram.

ReadyLight, A Portable All-In-One Lighting Solution

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

What is the ReadyLight?

The ReadyLight is a rechargeable, portable, All-in-One, LED lighting solution, built with the outdoors in mind.

Whether you’re primitive camping or tacking tasks around the house, the ReadyLight will likely become an indispensable lighting option to have on hand.


ReadyLight General Specs: 

  • Assembled Height: 76”
  • Weight: 12lbs
  • Main Light Head Dims: 12”x12”x12”
  • Tripod Column/Pole: Powder Coated A513 Carbon Steel 23mm OD
  • Tripod Legs: A36 Mild Steel 18mmx30mm OD
  • Fittings/Clamp: Nylon Resin
  • Carry Bag: 6000 Poly-Oxford with 2000mm Polyurethane coating
  • CCT:  6500K
  • Service Life:  20,000 Hours
  • Working Humidity: 95%

Let’s Take a Deeper Look At The Recreation ReadyLight

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

ReadyLight Main Light Specs: 

  • Main Light Battery: 7.4V 7800 Lithium-Ion
  • Main Light Max Power: 15W
  • Main Light AC/DC Charge Time: 5-6 Hrs
  • Main Light Solar Charge Time: Up to 20 hrs
  • Main Light Run Time: 15 Hours (High) / 30 Hours (Low)
  • Main Light Lumens: 350lm (High) / 175lm (Low)
  • Main Light Solar Panel: 9W Polycrystalline

ReadyLight’s Light Pod Battery Specs & Features

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials


  • Light Pod AC/DC Charge Time: 4-5 Hrs via Main LightLight Pod Battery – 3.7V 1200 Lithium-Ion
  • Light Pod Run Time: 4-5 Hours (High) / 7-8 Hours (Low)
  • Light Pod Run Time Flashlight Mode: 12+ Hours
  • Light Pod Lumens: 50lm
  • Light Pod Brightness Settings: 1 W (High) / 0.5W (Low)

The Complete ReadyLight Setup

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

Set up is fast and easy.

Start by connecting each of the 3 legs to the main pole to form the tripod base.

Secondly, attach the Light using the clamp. If needed, drive in the three tent-style stakes through the base legs to secure the light to the ground.

How to Set Up the Recreation ReadyLight

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

To turn the ReadyLight on, first, turn on the Master ON (located on the bottom side near the clamp.

Next press the large ON button on the very top of the unit for a couple of seconds and all 5 lights should turn on at full brightness.

Each light pod attaches to the main light magnetically and they are easily pulled off whenever you need a smaller tabletop, handheld, hanging, or magnetized light source.

A True All-In-One Light with Multiple Uses

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

I will primarily use the ReadyLight as a campsite scene light.

The detachable Light Pods come in very handy as well.  They can be used as smaller scene lights or switched into handheld flashlight mode.

Assuming you have the space to set up the ReadyLight, this product can be used for just about any task, activity, or situation that calls for light.

Camping, wrenching, hunting, cooking, off-road recovery, fishing, power outages in the home, etc.  By no means is that a comprehensive list!

The Light Pods magnetically attach to the Main Light, therefore they can also be attached to other metal surfaces such as tool boxes, cars, poles, metal signs, etc.

They also have fold-away hooks that allow them to be hung around camp on ropes, guy lines, tent loops, bungees, even small tree branches.

There is also a USB port allowing for mobile device charging off the main light.

The overall brightness level is sufficient and seems to compliment a campfire rather than overpower it.

I go camping to detach and escape from city life and technology… and a super bright LED scene light overpowering a campfire is something you won’t have to worry about with the ReadyLight.

Plus, it has a Low setting and the Light Pods can be turned off one-by-one if even lower light is desired.

Where Does ReadyLight Excel?

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

ReadyLight pretty much excels in every category. Its lightweight and packable for vehicular camping standards and is definitely built with the outdoors in mind.

The carrying bags are solid with oversized zippers and have a good water resistant 2000mm polyurethane coating.

All the legs and pole are individually bagged as well within the main carrying bag.

I’m especially impressed with the runtime.

A single full charge should pack enough power for a 2-3 night camping trip.

The built-in solar panel recharge will help ensure that the battery gets that extra supplementary boost during the daytime as well.  Just make sure the Master On/Off is switched to ON to receive the solar charge.

The four break-out Light Pods are brilliant and have come in handy already.

We’ve used them as flashlights and camping lanterns on our last trip.  Freespirit really thought this product though!

Are There Any Negatives?

I honestly can not list any significant concerns about the ReadyLight.

However, there are a few things that I’d love to see in a ReadyLight V2 if the time comes.

  • Solar Charge Time: I am no means a solar engineer and have no real idea of expected solar re-charge expectations, however 20 hours of exposure for a full solar recharge seems a bit long. It may be completely normal for a product of this size.  I don’t have any reference points for solar charging of electronics, however, I’d love to see the ReadyLight be able to fully recharge with just one day of continuous sun exposure (8-10 hrs).  Regardless, unless you are on a 7-10 day excursion and running your ReadyLight 6-8 hours a night, the standard 30 hrs of runtime plus a little bit of daily solar charging should get you through just fine day-to-day!
  • Overall Height Adjustability: I don’t really have a problem with the fixed height, but it would be nice to see an adjustable height option either on the main pole or tripod legs (or both!).
  • Waterproofing: I’m not sure how waterproof or water resistant ReadyLight is, however, a fully waterproof ReadyLight would give that extra peace of mind when leaving it outside overnight at camp or when you leave camp all together for a hike or excursion. One never knows when an unexpected rain could drench your campsite including your ReadyLight!

The Verdict & Final Thoughts

FreeSpirit Recreation ReadyLight - Camping Gear Essentials

The ReadyLight is absolutely one of my favorite camping gear acquisitions this year.

This will come with me on every camping trip and I may even pick up a second unit down the road.

The product seems well made and the brightness levels aren’t overbearing for a campsite.  I definitely recommend considering ReadyLight if you are looking to improve and expand your campsite lighting options.

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Diane Gardner
Diane Gardner
2 years ago

I have misplaced my AC adapter. Can I purchase one? Can I see what one looks like, so I can check it against the “box” of many ac adapters. I know I have it somewhere.

3 years ago

A $260 light that can’t work if the humidity is over 95%?

I’ve actually never heard of a light that advertised a “working humidity” level 🤷‍♂️

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