Monterey in Jeannette’s 4Runner

Monterey With the 2016 SR5 4Runner (Jnets 4Runner)

Big Sur - Bixby Bridge in the SR5 4Runner

Quick Trip to Monterey/ Big Sur with Jeannette’s 2016 SR5 4Runner

While the 2014 4Runner was in the shop, we decided to make a quick trip to Monterey and Big Sur. We were originally going to head down to Pismo Beach, but since the Trail 4Runner was in the shop, we decided to make an easier trip to Monterey. We took the girls 2016 SR5 and it was our first road trip with the new KO2 Tires and 20″ Fuel Wheels and her Pro Comp Leveling Kit.

The tires are brand new, so the drive was pretty smooth. We are in Sacramento, so driving 3 hours down the coast with the new tires was a piece of cake. I was driving fast too. In some areas of the freeway coming home on the 680, I was pushing 95 in and out of traffic. Not incredibly smart, but the 4Runner handled well for KO2’s going fast on the freeway.

17 Mile Drive – Monterey

Monterey - 17-Mile Drive - Lone Cypress

We went on a trip to Monterey, Big Sur and Highway 1 last year to hit a few photography spots.  My girl had never been to 17-Mile Drive, Bixby Bridge or Point Lobos, so we thought we would take a drive through there. One important thing to note is never to go on a weekend. There are too many people, parking sucks and it puts a damper on the experience. Do yourself a favor and go on a weekday. If you have never been to 17-Mile drive, it’s beautiful. It’s 17 Miles of stunning ocean views, pretty beaches and overpriced mansions with baller ocean views. It’s a must see if you have never been.

Point Lobos Nature reserve in Monterey County, California

If you have to see anything in Monterey or on this stretch of Highway 1, go to Point Lobos. WOW. Point Lobos is pure beauty. There are a handful of stops along this drive that are stunning.

Carmel By the Sea – Scenic Road (Carmel River State Beach)

There is another really cool stop in Carmel By The Sea. Carmel By The Sea has a really cool road that you can drive on, similar to 17-Mile Drive. It’s called Scenic Rd. Once you drive all the way down Scenic Rd, you will pop out on Carmel River State Beach. That is where the photograph was taken above.

Carmel Valley Wine Tasting

If you are in the area and like wine tasting, you might as well head over to Carmel Valley. Carmel Valley is a very small, quaint little town. You can drive through the whole “downtown” area in about 5 minutes. For a more scenic drive over the hill, check out Larauls Grade. It is a steep incline up and over the mountain from the Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway into Carmel Valley. It was much more interesting than just driving straight into Carmel Valley from Carmel By The Sea.

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