McCloud Falls – McCloud, CA near Mt. Shasta

McCloud Falls Photography Spots – McCloud, CA Near Mt. Shasta

Well, this has to be one of the coolest three-tiered waterfalls in California. If not the only three-tiered waterfall. McCloud Falls in McCloud, CA is an epic set of three waterfalls within about a mile of each other.

McCloud Falls is located just outside of Mt. Shasta, about 20 Miles.  The drive from Mt. Shasta to McCloud Falls is not bad at all. You head down Highway 89 and its pretty much a straight shot to McCloud Falls Scenic area.

I was going to put all of these in the other Mt. Shasta post but I thought separating them out would be better. There is so much to shoot around McCloud Falls in McCloud, CA. Not only the three waterfalls but all of the river scenes in between.

There is a trail along McCloud Falls in McCloud, CA that goes along most of the McCloud Falls scenic area. You can hike up and down McCloud Falls and shoot so many cool little scenes.

McCloud Falls – Lower Falls

McCloud Lower Falls is the first stop along the scenic route to Middle Falls and Upper Falls, as you can imagine. McCloud Lower Falls was rushing pretty hard even though it’s the milder of the other two waterfalls.

McCloud Falls – Middle Falls

McCloud Middle Falls - Shasta

WOW. McCloud Middle Falls this time of year (March) is intense. McCloud Middle Falls has views from just about every angle. You can view McCloud Middle Falls from above it multiple locations with steel fences guarding your body from falling to your fate.

McCloud Middle Falls was a rush in every sense of the word. There was something powerful about this epic waterfall that you could feel. The mist of the water was rushing over my face as I was trying to wipe down the lens to prevent water spots from clogging up the viewfinder. It was special.

McCloud Falls – Upper Falls

McCloud Falls - Upper McCloud Falls

McCloud Upper Falls was just exhilarating.

The powerful water rushes through a shoot that spans about 150+ feet. You can stand over McCloud Upper Falls and feel the powerful water as it made history in carving out this massive crevice that was once a mountain-top.

McCloud Upper Falls is a true thing of beauty. I highly recommend going in March or anytime the water is flowing hard.

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