Going with 34″ Tires on 5th Gen 4Runner – Toyo Open Country AT 2

34 Inch Tires on 4Runner

34″ Toyo Open County AT 2 Tires (285/75R17) & 17″ Fuel Wheels

With the addition of bigger tires, you will need to do some trimming and cutting of the wheel well.

There was quite a bit of hesitation when we decided to go with the 34″ tires. But, at the end of the day, we are glad that we did. The 34″ tires give it a pretty mean stance and will be more capable offroad.

We decided to go with the 34″ Toyo Open County All Terrain 2 tires (285/75R17), and the 17″ Fuel Anza Bronze wheels on the Trail Premium.

Our next step after getting these installed was straight over to the body shop to have the Body Mounts Chopped. Once we have the body mounts chopped off, we can start trimming the wheel well.

Jump to the step by step install on the body mount chop kit by Metal Tech 4×4.

34″ Toyo Open County AT 2 Tires (285/75R17)

34" Toyo Open County AT 2 Tires (285/75R17)

What is like driving with 34″ tires?

It is quite a bit different compared to 32″ tires. When we first pulled off with the new tires, you can tell it was a bit sluggish.

I will eventually need to regear the 4Runner – thinking maybe 4.56 or 4.88. Still unsure of the direction right now.

It is a good thing my commute to work every day is less than a mile. My office is across the street from my house which makes for a nice slow comfortable ride. With that being said, it doesn’t bother me that much as of right now.

It really depends on how much you off-road. We go out as often as we can and we don’t always write blog posts for places we go. And, sometimes we hit the same places that we have gone in the past, so it does not make much sense to write another post on them.

17″ Fuel Anza Bronze Wheels

These wheels are stunning. They are not a true beadlock, although Fuel does make one wheel that is a true beadlock. Also, the beadlock on these one-piece wheels are not removable. If you do paint or remove these beadlocks, it will void your warranty.

  • Wheel Size: 17X8.5″
  • Bolt Pattern: 5×139.7 or 6×5.5
  • Finish: BR -BRZ (Bronze)
  • Bore: 108
  • Offset: -6mm
  • Backspace: 4.5″
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Lip Size: 2.68

Body Mount Chop

Body Mount Chop - 5th Gen 4RunnerBody Mount Chop - 5th Gen 4Runner

The body mount chop is a well-known mod if you are running larger tires. If you have a 2.5″ suspension, you can run 33″ tires and be fine. In most cases, no modifications are needed but it depends on the exact size. This is hit or miss though. Some guys run 33″ tires and need a BMC and some do not. It all depends on the exact tire and wheel you are running.

If you go with 34″ tires, you will need to chop your body mounts.

On a previous post, we installed 31″ KO2’s on a 3″ Pro Comp leveling kit and there is plenty of room. No need for the body mount on this one. 31″ tires really fit under anything. Even a 2″ in the front and 1″ in the back, 31″ tires will have plenty of room.

What is a Body Mount?

The 5th Gen 4Runner is a body on frame. Maybe the last of its generation. The frame holds the engine, suspension, and supports the body with rubber bushings. The body mount and body mount bushings cushion the ride, but over time they break down.

The actual body mounts that we are referring to are underneath both the front driver and passenger side, closest to your rocker panels/rock sliders. These body mounts have a steel casing that encloses the actual body mounts. This body mount encloser needs to be chopped off as it will interfere with your larger tires.

Trimming Plastic Fender Pieces?

4Runner Body Mount Chop - Valance Caps

There are a couple of different places where you will need to modify your fender well parts on top of chopping your body mounts.

Areas we will cover soon: 

  • Trimming the body
  • Push back and relocate fender mount point
  • Trimming front and rear fender liners
  • Trimming plastic rocker panel caps (valance caps)
  • Bending pinch welds
  • Body Mount Chop (BMC)
  • Optional: Bend pinch seam
  • Optional: Remove splash guards

Body Mount Chop + Trimming Body?

Body Mount Chop + Trimming 4Runner Body?

