BamBeds Leveling Platform & Luno Mattress For 5th Gen 4Runner – Review

BamBeds Leveling System & Sleeping Platform For The 5th Gen 4Runner

Bambeds + Luno – Easily Create A Low Profile, Level & Comfortable Sleeping Area

Sleeping platforms are incredibly popular, however, there aren’t many high-quality options on the market.

We’ve seen plenty of DIY sleeping platforms here on the site, but for people who don’t want to build their own system, what’s left? The main option on the market is by Goose Gear, and although that system is really impressive, it’s also pretty expensive.

If you see yourself needing a full-time bolted-in system like that with built-in cubby options, then by all means pull the trigger on a $2000 system. That’s a hefty price tag for some of the weekend warriors who only camp once in a while. Outside of the Goose Gear system, there were not many options, until now.

Enter BamBeds…

BamBeds designed a new leveling system & sleeping platform for the 5th Gen 4Runner, at a much lower cost. Literally 1/4 the cost of the Goose Gear system. This system is not permanent like the Goose Gear option, however, it provides unique value props that have yet to be seen on the market.

Their leveling platform is incredibly simple in nature. To start, it provides a simple 1-minute or less installation and breakdown. Once installed, the fitment is very precise at every point in the 4Runner; against the seats, around the wheel wells, and the cargo kick panel. You can strap it down to each tie-down point in the 4Runner and then you can bolt or strap whatever gear you want to the top of the system. No tools required! The wood is crafted from Baltic Birch or Bamboo material and is strong enough to provide 800 lbs. of load-carrying capacity!

Also check out – BamBeds raised sleeping and storage platform.

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Who Is BamBeds?

BamBeds Sleeping & Leveling System For 4Runner

The company started a few years ago with the Tacoma platform. First were a series of bed platforms and truck bed slider systems compatible with short beds, long beds, and Tacomas with and without bed stiffeners.

Trail Tacoma covered a full review and overview of their truck bed sleeping platform back in June of 2022. Since then, they have grown into the 5th Gen 4Runner with their “Leveling Platform” as well as 2G/3G Tundra.

They’re also working on some R&D for future 4Runner products as well. We’re excited to see what they bring to market next.

What Is The Problem?

Uneven Sleeping Surface 5th Gen 4Runner - Adding Sleep/Leveling Platform

If you want to sleep inside your 4Runner, it’s not as simple as folding the seats down and throwing down a sleeping bag. It can be… but you would have an absolutely miserable night.

Once you fold down the seats, you’re left with one major obstacle. The hump. If you’ve ever tried to sleep on top of it, you know it’s not fun. A leveling platform for the area is an absolute must.

Removable Plate System

Removeable Gear Plate System For 4Runner

This is essentially a removable plate system that you can run as a daily driver setup or a weekend warrior for storing gear. This is a huge selling point of the product. It’s not hard-mounted with bolts or turnbuckles, although you can set that up if you get creative.

The BamBeds leveling system is almost like the Goose Gear plate system as it simply levels out the cargo area. The only major difference between this and the Goose Gear system is that you can easily remove the BamBeds boards in under 5 minutes because it’s not permanently mounted.

BamBeds For 4Runner - Leveling Platform For Comfortable Sleeping

Use it for storing boxes, containers, groceries, and your kid’s soccer gear.

This is a great option for both daily drivers who use their cargo space on a regular basis and for the weekend warriors looking to sleep in the back of their 4Runner when they head out to camp.

Sleeping Platform

Leveling System and Sleeping Platform for the 5th Gen 4Runner

Yes, the boards can be used as a cargo area plate system for gear but it’s really designed as a leveling platform for sleeping.

When the rear seats are folded down (non 3rd-row 4Runners only), the boards level out the cargo area and make a perfectly flat surface for sleeping. When you find your campsite, drop the back seats in the 4Runner, and you’re ready to inflate your mattress of choice.

So how do you set this up and break it down?

Step 1. Place Both Rails Down

How To Install BamBeds Sleeping & Leveling Platform

Set both of the platform boards down as pictured. They are directional so just follow the direction of the arrows for the front of the 4Runner.

Step 2. Set First Board

4Runner Interior Leveling System

Set down your first board.

Step 3. Set Second Board

BamBeds Platform For 5th Gen 4Runner

Then drop the second one in place.

Luno Mattress XRD

Luno Mattress XRD In 5th Gen 4Runner

What mattress works best for BamBeds Sleeping Platform? Luno is 100% the mattress of choice among 5th Gen 4Runner owners.

They have two options; the Luno Classic (referred to as the 2.0) and the new Luno XRD. The old version is a one-piece design and the new XRD is a two-piece design that you can separate with a zipper down the middle. It also feels like the new version is made of a higher-quality material and has better inflation ports all the way around. There are two ports on each mattress, one designed for inflation with an air release prevention flap and one designed for deflation that opens all the way.

So why Luno, what features do they offer?

Complementary Product

Luno Mattress features

Both the Luno XRD and the BamBeds leveling platform complement each other. Both companies offer high-end products.

