7 ARB Accessories You Need for Your Base Rack

ARB Base Rack Accessories

We Tested The Top 7 Most Common ARB Base Rack Accessories

We just covered an installation and review of the ARB Base Rack after testing it for over 6 months. Now let’s look at some of their accessories in a little more detail.

Almost anything you can imagine when it comes to overland and off-road gear mounted to a rack, ARB has a solution for it.

There is a downside to this rack offering though. ARB does not offer a full-size rack, only a 3/4 rack. So if you’re looking to run a clamshell-style rooftop tent, then the Base Rack might not be the best option for you. That said, you do have the option of running a fold-over tent while still mounting plenty of gear to the sides and front of the aluminum crossbars.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how these mounts install and what they’re capable of.

As usual, shoutout to Mudify.com – our source for all things ARB! Killer customer service and items ship fast.

1. Tie-Down Points

ARB Base Rack Tie Down Points

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Every rack needs tie-down points. I don’t care what you haul, you need something to strap your gear to.

The Base Rack tie-down points are made of two aluminum alloy blocks that sandwich together and feature an eyelet bolt that secures the two together. The eyelet bolts can be positioned anywhere on the rack; on both sides of the crossbar or the outside of the rack edge. There is a mounting channel around the rack which allows for endless mounting options.

2. Shovel Mount

ARB Shovel Mount On Base Rack

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The shovel mount can be configured with or without a spacer allowing for standard shovels or wider diameter accessories.

How It Works: 

ARB Base Rack Shovel Mount - How To Use

Each shovel mounting bracket can be independently configured. For example, you can clamp one mount to the handle side of the shovel, and another to the smaller diameter shaft, and both can be adjusted for exact fitment with the adjustable threaded knob for precision pressure.

3. TRED Mount

TREDS Recovery Board Mount

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The recovery boards can be mounted with either two or four mounting pins. Since we’re only running two boards, we decided on two, however after seeing a little bit of play in the boards moving around, we’re going to grab another set of pins. I would recommend four pins even if you run two boards.

How It Works:

TRED Mounting Pins and Brackets for Base Rack

The brackets attach to the inside or outside of the crossbars. Once you find your desired mounting position, tighten the bracket down and then position the TREDS quick-release mounting pin. Then align all your other mounting brackets/pins based on the fitment of the first mounting pin.

4. Hi-Lift Jack Mount

Hi-Lift Jack Mount On Base Rack On 5th Gen 4Runner

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Although I don’t run a Hi-Lift jack often due to the weight and rattles, the mount they offer is incredibly detailed. The rubber bushing-backed brackets combined with the locking latch make it very easy to use.

How It Works:

Hi-Lift Jack Mount For Base Rack

The ARB Hi-Lift mount is made of two clamping brackets that are secured together in place using the stainless latch. The mount featured three bolts on each bracket offering impressive strength. For rattle prevention, ARB has integrated a large bushing on the inside of the bracket. Rattle-free and strong enough to withstand 60+ mph speeds through rough terrain in the desert.

5. Wide Base Plate

Wide Base Plate Mount

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The base plate offering is pretty rad. It turns any area of your roof rack into a larger footprint for stabilizing larger gear essentials.

6. Narrow Base Plate

Narrow Base Plate Mount

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The narrow base plate is just a smaller version of the wide base plate. The package comes with four plates and can be configured in any configuration imaginable.

7. Wind Fairing

Wind Fairing for ARB Base Rack

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If you’re not already running the wind fairing, you should strongly consider one. The wind fairing has reduced wind noise on our platform quite a bit. After running the rack for a couple of months without the fairing, we quickly realized that we had to do something about the noise. After installing the fairing, the wind noise stopped, almost completely.

Final Thoughts

ARB Base Rack Accessories and Mounts - Top 7 Options

If those 7 options are not enough, ARB has an extensive line of options you can run. If you need overland gear mounted to your Base Rack system, ARB likely has the exact mounting option you’re looking for.

Other mount options: 

  • Quick Release Awning Brackets
  • Lightbar Brackets
  • Spare Tire Holder
  • Jerry Can/ Gas Can Mount
  • Roller Kit for Paddle Boards and large Gear
  • Propane Bottle Holder Mount
  • T-Slot Adapter Brackets for RTTs
  • ARB Branded Ratchet Straps
  • Much More!

The system that ARB has developed for the 5th Gen 4Runner is pretty impressive. The rack looks great, and the accessory mounting options are pretty much endless.

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