General Grabber ATX All-Terrain Tires – Full Review

General Grabber Tire Height

Introducing the new General Grabber ATX all-terrain tires – An Overview and Review on the 5th Gen 4Runner

I have a round-trip 80-mile commute to work. So I got a new 4Runner. And I found myself in an interesting situation that most people will probably not experience.

I needed a 4×4 since I drive from Donner Pass, CA, back to Reno, NV, 4 days a week. So when I purchased my 4Runner, it was right before a large storm that put down a couple inches of wet snow in the mountain passes. And, thus, triggering the first chain control scenario of the winter season.

When purchasing my 4Runner, I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t have to chain up to go over the pass during the storm. The tires that came on my 2019 SR5 model were Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684 II All-Season tires. These tires can pass through the chain controls without having to be out in the cold chaining the vehicle, myself.

I quickly came to the realization that these stock Bridgestone tires must barely meet the “All-Terrain Standards”. I came to this conclusion after my 80-mile trip through the wet snow/slush while freeway driving.

I have to drive up a very steep grade to get to my work. This provided a very good test of how the tires would be for the season.

The search for all-terrain tires

General Grabber 2657017 Size

I decided to go out and look for a new set of tires that could go through the 80-mile trip with very little effort and reassurance that I could make it through inclement weather also.

One of my buying points for the tires was the mountain snowflake designation. The tires that carry the mountain snowflake designation are tested to either meet or exceed harsh winter conditions, more so than that of a regular M+T tire.

When shopping for my new set of tires I also wanted an all-terrain tire vs. a mud-terrain tire. Since the majority of my driving is on the highway and city streets, this was the most reasonable choice for me.

I also wanted to have a good percentage of capability out on the trails as well so I settled on the General Grabber ATX tires. These are currently a new release from General that features upgrades from the outgoing General Grabber AT2s.

The General Grabber ATX all-terrain tires were purchased in the stock 265/70/17 size. I went with the P-rated tires instead of the LT rated tires as I don’t tow anything, and since I hardly ever go over any terrain that would warrant an LT tire the P rated Grabber ATXs was the sensible choice in my book.

Other options available

You can also order a set of the Grabber ATXs with studs.

I didn’t have them studded, but having the option like these studded tires is nice. If you’re in an area that allows, and warrants the use of studs for additional traction, studded tires are nice.

I had no issue traversing over and around Donner Pass in inclement weather thus far. I’ve experienced snow, ice, rain, slush, and light mud without any issues in regards to traction with this tire. It far exceeds the stock Bridgestone tires that I had on the 4Runner when I first purchased the vehicle.

Spare Tire and Gas mileage

4Runner Spare Tire ATX

I also had my spare tire replaced with a Grabber ATX and it fit in the stock location under the vehicle without any issues. This tire had a deeper lug than the Bridgestone tire that was mounted on the spare so I was concerned it wouldn’t fit, but it’s obvious that you can fit this tire and a larger tire as well in the spare area.

I noticed that my gas mileage didn’t go down at all either. I attribute this to the added weight that these tires bring as they come in at 41 LBS compared to the Bridgestone tires at 39 LBS which is a very negligible difference when it comes to the total weight added.

The Grabber ATX tires also come with a larger lug pattern than the Bridgestone tires at 14/32” compared to 11/32” of the stock Duelers.

General Grabber on-road performance

General Grabber Tire Pressure

The ride of the 4Runner also softened up a bit on the highway and city roads. General Grabber ATX tires have their proprietary technology called Comfort Balance™. Going over potholes and highway joints was much more comfortable compared to the Bridgestones that were replaced.

This comfort also translated to the rocky terrain that we have here on the trails. Even without airing down from 32 PSI I, it was able to go over washboards that would normally have my phone fall out of the mount with much less jarring.

There was no noticeable road noise on the highway at speeds ranging from 65 MPH to 80 MPH. I also experienced no rubbing at full lock going forward or in reverse out of my driveway.

Final Thoughts

General Grabber ATX all-terrain tires

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase of the General Grabber ATX tires. And I will probably continue to buy from General for any of my tire needs.

I love the aggressive look it gave the 4Runner over the stock Bridgestone tires, and the serious amount of confidence and grip provided when traversing the trails or mountain passes. My 1,000+ miles of travel through varying temperatures and conditions have locked in my opinion on these tires already.

If you’re in the market for a new tire and are looking at all-terrains, I highly suggest the Grabber ATX tires and the entire General tire line up as well.

They have very good mileage warranties, and a 45-day trial period for the Grabber ATX tires in case you’re hesitant to go with General tires.

To close off, I have a side shot of my stock height SR5 4Runner with the General Grabber ATX tires.

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1 year ago

Hello, I purchased a set of General Tire Grabber ATX, size 275/70R/17 LT E load. I went with this size b/c I did not want to mess with any sort of trimming. I have a 2.5” lift on a 2020 TRD OFF ROAD. These tires a quieter than the 265/70R/17 Open Country AT II’s. The ride is noticeably smoother as well (road driving). I don’t have any significant miles on the tires yet so it’s too soon to provide a detailed review-just initial impressions.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lakota

Winter driving – these tires are excellent in snow due to the tread pattern and depth. As the temperatures fall well below zero these tires tend to struggle in icy conditions.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lakota

Grabber update: Roughly 2500 Km’s on the set, the rear 2 tires were replaced under warranty because they could not be road-force balanced within an acceptable limit. The newly replaced tires were balanced without issue. Generally, if you are not happy with the ride quality or there is a defect the manufacturer will replace at no cost. I am very satisfied with these tires so far, although they are not my dedicated winter tire, I am looking forward to testing the tires winter rating.

Neal Redd
Neal Redd
3 years ago

Have you had complaints of vibrations at speeds above 80mph with the tire sz of 265/60r20?

5 years ago

how is the tread life so far?

5 years ago
Reply to  james

Turned out that, if I wanted a General Grabber that didn’t rub the fenders of the Limited. I had to go with a 49 lb LT, which I decided against. When I switched to the 17 inch TRD Pro wheels, my only option was 245/75/17 so I went with Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Quiet and good tread wear so far but only driven 2K miles on them.

5 years ago

I’m going to a nearby America’s tire store Saturday to see if the ATX in size 265/70/17 will fit my 2019 4Runner Limited, without rubbing. They believe it will work and so are willing to take them off if they do rub (in reverse, at full turn, I believe, is the ultimate test?). Otherwise, if I want that tire, I’d have to get LT245/75/17, which has the exact dimensions of the OEM 20-inch Limited wheels with stock Yokohama Geolandar G96B all-season tires.

5 years ago

Where is the side shot? Any photos would be great..I’m looking at the same tire on the same model.

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