In addition to the mattress, Luno offers a cordless pump pictured here (as an upgrade), boot bags with magnets that attach to the body of your truck, window coverings, and much more! If you don’t want to spend the money on a cordless pump, they do include a pump with all the mattresses they offer.

The branding on the outside of the mattress is also very nice. What’s impressive though is the flap on the inside of the the inflation port. When you remove the pump, a flap covers the port so that no more air is released. I’ve never seen that before. This is a very cool feature that ensures a very firm mattress.

Length Of Human

Human Being Sleeping In Back Of 4Runner

I am 5′ 9″…

Here is a shot of me sleeping on one side of the mattress. When I originally tested the mattress on the floor of my kitchen without a blank on top of the mattress, it was a little odd with the pieces separated but after setting a blanket on top of the entire mattress and tucking it in around the wheel wells, I was able to roll around and it felt like a consistent one-piece mattress.

I fit perfectly on this mattress from head to toe with a pillow at the top, where the seats fold down. However, if you’re 6′ tall, you might be hard-pressed to comfortably fit two people. That said, if you camp solo and you’re super tall, you could just sleep at an angle and you would probably be just fine. I will admit, if you’re a super tall couple, it would be tight from head to toe.


High Quality Wood Sleeping Platform & Leveling System For 4Runner

Over the last 10 years, I have tested many rooftop tents and camper systems (GFC RTT, GFC Camper, Inspired Overland, CVT, Badass Tents).

This is by far the most comfortable sleeping setup I have tested. Makes sense though right, it’s a mattress.

Usually, the rooftop tents I run have a 2″ or 3″ at most, memory foam mattress, and for what it’s worth, they are fairly comfortable, however, this Luno Mattress is on another level for quick setup camping.

After running all those RTT setups, I wanted the new portal axle build to be lighter all the way around. The BamBeds system paired with a Luno mattress does just that, keeps everything light.

Bedding Setup

The setup pictured is pretty dialed but depending on the weather you might want a few more blankets.

I am running the BamBeds system, Luno XRD Mattress, Quilt from Tuft & Needle, Coleman 0-degree sleeping bag, and another quilt that I bought in Mexico for a bit of added weight. Bedding takes up a lot of space when you head out so it’s really important to test your sleeping setup and how you pack it up before you head out for your first trip. Pillows are also a big space hog. Taking this much bedding and sleeping in the back of your 4Runner requires you to put everything in the front seats when you sleep at night. That said, you need to plan accordingly and always test all your gear and how you pack it up before you head out.

Final Thoughts

Best Ways To Sleep In 4Runner While Camping & Overlanding

If you’re looking for an easy way to sleep in the back of your 4Runner, this is a killer option. It’s light, and very easy to set up. The setup overall takes about 20 min tops for the BamBeds + the Luno Mattress. The whole system is very light and can be removed when you get back home from camp.

If I had to change one thing about this setup, I would hard mount the BamBeds to the cargo area. To do this, all you would need is some cam buckle straps and some turnbuckles. at each tie-down point. Once it is mounted to the floor, you can start to get creative with hard-mounting L-Track systems to the top so that you can mount storage boxes and other camp container essentials.

Other than that, the boards are very nice, and when paired with a Luno – this is one of the better sleeping systems I have seen for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

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4 months ago

Nice story, but where can I find all the dimensions (H/W/L) for this setup (and for the 4runner interior) ? What about folding the front seats forward, would that add extra length ? I am 6ft5 and to sleep comfortable need about 7ft5.

Guy Smiley
Guy Smiley
4 months ago

I knew plywood was getting expensive but… wow…

English Teacher
English Teacher
5 months ago

“Literally 1/4 the cost…”
What other meaning does 1/4 the cost have?

Konrad Chojnowski
5 months ago

The system is 1/4 the cost of the Goose Gear alternative platform.

5 months ago

2/8, 4/16, 8/32?

English Teacher
English Teacher
5 months ago
Reply to  Alex

Those numbers still equal 1/4.
I guess you have to learn math and english.

Last edited 5 months ago by English Teacher
5 months ago

Any thoughts on how this would work with 3rd row, or if they are working on a 3rd row version?

5 months ago

Third row don’t need this

5 months ago

On the bambed’s page, under vehicle compatibility. “Not compatible with 3rd-row seat option or Sliding Tray”

5 months ago

That’s a good question for BamBeds. Not sure if they are working on 3rd-row stuff.

5 months ago

Is there a option to remove the seat, instead of flipping them? Looking for a tall guy.

5 months ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Yep, the photos of the larger system still show the seats, and the platform is below the seat. Without the rear extension I think it would be too tight for tall man.

With the extension I’d have to leave the hatch open and invite rain and mozzies to bother me all night.

Hopefully these fine folks at Bambeds continue to produce new and cool stuff to help the tall man

5 months ago
Reply to  Brenan Greene

Cool – I wish for a system that is compatible with the rear slide tray

gregory a hawke
gregory a hawke
5 months ago
Reply to  jlw

i have a 2013 Trail with the slide tray, and it’s completely flat without this system.

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