Daffodil Hill Sutter Creek ca

Daffodil Hill Sutter Creek CA

Miles of Daffodils in Daffodil Hill Sutter Creek CA in Amador County

Daffodil Hill in Sutter Creek boasts some amazing photography opportunities for avid photographers, family photographers and any family who wants to see something pretty. The only advice I will give is to NEVER GO ON A WEEKEND. It was obnoxiously packed with people from all over Sacramento trying to get some shots of lovely of Daffodil Hill in Sutter Creek, CA.

It would have made the entire experience so much better if we went on a weekday. I will never go on a weekend again.

It was very pretty, though. Enjoy!

Latrobe Road – Beautiful in Early Spring

Below is a couple shots of Sera Fina Winery off Latrobe Road near highway 49. We stopped by and got a couple bottles of wine. We will see how they taste here shortly. We would have had a couple glasses there but we had the kiddo with us.

Old Barn off Latrobe Road

Not much to write on this one, its just pretty.

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