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Fuel Anza with Toyo Open Country ATs

Updated 10/24/18 / Read Time: 3 mins

Fuel Anza Wheels & Toyo Open Country AT 2 – 5th Gen 4Runner

Aftermarket 5th Gen 4Runner Wheels - Fuel Anza Bronze 17"

Fuel Anza Bronze 17×9 (-6) Wheels with 285/75r17 Toyo Open Country AT 2 Tires

Well, I finally got to see them in person. Quite amazing.

What I like most is that I have not seen one 4Runner with these wheels. I have seen a few Tacomas with the Bronze Anza wheels and they look pretty epic.

I don’t know what else to say except that I am super stoked to see these get mounted. Our Icon Stage 2 came in today as well and we should be heading into the Snail Trail 4×4 shop to do that Install this coming weekend. If all goes as expected (which is never does), we should have our Stage 2 on this weekend and then our wheels and tires should be mounted next week.

Please excuse the images, they were taken with the iPhone today. I couldn’t resist getting some shots in. Much more to come and final shots on the Trail are in our near future.

Wheel Specs

  • Size: 17X8.50
  • Bolt Pattern: 6×5.5
  • Bore: 108
  • Offset: -6
  • Backspace: 4.500
  • Weight: 25
  • Lip: 2.68

Tire Specs

  • 285/75R17

Anything above 285/70R17 will more than likely cause you a world of trimming scenarios. That is really the only bad advice portion. If you want to run 285/75R17s, go for it.

Just be prepared to trim multiple areas of your 4Runner from here on out. Also, be prepared to explain to a potential buyer why your body, valance caps, and fenders are chopped up a little bit.

Just do it at your own risk. I will post some follow up shots of the 4Runner in its current state when I get a chance.

Toyo Open Country AT ii - 285/75-17 Toyo Open Country AT ii - 285/75-17  

Bronze Wheels on White 4Runner

4runner 34" Toyo Tires - 17" Wheels

4Runner Sunset Vibes
4runner Sideshot

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March 10, 2020 8:53 am

I put the Toyo Open Country AT2’s on yesterday as my all terrain all season tires. I know its early but these are great (stock size). They also have m+s rating. Worth a look for sure! This model tire was just refreshed recently. I know it’s quite early but the ride so far is quiet, compliant, balanced, and confident. We still have a bit of snow, rain, and freezing temps on the way so I look forward to testing them for miles to come.

Dam Tender
Dam Tender
February 1, 2020 2:07 pm

I have a 2020 4 runner TRD off road premium. I would like to put 265/70/17 Falkin mud terrain tires on Vision prowler wheels that are 9″ wide and – 12 offset. I do not have any lift, completely stock. Will I have any rubbing issues ? If so how much trimming will be needed ?

Adel Ramos
Adel Ramos
December 29, 2019 10:38 pm

Hi Brennan I’m running 285/70/17 stock 2019 TRD ORP rims +15 offset with 3″ spacer lift with NO rubbing at all. Can I install a -12 offset wheels without any adjustments or BMC needed? Thanks for your reliable opinion…

Dam Tender
Dam Tender
September 23, 2019 10:30 am

I have a 2019 TRD off road and would like to put BF Goodrich all terrain KO 2’s on it. The size I want is 275/70/17 mounted on 8.5″ wide wheels with an off set of at least – 12 mm . The stock wheels have 15 mm + off set. Am I correct in thinking that the – 12 mm will push the wheel OUT just over an inch from stock? I have a stock suspension and do not want to do a body chop or lift at this time. Bottom line will 275/70/17 KO 2’s mounted on 8.5… Read more »

October 3, 2019 9:55 pm
Reply to  Dam Tender

I just put the 275/70/17 K02s on a 17×9 -12 rim on my 2019 trd premium and I’m rubbing in the front at full turn forward and rubbing at 3/4 turn in reverse. I removed the front mud flaps and no more rubbing there but still rubbing up front in reverse even after moving the fender liner up. I’m rubbing on the edge of the bumper lip which as said above can definitely be trimmed without looking bad BUT, the bigger issue is ride quality. Feels like the tires are filled with Portland cement, rattling in the cabin on small… Read more »

Jake Klucznik
Jake Klucznik
July 11, 2019 9:59 pm

Hi Brenan, been reading everything on this site and I love it all, very nice write ups!
Is there a way to have a smaller tire, maybe a 32″ or low 33″ with these Anza wheels? I love the rims and love bigger tires but maybe not 33.8″ because of all the trimming and rubbing issues. Thank you!


March 14, 2019 6:15 pm

This 4runner looks amazing

March 1, 2019 5:29 pm

Going to put a 3″ rough country lift/level kit on my 2018 and ordered these wheels with 285/70/17 tires. Crossing my finger I don’t have any rubbing issues and need to trim anything!

Desert Don
Desert Don
February 23, 2019 8:04 pm

Hey Brenan. I’m a first-time 4Runner owner. Devouring info from your site!

Could you please recommend a wheel/tire combination for a 2019 4Runner Off Road. I have no immediate plans for a lift or mods:

1) true bead lock wheels (nothing fancy)
2) stock tire size (265/70/17)
3) dedicated trail tire (maximum traction)


February 7, 2019 7:12 pm

Are 17×9 wheels with +1 offset okay to run paired with 275/70/17 tires? Will I rub and to what extent will I need to modify anything? Also will be installing 3 inch lift?

July 8, 2019 12:21 pm
Reply to  AJM

AJM did you try that set-up? I was thinking the same thing. Any rubbing?

fernando perez
fernando perez
December 6, 2018 10:30 pm

if i wanted to run some tires like these without adding anything aftermarket atm whats the biggest size you would recomend

July 8, 2018 5:34 am

Hi Brenan
Have you had any rubbing/ clearance issues while offroading? If so what measures were necessary to alleviate? On the Icon stage 2 did you run the 2″ or 3″ on the rear? Lifting my 18′ T4R Offroad in the next few weeks. Doing my research. Thanks, Bob in AZ.

July 8, 2018 2:46 pm

Appreciate the detailed SPEEDY reply!
This sheds ample amount of light on the questions I had…

1 more…did you have to extend the brakelines with the additional heigth added, (3″ rear spring and 2 spacers up front?)

Thank you again for the reply! I’m stoked to get ours started!

Bob in AZ

Logan Gonzales
Logan Gonzales
June 7, 2018 4:47 pm

Do i need to put a lift or leveling kit on my 4runner to fit these tires?

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