TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks

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TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks Overview

TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks Overview

TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks (MaxTrax’s Main Competitor)

There is a debate on whether the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks or the MAXTRAX Off-Road Recovery Tracks are best. I mean, there really is no question, the MAXTRAX Off-Road Recovery Tracks are the best Off-Road Tracks you can buy. But, there are a few off-road enthusiasts out there that swear by the TREDS. There are also a handful of people in some off-road forums that say these tracks are garbage. Either way, recovery tracks are a key off-road accessory and general 4Runner accessory that you will need.

The main question is going to be whether or not $175 (Pair) for TREDS can buy you something close in terms of quality compared to the MAXTRAX sitting at $600 (Pair). There are a wide variety of Off-Road Recovery Tracks available for cheaper. But if you are looking around, you should probably stay with one of these two options as they are the most widely used and most trusted.

Different Models of the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks

  • TRED 800 31″ – The Cheap One Seen Here / Check The Price
  • TRED 1100 42″ – The Next Step Up (Bigger) / Check Price
  • TRED PRO 45″ – Similar to MAXTRAX (New Design) / Check Price

TRED MODEL SPECS: The TRED 800 is 31.1 inches long, 10.55 inches wide, and 2.87 inches tall. TRED 800 weighs 9.5 pounds. The TRED 1100 is 42.52 inches long, 12.48 inches wide, and 2.87 inches tall. TRED 1100 weighs 13.5 pounds. The TRED-PRO Size: 45.5 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 2.5 inches tall. Weight per pair on the TRED Pro: 19 lbs.

The TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks offer multiple sizes of their off-road recovery tracks that are suitable for a large range of vehicles and storage spaces. TRED also offers a wide range of TRED accessories that can complete your off-road recovery kit. Some of these may include bags and recovery straps.

What TRED Say’s about Their Off-Road Recovery Tracks

TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks Overview

The TREDS have been designed with a superior material that has been engineered to withstand many different types of terrain and weather conditions. Whether you are off-road in snow, mud, sand, gravel, loose rock or hard jagged rock, the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks can help you out of your situation.

With the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks, you will get a superior ramp design that was engineered specifically for optimal vehicle recovery in many different conditions, including mud, sand, clay, snow, and anything else you can throw at them.

TREDS Multiple Color Options

  • TRED 800 Military Sand
  • TRED 800 Blue
  • TRED 800 Yellow
  • TRED 800 Green
  • TRED 800 Red
  • TRED 800 Black
  • TRED 800 Gun Metal Grey
  • TRED 800 Pink

The TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks come in a wide variety of color options. This is very cool because the MAXTRAX only come in Orange and Black I believe. Maybe they have since released some new colors. If they have, please drop some comments below and let us know. This was one of the main reasons why we purchased the TRED Recovery Tracks. We did not want a bright orange set of MAXTRAX mounted on top of the 4Runner. Although, we might go this route in the future if the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks do not hold up. 

Compared to MAXTRAX: Like we mentioned above, MAXTRAX only makes a few options for colors. When it comes to customizing the look of your 4Runner or any other off-road vehicle, options are crucial. This is kind of a bummer that MAXTRAX doesn’t have more than a few options because color choices are key.

Ergonomic Handles & Superior Grip

The TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks offer ergonomic handles that have been integrated with their unique design that provides maximum grip and superior comfort and overall control.

With this superior grip, the TRED design allows for maximum control for removing and attaching the tracks to your Roof Rack or wherever you are going to mount them. The TREDS also feature many different cleats and studs. The TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks offer a unique design that has been tailored for maximum traction to reduce strain on your 4Runner or any other 4×4 you drive.

Compared to MAXTRAX: They both have a solid design. Ergonomic is really pushing it here. How ergonomic are you trying to be off-road?

TREDS Aggressive Cleats/ Teeth Design

TREDS Aggressive Cleats/ Teeth Design

With the aggressive cleats or teeth design, the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks lock aggressively onto your tires and they prevent your wheels from spinning, which in tune can burn off the cleats from your tires getting so hot. This is well-known downside about the TREDS and the MAXTRAX alike. When your tire is trying to get traction on one of these tracks, they can get so hot that they will literally burn off the cleats and teeth. 

