SCRUBBLADE Wipers Overview and Review

Heavy Duty Windshield Wiper Blades – 5th Gen 4Runner

When choosing new wiper blades it feels like there are hundreds on the market, different styles, materials, and prices.

The search for new blades can get a little overwhelming at times. Just looking at a 24” wiper, they can range from $10 on the low-end to all the way to $32 for a single “premium” blade. In the search for new wipers, I wanted to find blades that would outperform my current set of blades, so going with a set of wiper blade refills for the 4Runner was not an option for me.

Surrounded by agricultural land, constantly pelted by insects in the summer and fall, frequenting gas stations to clean off my current kill streak. I also wanted a blade that would hold up in the winter, clearing the snow, and freezing rain during my trips up into the mountains. Finding a blade to hold up in these conditions is what led me to give SCRUBBLADE a try.

SCRUBBLADE, based out of Temecula, CA, claims to provide a cleaner wipe over a single blade design. Each blade is designed with hundred of triangular micro-scrubbers on the leading edge of the blade, providing a more abrasive edge for clearing debris. With the inside blade to remove excess water and remaining debris.

TIP: For more winter travel and driving tips, check out Max’s article here.

Scrubblade Wipers

Check Price:

5th Gen 4Runner Wiper Blade Size:

  • Driver 24”
  • Passenger 20”
  • Rear 12”

Install Time:

  • 15 Minutes


Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner - 01

Press the button on the underside of the connector and pull down to remove the wiper from the j-hook.


Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner - Step 1A

Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner - 03

Slip the new wiper connector into the J-hook. Pull firmly until you hear a click.


Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner - Step 2

When changing new for optimal visibility it’s a good idea to also check your washer fluid as well. Washer fluid will allow for easier removal of bugs, bird droppings, and gunk. When ordering new wipers, I added in a box of the wiper fluid tablets to test out as well.


Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner - Step 3


Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner - Step 3B

Final Thoughts

Scrubblade Wiper Blades: 5th Gen 4Runner

In the broad spectrum of blades out on the market, the SCRUBBLADE wipers were priced slightly more than the average blade. Almost twice the cost of a single cheap wiper.

However, these blades are just that, double the blade, plus more. So far during winter rain testing, I found the SCRUBBLADE wipers to be very efficient at cutting through light to heavy rain.

Providing a clean, squeegee-like wipe every time. I was fortunate enough walk out to my 4Runner with a nice white glob of bird poop smack dab on the windshield (never thought I would be excited about that).

However, it left me an opportunity to test its bird dropping scrubbing power. I was surprised at how well the new wipers and fluid removed the feces clear from my view, leaving behind no streaks.

Overall, I am happy with my SCRUBBLADE wipers. I am currently running a set of their Heavy-Duty model, which I recommend purchasing over the Platinum. I plan on adding to this post in the summer with feedback on their ability to scrub off farmland insects.


I also test-fitted a set of their Platinum blades on my 4Runner. I had an issue with their 20” blade on the passenger side, as the wiper arm didn’t provide sufficient force to fully form to the windshield. At the top of its arch in the blade, it seemed to be sitting about 1mm above the glass, skimming over the water.

I emailed SCRUBBLADE about this issue, and they promptly replied that they are aware of this issue, and based on their experience,  suggested that the HD’s work best on Tacomas and 4Runners.

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2 years ago

Did you put the 12″ on the rear wiper?

3 years ago

Looking for new blades. How have these held up? Are you still running them or found something else better?

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank Rebelo

cool…any opinion of these vs bosch icons?

David Callaway
David Callaway
3 years ago

Can we get all the scrub blade articles amended to point out that it is not the 12″blade and that there is currently no rear replacement power the rep in the comments?

4 years ago

Hi Bill!

Thank you for your interest. We currently do not fit most rear wiper applications but we are working on it!

3 years ago
Reply to  Scrubby

oh shoot…I just ordered a full set for front and rear (Heavy Duty) . since this was post in January .. is this still an issue for my 2016 4Runner?

William Cox
4 years ago
Reply to  Scrubby

Thanks Scrubby. Look forward to the ones I ordered and when you release a rear blade.

4 years ago

I was just starting to look at blades. Thanks for the post. I’ll try out the HD version. By the way, do they have a blade for the rear wiper?

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