TRD Oil Cap 4Runner

TRD Oil Cap – 5th Gen 4Runner

TRD Oil Cap 4Runner - TRD Parts

PTR35-00070 Forged Billet Aluminum TRD Oil Cap for 5th Gen 4Runner

When you first open and receive the box, it does seem somewhat cheesy and chintzy. But, this is an original Toyota part (Genuine Toyota Accessories). The box it was packed and shipped in was sealed down with shrink wrap; very nice and very safe. This cap is a direct replacement for your OEM cap. Just unscrew your old cap and replace with the new polished billet aluminum cap.

Why swap out your old cap for this new polished billet aluminum cap? Well, looks. This aftermarket accessory is not going to increase your performance, nor will it do much in the way of “increasing” pressure or valve timing.

There is nothing wrong with adding aftermarket features if they don’t increase performance or offer some type of increased feature for ride or stability. Adding this cap is like adding a TRD grill or adding the blackout emblem kit. We don’t need to do it, but they look cool.

There are two different options for an aftermarket TRD oil cap, just check out Amazon or any 4×4 store and they should have both options. The one pictured here, I felt looked a little cleaner but both are pretty cool options.

Features of the TRD Oil Cap

TRD Oil Cap 4Runner - Features

  • Forged, highly polished billet aluminum
  • Diamond shaped cap for easy turning
  • Threaded screw-in mounting
  • High-luster coating helps ensure long-term appearance

Adding the cap

TRD Oil Cap with TRD Intake - 5th Gen 4Runner

  1. Remove the cap from the carton and grab the TRD sticker from the top of the oil cap by pulling off the piece of tape.
  2. Replace the OEM cap with the TRD cap and tight and snuggly.
  3. Remove liner paper from the back of the TRD sticker exposing adhesive.
  4. Press TRD sticker on oil cap with TRD logo facing forward (so it can be read while standing in front of the vehicle).
  5. Carefully remove the plastic laminate from the top of the TRD sticker.
  6. Check the owners manual to determine the correct oil viscosity for the vehicle the TRD oil has been installed upon.
  7. Place the foil label on a paper pad using a ball point pen right the oil viscosity on the label.
  8. Find a suitable location in the engine compartment where the label will be readily visible and clean the surface.
  9. Peel the liner off the back of the label and I fix the label to the cleaning service.

Important Notes about Swapping in the Cap

There’s nothing too special about the installation. Just pull it out of the box and screw it on. The only important thing to note is to first screw on the cap and then place the TRD sticker on top. This way, you can position the logo the way that you want it.

After you drop in the aftermarket cap, be sure to pair your cap with a Cold Air Intake. They look good together.

Before and After

TRD Oil Cap 4Runner Before & After

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2 years ago

Hello, I am looking the #part PTR35-00070, but now is discountinued. Where I can to buy tg¿he part. please.

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