Compared to MAXTRAX: While the TRED has more of a studded look, the MAXTRAX has true teeth. The MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks have a sharp tooth and the TREDS have the nut.

TREDS  “Revolutionary” Shovel Design

TREDS  "Revolutionary" Shovel Design

The TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks feature a “revolutionary shovel feature” that is yet to be debated as revolutionary. I say that this is yet to be debated because TRED just released the TRED Pro which does not feature this “Revolutionary” shovel design. The TRED shovel feature was designed to clear debris and obstructions for optimal placement prior to recovery. If you are new to the 4×4 world, you probably want to buy a folding military style shovel just in case.

Compared to MAXTRAX: Although the MAXTRAX does not feature a revolutionary shovel design, you can still use them as a shovel. And, the TREDS do not really have a shovel by any means, its just a shaved off corner on the end of the tracks.

Mounting TRED Recovery Tracks

The TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks boast eight different holes for mounting and linking. If you were looking to mount the treads to a roof rack, you have plenty of options. We are still between options in mounting the TREDS on our Rhino-Rack Pioneer Roof Rack, which we are soon replacing with a Front Runner Roof Rack. When we do mount the Tracks, we will have an updated post for this. But, they do offer more mounting options than the MAXTRAX.

Compared to MAXTRAX: While the TREDS have more mounting points, there are more companies that offer better mounting solutions for the MAXTRAX because it is a more popular product overall. But, the MAXTRAX are also much more expensive. Again, the TREDS are $175 for a pair while the MAXTRAX are $600 for a pair.

Stable Channel Design for Solid Ground Placement

treds recovery tracks - 4runner

Similar to the MAXTRAX, the TREDS have a unique channel design that has been designed to allow easy stacking and easy stowaway capabilities. The unique underside design of the TRED Off-Road Recovery Tracks has been manufactured and engineered for complete traction on the ground that limits slippage and reduces the possibility of the tread’s getting sucked underneath your tires.

Compared to MAXTRAX: The differences here are very minor. They both feature a channel design on the underside of the recovery track.

Superior Strength & Functionality Combined with Affordability

TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks Overview

With leading engineering behind the team at TRED, You can trust that the treads have been thoughtfully produced with a superior strength, durability, functionality, and most importantly affordability.

Compared to MAXTRAX: Here is the main question. MAXTRAX wins the Durability contest overall, while TREDS win the affordability contest. If you are serious about off-roading and you find yourself stuck frequently, then grab a pair of MAXTRAX. If you are an occasional off-road enthusiast and think you might get stuck one day, grab a pair of TREDS. There is also something to be said about guys that have been wheeling for 20 years and swear by the TREDS.

Lifetime Warranty?

If you are looking for lifetime support and a lifetime warranty, the treads might be your go-to option. The treads are the only off-road recovery tracks that offer a lifetime warranty.

Initial Thoughts and First Impressions on the TREDS?

They look great, the feel incredibly durable and the price was unmatched. There are a few other Off-Road Recovery Tracks on Amazon and other websites that are under $100 for a pair. I personally would stay away from these Off-Road Recovery Tracks as they have no reputation or proven results. The TREDS and the MAXTRAX are the only sets of Off-Road Recovery Tracks we would recommend.

In a future post, we will put these tracks to the test and then really go from there. But, this page should give you a good idea of what these tracks and the MAXTRAX are all about. 

TREDS Off-Road Recovery Tracks Overview

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      Color Options for MAXTRAX:

      MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange™
      MAXTRAX MKII Black
      MAXTRAX MKII Desert Tan
      MAXTRAX MKII Olive Drab
      MAXTRAX MKII Titanium Grey
      MAXTRAX MKII FJ Yellow
      MAXTRAX MKII Blaze Yellow
      MAXTRAX MK II Lime Green
      MAXTRAX MKII Pure Purple

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