Lamin-X Door Cup Protectors

Install and Review of the Lamin-X Door Cup Protectors

One of the most affordable mods you will find for your car, truck or in our case, the 4Runner – The Lamin-X Door Cups

Are you a neat freak with keen attention to detail? Maybe your OCD keeps you up at night? Or, maybe you just have an appreciation for nice things and like to keep your truck looking nice.

Regardless of what end of that spectrum you identify with, seeing those unsightly key and nail scratches on your handle cups might really get under your skin

Well, my attention to detail focused OCD friends, we now have the ultimate solution to protect against those pesky scratches.

We introduce the Lamin-X Door cup protectors.

We all take precautions when it comes to protecting our vehicles with warranties, service plans, etc. Now you can take it a step further by protecting the paint on the door handle cups of your 4Runner.

The Protection You Don’t See

Lamin-X Door cup protectors

Providing protection for your door cups is now pretty simple thanks to these door cup kits.

How many times have you been running late to an appointment and grabbed at your cars’ door handle a little overzealously causing either your nails, rings, or keys to scratch your door cup?

Just as quickly as those scratches can be created, now you’ll be able to protect them from happening altogether (well, not really but it’s a fast process nonetheless, you get the picture!).

Top 10 Features and Benefits of the Lamin-X Door Cup Protection Kit

  1. They are removable and reusable
  2. No glue is required for installation
  3. Come with a 5-year product warranty
  4. Strong polyurethane material that is 8 mils thick (.008″)
  5. Tested in the most extreme scenarios to ensure customer satisfaction
  6. Totally invisible, after applying them, it’s like there’s nothing there
  7. Precut to match the size for almost all modern makes and models of vehicles
  8. Unaffected by weather conditions regardless if you’re in the desert or on a snowy mountain top
  9. Constructed with the same technology used to produce the world’s best paint protection films
  10. Completely protects the paint of your door cup from scratches, rock chips, sand-blasting, road tar, environmental fallout, and more (pretty much anything that could possibly chip the paint in that region.

The lamin-x film is also self-healing. 

Self-healing means if the film gets scratched you can use a little heat (with a heat gun, or even naturally from the sun) and the surface of the film will return to its original condition. If you ever watch a video of this it’s pretty wild to watch scratches disappear.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Now let’s get these things installed.

Lamin-X Door Cup Installation

Install the Lamin-X Cup Protectors in a few Simple Steps

Note: In the early stages of application, especially in tightly curved door cups, portions of the film may bunch up and lift. Be patient; as the application moisture dries on the adhesive, lifting film will become easier to press down permanently. Allow two weeks for small air bubbles and haziness to disappear.

Clean the Surface Area

You can start by cleaning the surface area with water a microfiber towel. You don’t need anything fancy. Clean the area behind your door handle thoroughly before starting.

Peel Back the Lamin-X Door Cups

Peel Back the Lamin-X Door Cups

Carefully remove the backing from the film and mist the adhesive (prevent the film from touching anything).

Wet the Film & your Door Cup

Using the provided spray bottle filled with only water, wet your fingers/thumbs, the door cup film and behind your door handle.

Align the Lamin-X Film

Align the Lamin-X Film

Align film with the shape of the door handle cup.

Apply the Film

Apply the Film - Lamin-X Door Cup Install

Using your thumbs and/ or fingers, apply the film starting in the center of the pre-cut kit. Evacuate the water by pressing and sliding your fingers out towards the edge of the film.

Maintenance: The film can be washed with the same soap that you use on your cars finish. If necessary, light scrubbing and mild solvents can be used. Wax the film at least four times a year to maintain UV inhibitors.

Are Door Cup Protectors Worth it?

If you plan on beating your 4Runner up (you wheel hard and often), they might not be for you. If you want to keep your 4Runner clean and scratch free, they might be a good fit.

We had them on our last 4Runner (my girls 4Runner) along with the Lamin-X door trim guards. When we sold that 4Runner a few years later, the buyer really appreciated our attention to detail.

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