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How To Install Wheel Spacers Install on Your 4Runner

Updated 3/22/20 / Read Time: 4 mins

Step 6: Torque Down Nuts

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers Step by Step Installation on 5th Gen 4Runner

Wheel spacers are an easy install. This is a quick little mod that you can do in under an hour.

There are a few different options for wheel spacers on the 5th gen, but the general consensus in the community is the Spidertrax wheel spacers. They are hub-centric to our bolt pattern and increase the distance from the wheel hub and the wheel hub assembly.

Spacers are used for a few reasons and the biggest usually incudes look. When we lift our 4Runners, the wheel hub assembly is being pulled into the wheel well. When this happens, it doesn’t look right. Having wheels that are sucked into your wheel well doesn’t make for the best look.

With wheel spacers, we are able to push our tires back out of the wheel well and maybe even a bit further than before. At 1.25″, the Spidertrax spacers will give your 4Runner a wider stance. Wheel spacers create an additional offset to your wheel hub assembly. These spacers are mounted directly onto your existing studs.

In theory, the further a wheel is mounted from the hub, the better traction and grip it will have when cornering. This is a heavily debated topic so do your research before making up your mind. Some believe this is true and some will laugh. I personally don’t believe your grip is improved all that much after installing spacers, but they do create a better-looking stance in my opinion.

Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

They come in pairs of 2 (one box) and you need 4 (two boxes). 

Step 1: Jack truck and remove tires

Step 1: Jack truck and remove tires

Ok, I had to share a shot of the new Pro Eagle floor jack that Jimmy Jet (from Snail Trail 4×4) just bought. This jack is pretty impressive. It is always hard pulling the trigger on a new tool that is pricey but damn, does it make all the difference and this one is worth every penny. With the Pro Eagle, you have more options for jack points and it is much easier to use than a traditional jack.

Step 2: Loctite Existing Studs

Step 2: Loctite boltsLoctite Studs for Wheel Spacers

In the Spidertrax wheel spacer kit, they provide you with one tube of Loctite for two spacers. This is more than enough Loctite to cover all four wheels. Apply a single line of Loctite on the existing studs of your wheel hub assembly. There is no need to spread the Loctite out as threading on a nut will do this for you.

Step 3: Place spacers on Studs

Step 3: Place spacers on Studs

Step 4: Note direction of Nut

Step 4: Note direction of Nut

The angled edge of the nut that is provided in the Spidertrax kit is applied facing the wheel hub. The flat side of the nut should be facing the outside of the wheel hub assembly.

Step 5: Thread down all Nuts

Step 5: Thread down all NutsStep 5: Thread down all Nuts

Thread down the nuts that were provided in the kit.

Step 6: Wheel Spacer Torque Specs: 75-85 ft lbs

Step 6: Torque Down Nuts

Spidertrax recommends 75-85 ft lbs of torque applied to each nut on the existsing studs in a star pattern.

Step 7: Replace Wheels onto Wheel Spacer Studs

Once you are finished torquing down the wheel spacers, you can mount your wheels. Spidertrax says to drive for 50 miles, pull off your wheels and check each bolt to make sure your bolts are still torqued at 85 ft lbs of torque. If they are not each at their correct torque, pull off the wheel spacers and start from the beginning.

Spacers and Tire Rubbing

We have 285/75R17s (33.8″) on the 4Runner. After installing the Ekstrom Design strut shims on top of the Icon Extended Travel coilovers, we are sitting at 4.5″ of lift. We might be a little higher because we maxed out the preload on the coil about as much as we could get away with. With this height, we thought we would have cleared the fender liners and the body. We did not.

After installing the spacers, we started rubbing on the fender liners and the body again. Every 4Runner is different depending on make, year and model. It is important to note that wheel spacers do not typically help clear bigger tires, but the often times cause even more rubbing than before.

We pushed back our fender liners again. We wrote a post a while ago on trimming the wheel well and pushing back your fender liners. We had to repeat this process all over again after installing the spacers. At this point, I am considering just chopping off the whole front bumper and installing a new full-width bumper. 34″ tires are no joke. I couldn’t imagine 35″ tires. I mean, I can and want to, so we will see what happens when we need new tires again.

Before and After Coming Soon

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August 14, 2020 4:15 pm

Anyone ever get a clicking noise when breaking after installing the spacers. Both in drive and reverse.

March 22, 2019 8:35 am

Was wondering if anyone has used the BORA (Bulletproof Off Road Adapters) wheel spacers on their 4R. They have different sizes varying from 0.75″ up to 2.00″.

December 26, 2018 11:58 pm

I’m curious how going offroad affected the spacers, if at all. I’ve considered getting these, but I’ve also read online of the wheel coming right off while driving with these- the stems shearing off. Granted it could be user error on installation, but just wondering how going offroad with these jas works out?

August 9, 2018 4:49 pm

Brenan, thank you for your response. I am having an Icon stage 2 with new UCAs installed on the 22nd. I was thinking of adding the strut shims to give me a little more flexibility with the ride height. I believe with 2 shims on the icon stage 2 I would be able to adjust ride height between 1″ and 4.5 inches. Is it also advantages to not running the Icon struts at full ride height and still having the 3.5 inch lift which the shims would provide? Thanks for all your help. I am new to 4runners and overhanding… Read more »

August 7, 2018 5:07 pm

Why did you use the Ekstrom Design strut shims? does this effect the ride quality?

April 9, 2018 10:57 pm

I slapped these on my 2012 4Runner trail edition with Icon Stage 2 lift and LT285/70 R17 tires and it made the front tires start to rub on the frame. Before the spacers I had just enough clearance when fully flexed out to miss the frame by about 1/4in.
I like the look of my 4Runner with the spacers so I’m going to leave them on and do a body chop next to fix this issue.

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