BamBeds Mid-Height Sleeping Platform for 5th Gen 4Runner – Review

BamBeds Sleeping & Storage Platform For 5th Gen 4Runner

Manufacturer: BamBeds MSRP: $599
Average Score
  • Build Quality 9.5
  • Fitment 9.0
  • Customer Support 8.0
  • Ease of Install & Instructions 9.5
  • Value - Is it worth it? 7.0
Full-Length, Mid-Height Precision-Fit Elevated Sleeping Platform & Storage Solution

There have been many DIY sleeping platforms and storage platforms featured here on Trail4Runner but if you’re looking for something that works as a plug-and-play solution out of the box, this is a killer option. BamBeds offers quite a few solutions for the Tacoma, the 4Runner and a handful of other makes and models. For the 4Runner, they offer two options.

  1. Cargo area leveling platform
  2. Mid-height leveling platform

We’ve already tested their cargo area platform in detail so today, we’re testing their mid-height system.

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Leveling Platform

cargo leveling platform 5th gen 4Runner

Vehicle Compatibility:

  • Model Year 2010-2024
  • Not compatible with 3rd-row seat option or sliding tray

The low-profile system is designed to level out the cargo area for the primary use of a sleeping platform. This allows you to fold down your back seats and use the leveling platform as a riser to sleep on a level surface when paired with a mattress.

We used a Luno in our previous post for our mattress – find the Luno Mattress XRD here.

The cool part about the leveling platform is that you can leave it in the back when you’re daily driving. It serves as a level surface and protects against damaging your carpet or cargo mat. You can use this leveling surface for storing boxes, bags, and other daily driving cargo. You can even secure the platform down to all four points in the back of the 4Runner using cam buckle straps and/or turnbuckle eyelet bolts.

The leveling platform is compatible with most cargo area mats and liners as well. We have tested ours with a factory Toyota cargo mat and fits great straight on top of the mat or you can place the mat directly on top of the boards.

Now that we’ve seen the leveling platform, let’s jump into their larger platform; the sleeping + storage system.

Sleeping Platform + Storage

Sleeping Platform + Storage Overview

Vehicle Compatibility:

  • Model Year 2010-2024
  • Not compatible with 3rd-row seat option or Sliding Tray

The raised system is similar to the leveling platform in that it’s also level and designed for sleeping. What makes the leveling + storage system different is that it sits much higher off the floor. The raised platform sits roughly 10″ above the cargo area floor.

This offers the ability to store gear and accessories from the front to the back underneath the platform. You can fit larger gear on the cargo floor and smaller items on top of the rear seats when they’re folded down – underneath the platform. This is great for bags, blankets, stoves, cargo boxes, tool rolls, and much more.

One of the challenges that we found with the leveling platform (their smaller version) is that when you set up your bed, you have to throw all your gear in your front seat. And depending on how much gear you have, that might not work. With the raised sleeping platform, that’s not a concern.

The boards fit together extremely well and the tolerances are so tight that no rattling is noticeable when driving – even after driving through washboard boards and uneven terrain with random rocks everywhere. The system is extremely stout and quiet.

If you do need to secure the system more (for heavier off-roading) the slots are designed with the factory tie down points.

Cargo Space

BamBeds Raised Sleeping & Storage System For 5th Gen 4Runner

Underneath the platform, you will find a vertical storage space of 9.2″ in the cargo area and roughly 7″ of space from the rear seats to the top of the boards. The system sits almost flush with the wheel well cubbies. This makes for a great spot to store your quick-access camping items such as lights, chargers, phone, watch, or other random gear essentials when you doze off to bed.


Simple Wood Sleeping & Storage System For Toyota 4Runner

The entire kit weighs about 80 lbs. and each board is around 20 lbs. Installing the system is incredibly fast. I installed the full system in under 5 minutes.


Custom, Extended Length Sleeping Setup In 5th Gen 4Runner

BamBeds quotes that each board can support well over 500 lbs. on its own. That means the entire platform can support well beyond the payload capacity of the 4Runner. That’s pretty impressive.

If a board or piece part were to ever break, BamBeds will send you a replacement at no charge.

If you’re looking for a sleeping platform that can fully support you and your loved one, the BamBeds system is clearly up for the challenge.

Rails With Access Hole

Access Hole In BamBeds For 4Runner

The rails of the platform were designed with access holes that provide the ability to reach underneath the platform to access the power outlet or the jack in the back of the 4Runner. There is also a slant in the rear boards that opens up more space which allows you to grab more gear from the side cubbies. Great for blankets or small pillows.

Precision Fit

BamBeds Fitment In 5th Gen 4Runner

The outer contours of the platform are designed with a high-accuracy 3D scan of the 4Runners interior. Each board fits perfectly and it’s surprisingly easy to position the boards in place with the tolerances being so close.

Extension Board

BamBeds Extension Board - Is It Worth It?

The extension board at the end is a nice touch. For the days when you want to lounge with the lift gate option, the extension platform offers a solid seat or just more legroom if you want to sprawl out. Think of this like a tailgate. You could also prep food here at camp.

Final Thoughts

BamBeds For Toyota 4Runner - Detailed Review & Overview

I think this is a great option for anyone looking to sleep in their 4Runner while maximizing storage options.

What I like most about the leveling platform + storage system is that you can maximize the length of your sleeping footprint because the boards sit higher up against the rear seats when folded down.

When you position a mattress (as pictured) on top of the platform, the mattress sits almost level with the rear seats which gives you another 7-10″ of length. This is great for additional blankets, and pillows to extend the length at which you can comfortably sleep.

For taller people or anyone looking for extra storage space, this is the way to go over their smaller cargo leveling platform only.

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1 month ago

Wondering what this setup would look like with a fridge tied down on the passenger side by the lift gate. Anyone use this with a fridge in the back? Looks like Tacoma owners have had a discount code offered in the past. Would love to see if this is extended to the 4Runner owners.

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