Pictured Above was cutting that we already made for our leveling kit, just to give it a little more room. You can see the uneven cuts from what we had done before. We are going to go a step further with the new 34″ tires. That post will come soon. 

You will need to chop and trim up your body. Yes, you will literally need to cut a piece off of your pretty body.

The body mount chop will only prevent the inside area (rear of the wheel well) from rubbing. The trimming of your body will need to take place in the front of the wheel well, closest to your grill.

By chopping the front of the body fender, you will prevent rubbing on the front of the wheel well.

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1 year ago

On my 2012 Limited, I was able to run P285/60r18’s (31x5x11.5) without any lift at all.

After the body mount chop and a 1.5″ spacer lift in the front, I ran P305/60r18 (32.5×12.5) and had no rubbing with minimal trimming. Mostly just pushed the fender liner forward and took off the mud flaps.

About 9 months ago I had a 2.5″ lift kit and new upper control arms installed.
After bashing in the pinch welds with a hammer, I’m running a LT275/70r18 for a skinny winter tire and I have complete range of motion at every level of articulation that I can achieve.

I plan to get P295/70r18s this next spring and report back on my findings, but I would be surprised if I rub much at all unless I’m going down a heavy trail.

My current lift is the 2.5″ Old Man Emu (Springs 885F/889R) with the matching OME Nitrocharger shocks. I also used the OME brand upper control arm.
It rides like a dream as long as you have the right springs for your weight, and I don’t think I will run many other brands on my 4Rs going forward, OME has really impressed me.

Wheels are XD798 Addict (18×9, et-12)
The 285/60r18’s and 305/60r18’s were both Nitto Ridge Grapplers. (9/10, louder with age.)
The 275/70r18’s are studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT3’s. (10/10, no complaints at all.)
and the plan is to run P295/70r18 Recon Grapplers.

^^ The Ridge Grapplers and the Recon Grapplers were/are all standard load, no LT rating, which makes them much lighter, so I haven’t re-geared and don’t plan to. They have performed equivalent to their LT brethren in every real word test I’ve conducted at least.

Sorry for the novel, but I wanted to answer questions before they were asked.

Gerald Basile LMT
Gerald Basile LMT
4 years ago

Hello, great article. I just recently purchased stealth custom
Matte Gunmetal / 17×8.5 4.30″ BS 6×139.7
And was also going to add Daystar, Toyota 4Runner 2.5″ Lift/level kit, on my trd off road 2017.
I was hoping to run to 275/70/17, 32.2 inch tire do you think I will have to do any/much chopping in order to fit this tire. Any help you can give me would really be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance Gerald

5 years ago

3″ ICON lift with adjustable coilovers. Currently have 285/70/17 on the stock TRD Pro rims but am thinking SCS F5s 5o replace. I was told I would need to can mount but I’m hesitant to proceed with buying them if I have to do so.

Any advice would be appreciated if you think I can get away without chopping.

5 years ago

Would a 4Runner with KDSS system (Premium Off Road) be able to retain KDSS with a 3” lift? Trying to figure out if I want to spend the money on the KDSS or just go with a TRD Pro and lift. Want to have a 3” lift and run 33” rubber.

6 years ago

I found a good link to video for doing a body chop. This video is associated with a kit you can buy for like $50. It looks simple and I’ll give it a try this summer. Copy the link below into your browser.


6 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

I’ll check it out.

6 years ago

I want to run 285/75R17’s on my 2017 4Runner TRD Pro, Can I do a 2” toytec lift and get them to fit with trimming and bmc?

6 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Thanks for advice!! Because I was contemplating getting 285/75r17 bfg km2 or 285/70r17 Yokohama Geolandar MT G003 which is Yokohamas newest mt and actually seems to be very good!! I just ordered a 3” leveling kit from pro comp and spidertrax wheel spacers so I can’t wait to put those in!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Will do buddy! I’ll keep you posted! Btw I love this website!!! It’s a shrine of info!!

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