4×4 Tracks for 4Runners

4×4 Tracks for 4Runners, FJ Cruisers & More

Transform your 4X4 vehicle into a mean machine that can traverse the most challenging terrains by using rubber conversion track systems. For off-road transportation across swamps, snow, mud, ice and other demanding terrains, consider the Dominator Series of rubber tracks. These light-weight, yet powerful, track systems are designed to move across slush, snow, mud, marsh and, at slower speeds, on dry land. We have used these tracks many times on different trails and can attest to their strength, durability and performance.

Here’s why we highly recommend these rubber track systems (or track kits, as they are sometimes known):

● Exceptional Flotation

On deep snow and mud terrains, you can rest assured that your vehicle will not get stuck if they are equipped with this track system. Dominators increase the ground contact area of your vehicle, which, in turn, decreases ground pressure. This translates to enhanced flotation on difficult terrains.  

● Easy Installation

These are the lightest vehicle track systems you will find anywhere. They weigh about 176 lbs each which makes for easy installation and removal as needed. You don’t need a team of people to attach these track systems to your vehicle – one person is enough. It usually takes less than two hours to fix them on to your 4X4. 

● Higher Ground Clearance

Demanding off-road terrains require higher ground clearance. This protects your vehicle’s undercarriage from being damaged as they navigate demanding terrains. Dominator track systems add about 6 inches – give or take – of ride height to your vehicle, depending on the initial size of your tires. 

● Premium Quality Components

We are very impressed with the quality of the parts used in Dominator track systems. The slides, rubber tracks and bogie wheels are made from high-quality materials, which translates to a longer service life for each part. The rubber is  tough and highly durable, which makes them extremely wear-resistant. Steel parts like drive sprockets, rails and frames are made from premium forged steel, are corrosion-averse and are designed to last for a very long time. 

● Compatibility with a Wide Range of 4×4 Vehicles

Dominators are specially designed to work with mid-size 4×4 vehicles – pick-ups and SUVs – that have a 5-bolt hub but can also be used on some 6 bolt hub vehicles. Consider them for your Ford Rangers, Ford Explorers, Toyota 4Runners, FJ Cruisers, GMC/Chevy Blazers, Jimmys, Jeep Cheerokes, Wranglers, Land Cruisers and many more 4×4 vehicles out there. There are multiple bolt patterns available, with the 5 x 4.5” and 5 x 4.75” being the most popular. Dominator track systems are specially built for 4×4 vehicles 1/2 (half) ton series or lighter. In some cases, you can use these track systems on 3/4 to 1 ton vehicles, which usually have an 8 bolt wheel hub.

Standard Vs XL Rubber Tracks

There are two options when it comes to Dominator track systems or track kits for 4×4 vehicles – Standard and XL. 

The Dominator Standard’s average weight is 176 lbs. This track system is made of 121” of rubber track, with ground contact measurements of 48” length and 15” width. The ground contact area per track unit is 720 square inches which makes for great flotation. A complete system provides 2880” of surface area.

The Dominator XL weighs around 193 lbs. It uses more rubber track with a total length of 136”. Its ground dimensions are a length of 57” and a width of 15”. Thus, its surface contact area per track unit is 855” with a total surface area of 3,420” for a complete system. With these measurements, you can be sure that the Dominator XL maximizes flotation over a range of terrains. 

You can choose to use either of these options as most 4×4 vehicles are compatible with both. You also have the option of mixing and matching, using Dominator Standard on the front axle and Dominator XL on the back axle of your vehicle. 

If you would like to take your 4×4 to the next level and use them to navigate demanding terrains or trails, there are dealers that sell Dominator Standard and XL track kits.

We recommend Monster Tires (www.monstertires.com) for all your 4×4 vehicle rubber conversion track solutions. They also offer a huge selection of OTT Tracks (Over the Tire Tracks) for construction equipment.

They offer fantastic deals on 4×4 track systems and only stock premium grade-level tracks. Monster Tires is located in Northern California but also provides low flat rate shipping, nationwide and internationally.  

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Dr. John J Swangler
Dr. John J Swangler
11 months ago

Im trying to purchase tracks on my 1996 Toyota 4 runner, what would I need, any suggestions

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